Homemade Ginger Wine Recipe 

Christmas reminds us of the Christmas tree, shining colorful stars, carols, nativity scenes, twinkling lights, decorations, foodies and of course the special home made wine. Ginger wine is popular and is served to all the family members and friends who visit our homes during Christmas time. It is a very simple and healthy recipe and can be done a fortnight prior to Christmas time.

Ginger wine has a smooth and moist taste and therefore a popular choice by all. Ginger wine has some wonderful health benefits. Ginger is not only a spice that adds flavor, it is also used as a remedy for many sicknesses and disorders since ages. Ginger has long been known to increase libido. It also increases blood circulation and therefore during winter days it can be served as a health tonic in small measures.

Drinking a glass of ginger wine when you are stricken with cold, will get you back on your feet in good health quickly. Ginger  is an ideal home remedy. Ginger relaxes the body so that the white blood cells can do their job in repairing the damaged cells; it also blocks the hormone that induces fever, headaches and body cramps.

I wanted to share this ginger recipe to make sure you can have a surprise menu for your family.


  • Ginger – 125 gms (finely chopped)
  • Sugar: 750 gms
  • Water : 1 litre ( boiled and brought to room temperature)
  • Yeast : ¼ tspn
  • Dry red chillies: 2 nos
  • Citric Acid: 10 gms
  • Caramelized sugar (optional)


  • Clean the ginger. Chop ginger into fine pieces.
  • Boil the chopped ginger with water, sugar, and broken red chillies for 5 to 8 minutes. Let it cool.
  • Strain the contents. Add yeast and citric acid to the mixture. Stir well till all the crystals are dissolved.
  • Pour ginger wine to air tight containers or you can use the ceramic jar popularly known as barani.
  • The wine is ready for use after 3 days of storage. Hey! you will agree that this was a simple home made ginger wine recipe.

Note: All the storage bottles should be clean and dry prior to transferring the wine for bottling. Fill upto 2/3 of bottle quantity. Leave gap on the top side of the bottle. A safety measure for long term storage.

You can use caramelized sugar to enhance the color of the wine. We like it plain at our home. In case you plan to add caramelized sugar follow this procedure.

For caramelizing heat 3 tspns of sugar in a flat kadai. When it melts on a low flame and start burning add ½ glass of water and mix all the blackened sugar. Filter and add this into the mixture prior to bottling.

Label the bottle with the details of content, date of preparation and best before date. Keep the bottles in a dark and cool place. Best use within 12 months of preparation.

A very simple recipe, yet your timeliness will be appreciated by all who taste the ginger wine. Let this ginger wine be a surprise to all family members too. This can be made into Christmas gifts to your dear ones. This wine is made at home and is a healthy drink. There are no side effects.

Go ahead and surprise your family with this special drink.

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