Ostrich Taste In-Depth Guide – Learn What Ostrich Tastes Like!

We all know from school that an ostrich is the biggest bird on the planet that can’t fly. But what if we look at it from another perspective, let’s say, of a curious food lover? Ostrich meat tastes very intriguing as we usually don’t see it on the menu in our favorite restaurants. We’ve prepared this guide for you to get to know more about ostrich meat before going on a hunt around the restaurants of your city.

What does ostrich taste like? Though classified as poultry, ostrich meat tastes like a lean beef tenderloin made from grass-fed cattle. It also has a rich flavor similar to veal. Ostrich is very different from other bird meat, even duck, especially chicken. It is red in color and does not have any fat marbling.

Ostrich Taste – All You Need to Know

Trending its way on a dinner table, ostrich meat brings up many questions for newcomers and experienced foodies. This finger-licking meat is indeed confusing, as ostrich meat is supposed to be poultry because ostrich is a bird but looks completely like beef with its reddish color and fibers. In this guide, you’ll be able to read more about the surprising fact that ostriches taste like beef but are tender like veal and are more flavorful than chicken or duck.

What Countries Eat Ostrich?

Ostrich is an African bird, and the biggest exporting country is South Africa, with more than 150 farms with domesticated ostriches. Germany heads the list of importing countries treating ostrich as a delicacy. In Australia and the United States, ostrich is also becoming increasingly popular.

Does Ostrich Meat Taste Gamey?

Ostrich meat’s taste is not gamey. Resembling tender and lean beef or veal, it is very meaty, savory, and salty. If you find it gamey for your personal taste, spice it up with some rosemary or serve it with a plum or berry sauce. These classic red meat combinations will enhance your experience.

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Do Ostriches Taste Like Chicken?

Even though ostriches are birds and their meat is classified as poultry, ostrich meat will not remind you of chicken, duck, or turkey. Ostrich is red in color and tastes meaty similar to beef tenderloin but with considerably reduced fat. Ostrich meat is richer in flavor than chicken.

Not only is it richer in taste compared to chicken, but it also contains more iron and vitamins than ordinary fowl. Tasting ostrich, you feel the meaty flavor which nevertheless stays gentle and tender and does not shift to the gamey taste of moose meat or robust taste of bison steaks. Therefore, calling an ostrich an XXL-size chicken would be totally unjustified!

Does Ostrich Taste Good?

Ostrich meat is considered a delicacy. It is low in fat and high in numerous essential minerals and vitamins. Resembling tender premium beef and a rich veal-like taste, it is a great choice for meat lovers who want to avoid high cholesterol blood levels. Eating ostrich is excellent in terms of taste and health.

The most important reason why ostrich is nicer to eat than beef is that most beef we find in the supermarkets is grain-fed beef. In turn, ostriches are raised on ranches, where they are allowed to roam freely and eat grass instead of grain. Additionally, ostrich meat is not injected with antibiotics with hormones. Therefore, the taste of ostrich is so gentle, and the meat is so nutritious while also being very eco-friendly.

How to Cook Ostrich Meat?

According to our plan, you have already added ostrich to your must-try list by now. But let’s go even further and add it to your must-cook list! Don’t be scared because of the word “delicacy”. You can tame this beast yourself.

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How to Cook Ostrich Meat?

You can cook ostrich meat the same way as you prefer to cook beef but bear in mind that because of the absence of fat, the ostrich doesn’t shrink when you heat it. Enjoy ostrich steak or meatballs, grill it or marinate and cook in the oven. Classically, ostrich is best with red wine.

We recommend you cook ostrich rare or medium-rare to get the most gentle taste ever. As it is very lean meat with almost no fat, it cooks very quickly, so don’t get distracted when an ostrich steak is on the pan. Otherwise, you can turn it into leather. The best side dish for an ostrich is greens, like spinach, if you want the meal to be lighter, or potatoes, if you need even more fulfillment. To enhance your experience, don’t forget about the sauce. Ostrich pairs perfectly with wine-based sauces, light vinegar sauces, and, undoubtedly, bechamel.

Ostrich Meat Price

How Much Is Ostrich Meat?

Indeed, ostrich meat is exotic and is treated as a delicacy in most countries worldwide. Frozen ostrich meat costs about $30 per pound, grounded ostrich will cost you about $20 per 12 oz., and if you want to taste ostrich burgers, you will have to pay about $25 for 5.3 oz.

Why Is Ostrich Meat So Expensive?

Ostrich meat is expensive because it is a delicacy and there are very few countries that raise ostriches leading to low supply. Ostrich meat is also very in demand because of its health benefits. It is very low in fat and cholesterol and is rich in Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and vitamins B6 and B12.

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You can find the reasons for the high price of ostrich meat below:

  • Ostrich meat is getting more and more popular, and its demand is growing each year at a crazy speed. At the same time, the supply of ostrich meat is hard to upscale because ostriches are raised on ranches and farms in unrestrained conditions, unlike cattle for beef
  • Ostrich meat has a lot of health advantages, such as high Iron and Zinc content and lots of vitamins. Yes, you pay more for ostrich rather than for chicken or beef, but you receive much more in turn – your body becomes stronger and healthier.
  • Finally, the ostrich takes the best of both worlds – red and white meat. It provides a delicious taste of red steak with its juiciness and nutritional value and is very lean, even leaner than chicken breast.


We could go on and on for hours about ostrich meat because we love it so much! But our article is a good start for you to understand that ostrich meat is highly nutritious poultry with a taste of grass-fed beef and with very low-fat levels. It is rich in vitamins, Iron and Zinc and can significantly improve your diet. After such a summary, we bet you are already on the way to your favorite restaurant, asking them whether they have some ostrich on the menu or Googling where you can order some frozen ostrich to experiment with it yourself. If not, then what are you waiting for?

Ostrich Taste FAQ

Is Ostrich Red or White Meat?

While ostrich is generally classified as poultry, its meat is red in pH level and color. Fresh ostrich meat is dark red and not white like ordinary chicken or duck meat. When cooked, it also resembles beef, apart from the fact that it does not shrink from the heat because it contains almost no fat.

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Can Ostrich Be Eaten Rare?

As ostrich meat resembles beef, you can cook it almost the same way as you do with beef. Therefore, ostrich can be eaten raw as carpaccio or tartare, rare and medium-rare, because ostrich does not have salmonellae. With ostrich meat, it’s better to undercook it than overcook it.

What Does Ostrich Steak Taste Like?

Ostrich steak mostly tastes like very lean beef or venison. It is indeed a delicacy and has a lot of health advantages. Even though it is poultry, it is much richer in taste than chicken or duck and has a much lower fat level than most beef. Eating ostrich steak is a genuinely delicious adventure!

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