What Cheese Does Chipotle Use? Learn The Truth Today!

Chipotle is incredibly yummy, affordable, and pretty healthy fast food. A big reason why Chipotle is so tasty is the type of cheese they use in their dishes. In this article, we will explore the magic of Chipotle cheese!

What cheese does Chipotle use? Chipotle uses a custom cheese they create by mixing Monterey Jack and white cheddar. Chipotle shreds the two cheeses and then combines them. The result is a buttery cheese with a slight salty sharpness and earthy flavor. 

Chipotle cheese is not some top-secret recipe. They also don’t use any exotic or hard-to-find cheeses. You can easily make Chipotle cheese at home by buying a standard Monterey Jack and white cheddar, shredding them, and mixing them. We recommend buying a slightly aged cheddar this way, you get to enjoy a pleasant sharpness.

Is Chipotle Cheese Monterey Jack?

Chipotle cheese is a combination of Monterey Jack and white cheddar. Chipotle purchases pre-shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar and then mixes them in their restaurants. The result is a creamy, buttery cheese with a tang and salty flavor.

Many people think Chipotle just uses Monterey Jack, however they create their custom cheese by combining Monterey Jack and white cheddar. This unique cheese mix creates an incredible flavor that is slightly earthy, tangy, salty but still mild, buttery, and creamy.

Does Chipotle Use White Cheddar Cheese?

Chipotle uses white cheddar cheese combined with Monterey Jack. Chipotle purchases pre-shredded cheese from Meister Cheese and then mixes them in their restaurants. Chipotle’s unique cheese blend is the perfect combination of creamy, buttery, salty, and tangy.

You won’t recreate the flavor of Chipotle cheese by simply buying white cheddar. You need to add Monterey Jack to produce the legendary Chipotle cheese. You can purchase white cheddar, and Monterey Jack direct from Chipotle’s supplier, Meister Cheese.

What Does Chipotle Cheese Taste Like?

Chipotle cheese tastes a little creamy and buttery due to the Monterey Jack with a bit of an earthy, salty, and slightly sharp flavor thanks to the cheddar. Chipotle cheese is smooth and goes well with Tex Mex, burgers, and pasta.

Chipotle cheese is the perfect mix of creamy and salty. The Monterey Jack and white cheddar combine to produce a smooth and irresistible cheese that goes well with nearly any dish! The Monterey Jack gives Chipotle cheese a creamy, buttery taste, while the white cheddar brings a lovely salty and slightly earthy flavor.

What Cheese Does Chipotle Use in Their Quesadillas?

Chipotle uses Monterey Jack cheese in its quesadillas. Monterey Jack is a creamy and buttery cheese that has exceptional melting properties. This cheese adds umami flavors to the steak or chicken and a lovely creaminess.

People have been guessing for a while what cheese Chipotle uses in its quesadillas. Chipotle has officially stated that they stuff their quesadillas with Monterey Jack. Monterey Jack is a high-fat cheese with a yummy creamy and buttery taste. Monterey Jack is very easy to melt, making it a great choice for quesadillas. Monterey Jack has a little tang and is similar to gouda.

Does Chipotle Shred Their Own Cheese?

Chipotle has used pre-shredded cheese since 2015. It ships in large packages of pre-shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar and combines them on-site. Previously, Chipotle would shred their cheese at their restaurants, but they had numerous issues with food poisoning and contamination.

Chipotle used to pride itself on cooking and preparing ingredients in their restaurants. However, in 2014 Chipotle had numerous issues with bacteria in their cheese. They identified that the shredding process was the cause and then switched to bringing in pre-shredded cheese off-site. Chipotle still combines its pre-shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar in their restaurants.

Does Chipotle Use Real Cheese?

Chipotle uses 100% real cheese. Chipotle uses a mixture of Monterey Jack and white cheddar. Chipotle works with high-quality dairy farms and does not use preservatives. The Tex Mex chain is committed to using high-quality ingredients and supporting sustainable food production.

Chipotle is not your average fast-food chain. They care about the ingredients they use and want to support sustainable agriculture and farming. Chipotle only uses real cheese, which is made by combining shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar. The cheese they use is made from high-quality milk and does not contain nasty chemicals or preservatives. Whenever you are enjoying Chipotle cheese or Queso, you can be assured you are eating 100% real cheese made from high-quality ingredients.

