How to Store Matcha? Practical, Detailed Guide

Matcha is an incredibly healthy and delicate product, the production of which is comparable to the art of making jewelry. Matcha requires thorough care when storing, packaging, and transporting to retain its sweet flavor and unique creamy aroma. Matcha is rich in vitamins and nutrients beneficial for your health. However, all these nutrients lose their properties once exposed to air and light, so it is crucial to know how to store matcha properly to avoid oxidation.

How to store matcha? Store matcha in a dry, tightly closed metal or porcelain container in the fridge at a temperature of +5°C (41°F). Matcha must be stored in the dark to prevent matcha from fading. Do not store matcha in a zip bag as it will lead to condensation, which will ruin the tea.

How to Store Matcha? Practical, Detailed Guide

What is the best way to store matcha powder? The best way to store matcha powder is in a metal or porcelain airtight container with a vacuum pump in a dark place at a temperature of +5°C. Keep matcha away from the sun to prevent it from losing chlorophyll and useful properties. It is best to store matcha powder in the fridge next to a wall.

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It is important to keep matcha cool, so keeping matcha in the fridge will be the best option. Do not use zip bags as they promote condensation that ruins the taste and health benefits of matcha. Never store matcha in glass containers, as tea will fade and lose its beneficial properties.

Matcha tea is usually stored in sealed tin cans or porcelain containers. Matcha absorbs everything — liquids, odors. When it comes into contact with oxygen, it loses not only vitamins and nutrients but also taste and aroma. For matcha to remain a super tea, it must be protected from all of the above.

For matcha to retain its naturally sweet and vegetal flavor and nutty, creamy aroma, it is important to use a high-quality Japanese bamboo whisk (chasen). Check out Useful Tips on How to Pick a Good Matcha Whisk for more info. To keep your matcha whisk in good condition, head over to Ultimate Guide on How to Care for a Matcha Whisk (Chasen)


Before you know it, your powdered tea will instantly draw moisture out of the air. As a result, it will be covered with small and large lumps, and it will be difficult to dissolve them with any whisk. To avoid these lumps, store matcha in an airtight container (copper, tin, metal).

Can I store matcha in a tin? Matcha can be stored in a tin as it will protect matcha from light and heat. Tin will keep matcha in good quality for 12 months if it is unopened and 1 month if it is opened. Matcha can also be stored in porcelain or metal containers.

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Even though matcha is already dried and ground, it still ripens in the sun. Oxidative processes take place in it, due to which the color fades, the aroma and benefits are lost, and chlorophyll is destroyed. It is easy to protect matcha from light’s influence either by using light-proof packaging or by storing it in a dark place.


Heating is as bad for matcha as light. Solar radiation consists of ultraviolet and thermal radiation. If UV rays are removed, the heat continues to support the oxidation process of the tea. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the container with tea does not heat up. Keep the container with matcha away from the stove, radiator, or window. The best place to store matcha is in the fridge.

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How to Store Matcha Powder Video Guide

How Long Can You Store Matcha Powder?

How long can you store matcha? Unopened matcha can be stored in a dark, cool, well-ventilated place for 12 months, while opened matcha will only last for 4 weeks. After this period, matcha can still be stored, but it will lose its taste properties and health benefits, and the quality will deteriorate significantly. 

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Since matcha contains a lot of useful elements that lose their properties when exposed to air and light, matcha tea is stored and transported using a special technology. On average, matcha lasts for 12 months if unopened and stored in an airtight container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place. Opened matcha can be stored for 1 month without losing its properties. That is why matcha is usually sold in packages of 30 or 50 g.

How long is matcha good in the fridge? Unopened matcha is good in the fridge for 12 months, while opened matcha is good only for a month. After that, it will start losing its color, taste, and health benefits. You can still drink such matcha. However, its quality will be worse, and the taste will lose its sweetness and richness.

How long does matcha last in the freezer? Unopened matcha will last for up to 12 months in the freezer. However, it is best to store matcha in the fridge (+5°C) rather than in the freezer. The temperature in the freezer may be too low for matcha, and its quality might deteriorate.

If you do not store matcha in an airtight container, it will lose its properties not only in terms of vitamins but also in terms of taste, it can taste bitter and acquire a yellow tint. In addition, you cannot drink tea that was brewed yesterday. Matcha is an extremely useful powder, so you can and should only use the drink fresh.

How long does prepared matcha last in the fridge? Once exposed to light and air, matcha starts oxidizing quickly, so prepared matcha will only last 1-2 hours before it starts losing its taste qualities. Do not store prepared matcha in the fridge to preserve its original sweet flavor and rich nutty aroma. 

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Japanese matcha tea, like other high-quality Japanese teas, is recommended to be stored in a tightly closed container in a cool, dark place at an air temperature of no more than + 15°C and relative humidity of no more than 75%. For matcha tea, the effects of high temperatures (sudden temperature changes), humidity, sunlight, and foreign odors are detrimental.

At home, the best place to store matcha tea and other Japanese green teas is a refrigerator. When storing in the refrigerator, always put the tea back after use without leaving it in a warmer place for a long time.

Can matcha be stored at room temperature? Matcha should not be stored at room temperature as it will form condensation that will ruin the taste of the tea, and the sun will make the taste of matcha bitter. Ideally, matcha should be stored in the fridge at a temperature of +5°C away from heat and direct sun. 

Matcha powder needs to be refrigerated after opening as it should be stored at a temperature of +5°C in a dark, cool place. Matcha is sensitive to heat, light, and humidity; thus, it should be stored in the fridge in a porcelain or metal container with a vacuum pump.

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The Bottom Line

Matcha is a unique tea with numerous health benefits and a wonderful taste. However, for matcha to retain its sweet, rich taste and delicate nutty aroma, it needs to be stored properly. Matcha must not be exposed to light, air, and moisture. Keep matcha in an airtight container (metal, tin, porcelain) in the fridge or on a shelf in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place. If matcha is exposed to light, air, or moisture, it will become bitter and acquire a yellow color.

Matcha is an expensive tea, so it is important to keep it fresh following our useful tips. Do not store unopened matcha for more than a year, and opened matcha for more than four weeks. Even though matcha does not expire, its taste will change for the worst, and useful properties will disappear. It is easy to keep your matcha fresh if you follow our advice.

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Matcha Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you store matcha in a Mason jar?

Matcha should not be stored in a Mason jar as it must be preserved from the sun and kept in porcelain, copper, or metal containers with a tight lid. So, Mason jars are not the best option for matcha as it will lose color and taste properties if stored in the glass in the sun.

What happens if you don’t refrigerate matcha?

If not refrigerated, matcha will lose its color, taste properties and health benefits. Matcha becomes bitter, odorless and acquires a yellow tinge. The overall quality will deteriorate as well, and matcha will not be as useful for your health.

Should you put matcha in the fridge?

Ideally, matcha should be stored in the fridge where it will be protected from direct sun and heat. The fridge will keep matcha fresh longer if it is stored in airtight porcelain or metal container. If not refrigerated, matcha will form condensation that ruins the taste and health benefits.

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