How Do You Serve Caviar at a Party?

How do you serve caviar at a party? In Europe, caviar at parties is served in special caviar bowls with ice, where a small glass or crystal vase with caviar is placed. In Russia, a few minutes before serving, caviar is laid out in the glass, porcelain, silver containers, but without ice. Real gourmets eat caviar using silver, mother-of-pearl, or bone spoons. Caviar goes well with pancakes, boiled eggs, sour cream sauce with dill and parsley. For drinks, champagne, French Chablis wine, or chilled vodka is suitable.

It happened historically that in Russia black caviar was always served fresh, but it took a long time to deliver it to Europe. In the process of transportation, the caviar lost its freshness and had to be masked with ice and lemon, which fought off the “fishy” smell. Therefore, the statement that caviar should be served on ice is erroneous. On the contrary, the caviar should warm up a little at room temperature – only then will it reveal its true taste to you.

Today, there is no need to level the taste of caviar, so caviar does not have to be served with ice. It is worth considering in advance the table setting and taking care of special dishes for black caviar. True gourmets know that caviar is eaten with small spoons – mother-of-pearl, silver, or bone. Be sure to keep in mind that as a result of interaction with any other materials, the delicacy develops an unpleasant metallic taste.

3 Secrets of Serving Caviar at a Party

  • Let the caviar sit for a while at room temperature. After opening the jar and transferring the caviar into a special bowl, leave the caviar for 10-15 minutes. So the taste of the delicacy will fully unfold, and its temperature will be comfortable for a meal.
  • Never serve caviar in a metal bowl: the product quickly oxidizes and takes on a metallic taste. Choose caviar dishes made from glass or ceramic to keep the flavor unchanged. The rule also applies to small spoons for caviar: they are bone or silver for the same reason.
  • How to calculate the amount at a party? Use the traditional formula of 30 grams per person: this amount is considered the minimum. For example, 250 grams of black caviar is enough for a company of 8 people.
  • It is more convenient to store caviar in small portions in its original packaging. This way, the product can stand in the refrigerator for several weeks or months, and as soon as the time comes, you can serve a fresh treat to your guests. But do not forget that caviar is a perishable product. The jar must be placed in the refrigerator, closer to the freezer, but in no case should it be stored in it. The shelf life of caviar is no more than 1 year.
    An opened can of caviar be stored refrigerated for a maximum of 5 days. Make sure that no water gets into it. Take a delicacy with a clean spoon to avoid bacteria.

What is traditionally served with caviar? The easiest and best way to enjoy sturgeon caviar is, of course, not to interrupt its taste with any others. Adherents of tradition love black caviar for the taste of the caviar itself and view complimentary products as a violation of the caviar taste. For a traditional taste, scoop up some caviar from a can, place the caviar on your hand between your thumb and forefinger and eat the caviar, then repeat.

Caviar can be served with white bread toasts with a little butter. Biscuits, crackers, and thin crispbread are also great. Tartlets and oxen are popular. An additional ingredient for such snacks is soft cheese and cream. Olives and herbs are usually used as decoration. Another great variation of the original appetizer is a fresh cucumber sliced ​​or boiled quail eggs with “black gold” cut in half.


An exquisite combination is caviar and oysters, served with lemon wedges. An open oyster is sprinkled with lemon juice, and a spoonful of caviar is placed on top. Sparkling dry wine or brut is in perfect harmony with such a dish. You can pay tribute to the Russian tradition and serve black caviar with pancakes and sour cream. A no less popular combination in Russia is caviar with bread and butter.

It is also believed that caviar in itself is a perfect snack for vodka. This Russian gastronomic tradition has gone far beyond the borders of Russia. However, another option which is popular in France is black caviar and champagne. The contrasting combination of sparkling wine and salty caviar makes the experience unforgettable.

What Condiments Are Served with Caviar?

How to make caviar taste good? To make caviar taste good and fully understand its taste and flavor, you need to serve it with the right food:

  • Plain white toast or crackers. This is the most common “platform” for black caviar. Canapes and sandwiches are a classic form of serving sturgeon caviar all over the world. What kind of crackers do you eat with caviar? Plain toast or unleavened crackers frame the taste of caviar best. Their charm is that they do not interrupt the taste of the delicacy and are very convenient when decorating a dish.
  •  Blini (Crepes). In Slavic countries, blini are the most popular addition to both black and red caviar. During the mass emigration of the Russian elite to Europe and America, the tradition of eating caviar with pancakes migrated to Europe and the New World.
  •  Danish Butter. Danish butter has a different salt balance than what we most often find in supermarket butter. This is a very high quality, low salty oil. It may seem to you that there is not much difference in which oil to use with caviar, but when you feel the difference yourself, you will feel how much brighter the taste of caviar will become with Danish butter.
  •  Creme Fraiche. Creme Fraiche is an alternative to butter. Crème fraîche is a French fermented milk product. Prepared from cow’s milk cream sourdough. The crème fraîche has a pleasant, slightly sour taste, without additives, very similar to sour cream in both taste and production technology. It is usually offered for sale natural, or with the addition of garlic, spices, or herbs. Exclusively emphasizes the taste of black caviar and has been used for many years in French haute cuisine.
  •  Boiled eggs (white), sliced ​​or whole, go very well with caviar, as they mainly act as a platform for serving a delicious dish, as they have practically no taste of their own.
  •  Chopped red onion can be used with caviar to highlight the salty undertones of black caviar. Be sure to use red onions in moderation. You need to be extremely careful when using this combination, as it is easy to spoil the taste of caviar with onions.
  •  Squeezing a few drops of lemon juice onto the caviar is also very tasty, since the sharp taste of citrus perfectly emphasizes the salty taste of the caviar, especially when it comes to sturgeon caviar.
  • Smoked salmon is always a great compliment to caviar, which can be placed on top of a slice of fish or wrapped like in blini.
  •  Chives are another addition to caviar. But, just like red onions, it must be used greedily, since just a little overdoing can easily spoil the taste of caviar.

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