Can You Buy Chipotle Cheese?

You can not buy Chipotle cheese as it is a mix of Monterey Jack and white cheddar, which is mixed in-house. However, you can purchase Monterey Jack and white cheddar from Chipotle’s supplier, Meister Cheese, shred them and combine them yourself.

Chipotle does not sell its cheese and creates its yummy cheese by combining pre-shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar cheese. However, you can easily recreate Chipotle’s cheese by purchasing Monterey Jack and white cheddar from Chipotle’s supplier Meister Cheese. Then just grate the two kinds of cheese and combine them, and voila, you will have your very own Chipotle cheese.

What Is Chipotle Cheddar?

Chipotle cheddar is a cheddar that is mixed with dried and smoked chili peppers. It has a smoky flavor with a creamy taste and is not overly spicy. Chipotle cheddar is not produced by Tex Mex chain Chipotle and has no relationship with the fast-food restaurant.

Chipotle cheddar is a semi-soft cheese that features dried and smoked chili peppers. This cheese has a powerful smoky flavor but is still smooth and creamy. Chipotle cheddar is not too spicy and goes great on sandwiches when you want a little extra smoky flavor.

What Does Chipotle Cheddar Taste Like?

Chipotle cheddar has a smoky and spicy flavor as it contains smoked and dried peppers. The cheese is semi-soft and has a classical cheddar creaminess with a slight tang and earthy flavors.

Do you like smoky and spicy cheeses? Then you need to try out Chipotle cheddar cheese! Chipotle cheddar is made from an aged cheddar combined with smoked and dried peppers, which give the cheese a nice spiciness and smoky flavor. The smoky flavor does not overpower the cheese, and it still offers a smooth eating experience.

What Is Chipotle Cheese Sauce?

Chipotle cheese sauce, also known as queso, is a creamy nacho dipping sauce made from Monterey Jack combined with white cheddar, serrano, poblano, and peppers. Chipotle altered its recipe after it was not popular with customers and switched from an aged yellow cheddar.

Chipotle cheese sauce has been controversial. It was launched in 2017 and underwent very slow sales. Customers complained the sauce was watery and not creamy like good queso should be. Chipotle suffered a serious backlash from its first attempt at cheese sauce that its stock price dropped 3%! Chipotle went back to the drawing board and, in 2020, released new and improved queso, which was made from Monterey Jack combined with white cheddar instead of yellow aged cheddar.

What Does Chipotle Cheese Sauce Taste Like?

Chipotle cheese sauce has a mild and creamy taste. It has a slightly spicy flavor thanks to the variety of chilis, including serrano and poblano. The chipotle cheese sauce is rich and milky and goes exceptionally well with tortilla chips.

The chipotle cheese sauce is melted Monterey Jack and white cheddar combined with a variety of chilis. It is incredibly creamy and smooth and features a lovely spicy kick, thanks to all of the awesome Mexican chilis. The chipotle cheese sauce is made from 100% real ingredients and does not contain any preservatives.

Did Chipotle Change Its Cheese?

Chipotle has not changed its cheese but has changed its Queso cheese chip in 2020. The original recipe featured a yellow-aged cheddar, peppers, tomatoes, and tomatillos. The new Chipotle Queso is made from Monterey Jack and white cheddar, poblano, and peppers. 

Chipotle addicts can celebrate, the Tex Mex fast food restaurant has not changed its classic cheese. Chipotle cheese is still made from shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar. However, Chipotle has given its Queso cheese dipping sauce a facelift. The original Chipotle Queso was launched in 2017 and was not a big hit with consumers. The new CEO Brian Niccol (former CEO of Taco Bell), has come up with a brand new recipe. Chipotle has replaced the yellow-aged cheddar with a Monterey Jack and white cheddar mix and added poblano and serrano.

Final Thoughts

We have solved the great Chipotle cheese mystery! Chipotle purchases pre-shredded Monterey Jack and white cheddar from Meister Cheese and combine them in their restaurants. Chipotle’s custom cheese is creamy, milky, smooth, with a pleasant saltiness and slightly tangy flavor. Currently, Chipotle does not sell its cheese, but you can create your very own version at home by purchasing Monterey Jack and white cheddar direct from Meister Cheese.

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