Does Ice Cream Have Eggs? Learn Now!

Is there anything better than ice cream? The sweetness combined with the rich creaminess makes ice cream the ultimate dessert. Whether you are more of a chocolate guy or gal or prefer a simple scoop of vanilla, there is a flavor for everyone! But how exactly is ice cream made, and does it contain eggs? Let’s find out.

Does ice cream have eggs? Most supermarket ice creams do not contain eggs. But many artisanal and handmade ice creams do. Whether ice cream contains eggs depends on the method used, brand, and flavor. You should always check the ingredients prior to purchasing.  

Ice Cream Ingredients

Ice cream contains milk, cream, sugar, and occasionally egg yolks. Certain producers add egg because it gives the ice cream a richer and creamy consistency. To create the perfect ice cream, you simply heat and mix the milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks into a lovely custard. You then allow the custard to cool and start churning it until it turns into smooth and creamy ice cream.

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Does All Ice Cream Typically Have Eggs?

Most supermarket ice cream does not contain eggs, Haagen Dazs is a noted exception. In contrast, the majority of artisanal ice creams do contain eggs, and homemade recipes will call for egg yolks.

Ice creams that contain eggs are very chewy and rich. They have an incredibly creamy texture. This is why Haagen Dazs is such a popular brand. Certain flavors of ice cream are more likely to contain eggs. For example, any ice creams that feature pieces of brownies, cookies, or choc chips are likely to contain eggs. Also, if you buy artisanal ice cream, there is a high chance it contains eggs. The reason for this difference is the ingredients used, particularly eggs. To ensure you buy ice cream with or without eggs, make sure to consult the ingredients list on the back of the tub!

The Best Ice Cream Brands That Contain Eggs!

If you are looking for incredibly rich, chewy, and creamy ice cream that won’t instantly melt, then check out these brands and flavors that contain eggs:

  • Breyer’s – French Vanilla and Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Carvel – Vanilla
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Most flavors
  • Cold Stone Creamery – Most flavors
  • Dreyer’s – French Vanilla
  • Häagen-Dazs – Most flavors

As you can see, many premium supermarket ice creams contain eggs. Ice creams with eggs tend to be chewier and creamier than their egg-free cousins. We suggest you run an experiment and purchase ice creams that contain eggs and those that don’t and run a taste test!

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Why Does Ice Cream Contain Eggs?

Eggs are loaded with emulsifiers which give the ice cream an extra creamy consistency. The eggs also provide a yummy custard flavor which works incredibly well with vanilla ice cream. Eggs can even extend the shelf life of ice cream by preventing it from melting prematurely. 

These days you don’t need eggs to make incredibly tasty ice cream. However, eggs are extremely effective at improving the consistency, flavor, and even shelf life of ice cream.

Egg yolks are high in fat. The fat prevents ice formation and ensures your ice cream is rich and creamy rather than sheets of ice!

Egg yolks in ice cream play the same role as eggs in mayonnaise. The egg yolks act as emulsifiers and add an extra creaminess to your favorite ice cream. The egg yolks also give the ice cream a lovely custard flavor which pairs perfectly with French vanilla!

Egg yolks extend the shelf life of ice cream. The fat in the egg yolks makes the ice cream more stable, which prevents it from melting prematurely. The egg yolks ensure your ice cream stays creamier for longer!

You can play around with the number of egg yolks in your ice cream recipe depending on how rich and creamy you want your ice cream to be. The perfect balance is around 6 eggs yolk per quart of ice cream.

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How To Make Ice Cream With Eggs

An old ice cream recipe always calls for eggs! To ensure your ice cream is delicious, you need to nail the proportion of milk and cream to egg yolks. Follow these steps to make ice cream that is chewy, creamy, and oh-so-satisfying:

  1. Heat the milk, cream, and sugar in a pot for 5 minutes
  2. Grab another bowl and whisk the egg yolks while at the same time adding the hot cream
  3. Now it is time to whisk the yolk and cream mixture into the pot with the other ingredients
  4. Cook it on medium-low heat until it is nice and thick!
  5. Strain the mixture through a sieve and leave to cool
  6. Cover your glorious ice cream mixture and place it in the fridge overnight
  7. Run your mixture through an ice cream machine
  8. Eat it directly from the machine or place it in the fridge and let it harden

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How To Make Ice Cream Without Eggs

Do you want to make ice cream without eggs and an ice cream machine? Then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Pour your cream into a mixing bowl and whip it for 3 minutes
  2. Grab another bowl and whisk together the condensed milk, salt
  3. Mix the whipped cream into the condensed milk mixture
  4. Pour your yummy ice cream mixture into a freezer-safe container and cover with plastic wrapping
  5. Freeze overnight and serve the next day!

Final Thoughts

Most ice cream you find in your local supermarket does not contain eggs. However, many brands such as Haagen Dazs and Cold Stone Creamery make their ice with eggs. Egg yolks play a key role in making ice creamier and richer and preventing it from melting too quickly. Fortunately, you can now find many brands of top delicious ice cream 100% egg-free such as Ben & Jerry’s Dairy-Free range.


Does ice cream have egg in it?

Most ice cream does not have eggs in it. Some premium brands of ice cream do contain egg yolks. The egg yolks add a yummy custard flavor and creaminess and stop the ice cream from melting prematurely.

Why does ice cream have egg in it?

Egg yolks are used in ice cream to extend ice cream’s shelf life. The fat content in egg yolks prevents the ice cream from melting too quickly. Egg yolks also prevent ice crystals from forming, increasing ice cream’s creamy and rich texture.

Does Mcdonald’s ice cream have eggs?

Mcdonald’s ice cream is 100% egg-free! All of McDonald’s ice dishes, including McFlurries, sundaes, and soft serves, do not contain eggs.

Does Dairy Queen ice cream have eggs?

The majority of Dairy Queen ice cream does contain eggs. Dairy Queen uses egg white and egg yolks in its ice cream.

Can lactose intolerant people eat ice cream?

Ice cream is not suitable for lactose intolerant people as ice cream contains large amounts of milk and cream, which are both packed full of lactose.

What can you use in place of egg yolks in ice cream?

While eggs do make ice cream richer and creamier, you can use substitutes and still produce incredibly tasty ice cream. A simple and effective substitute is cream cheese and some cornstarch. You only need to add a few tablespoons of cream cheese. The small amount of cream cheese will make your ice cream rich and creamy but won’t negatively affect the taste.

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