What Color Are Blueberries? We Unveiled the Mystery!

It may seem like a silly question given their name but in this article, we are going to explore the color of blueberries. Once and for all, we are going to settle the debate on whether or not blueberries are blue or purple!

What color are blueberries? Blueberries are not blue! They are a very deep purple. Blueberries’ purple color is caused by anthocyanin, a pigment found in plants. Unripe blueberries are actually green before becoming purple.

Who would have thought it, blueberries aren’t blue. If you study them closely, you will realize that blueberries are dark purple. But blueberries can come in a range of colors from green to even salmon and pink, known as pink lemonade blueberries. Pink blueberries are sweet, and juicy and taste similar to standard blueberries but with a hint of kiwi fruit. Pink blueberries are a little bitter and have brighter fruity flavors compared to standard blueberries.

Are Blueberries Really Blue?

Sorry guys, blueberries are not really blue! They are a deep purple. If you only take a quick glance at blueberries, they appear blue but if you hold them up to your eye and take a good look, you will notice they are more purple.

Why are blueberries called blueberries if they’re not blue? No one knows who named blueberries. However, one can assume they thought the name blueberry was more fitting than purpleberry. Maybe the namer didn’t have the best eyesight and mistakenly thought blueberries were, in fact, blue!

How blueberries came to be called blueberries is a mystery. All we know is that Native Americans originally called them star fruits and commercial production of blueberries started in the early 1900s in the US by Dr. F.V. Coville.

What Colors Can a Blueberry Be?

Blueberries can range in color from green to blue to deep purple to salmon and pink. Green blueberries are unripe, while blue/purple blueberries are ripe. Pink blueberries are a different variety of blueberries and are known for their fruity flavor.

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Blueberries come in a variety of different colors. The most common blueberry color is deep purple. However, prior to becoming deep purple most blueberries are in fact green. There are also pink/red blueberries known as pink lemonade blueberries. These berries have a slightly different taste compared to deep blue ones, they tend to be a little tarter and have stronger fruity flavors, with hints of kiwi fruit. The color of the flesh of blueberries is in stark contrast to their outer color. Blueberries’ flesh is light green, white, or light yellow.

Why Are Blueberries Purple and Not Blue?

Blueberries are purple and not blue because they are high in anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are purple pigments found in plants and belong to the flavonoid family. Blueberries are extremely high in anthocyanins which results in a lovely deep purple color.

If you really study a blueberry, you will notice it is more purple than blue. The deep purple color is caused by purple pigments anthocyanins. No one knows why the name blueberry was settled on when purpleberry would have been a better description. But maybe the namers simply preferred the sound of blueberry.

Are Blueberries Green First?

Prior to ripening, blueberries are green similar to grapes. After about 90 days, blueberries ripen and become deep purple. When they change color, this signals they are ready to be picked. You have to watch blueberries carefully because they won’t ripen at the same time.

What color are blueberries before they’re ripe? Before blueberries are ripe, they are green. Then slowly, they start to change color and become a deep purple. Once they have achieved their lovely purple color, they are ready to be picked and should almost fall off the bush.

How long does it take for blueberries to go from green to blue? It takes up to 90 days for blueberries to go from green to blue. Once the blueberry is fully indigo or deep purple, you can pluck it from the bush.

Once your blueberries have turned blue, you can eat them directly from the bush. Just make sure you wash them first. Ripe blueberries should fall off the bush as you run your hand against it. If you need to tug on a blueberry to remove it from the bush, this means it is not ripe. Make sure you keep a close eye on your blueberry bushes because some berries may be ripe and ready to pick while others may still be green.

Is it OK to eat green blueberries? Green blueberries should not be eaten raw. You should wait until they turn fully deep purple before you pick them and eat them raw. However, green blueberries can be pickled, cooked, or turned into a dressing.

Green blueberries are not poisonous, but they may upset your stomach and will not taste sweet and refreshing like ripe blueberries. The flesh of green blueberries is high in solanine which can cause gastrointestinal issues when eaten raw. The best way to enjoy green blueberries is to pickle them or turn them into a lovely salad dressing similar to a citrus dressing.

What Color Are Bad Blueberries?

Green blueberries and blueberries that have lost their blue or deep purple color should not be eaten. A classic sign that blueberries have gone bad is a faded color. While green blueberries mean the fruit is not ripe yet and should be left on the bush until it turns deep purple.

You should only eat blueberries that have a dark blue or deep purple color. We recommend throwing away blueberries that were previously blue/purple but have started to become discolored. The only non-blue/purple blueberries you should eat are pink lemonade blueberries which are red/pink when ripe.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, blueberries are closer to a deep purple than dark blue. But nobody will bat an eyelid if you insist they are blue. The colors are very close to one another. Don’t forget to leave green blueberries on the bush as they are not safe to eat raw. And if you are looking for a new yummy fruit to try, grab some pink lemonade blueberries, which taste better than your standard store-bought blueberries!

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