What Do Crickets Taste Like? Do Crickets Taste Like Chips?

Crickets are one of the latest and slightly crazy health food trends! Yes, you heard right, people are now eating bugs to get a protein fix. Did you know crickets are more protein-dense than pork or chicken? In this article, we will explore the health benefits of eating crickets and exactly what they taste like!

Is It Healthy to Eat Crickets?

It is healthy to eat crickets because they are high in protein (20 grams per 100 grams) and contain all 9 essential amino acids. Crickets are also high in iron, calcium, and fiber, with as much as 13 grams per 100 grams. Crickets contain chitin which is similar to a probiotic and aids gut health.

Crickets are quickly becoming a healthy, cheap, and sustainable snack. If you are looking for a complete protein that won’t disrupt your gut and won’t break your bank, then you need to try some crickets! Crickets are 20% protein, 13% fiber, and have more iron than beef. People in Africa have been munching on crickets for thousands of years, but now Westerners are getting in on the fun. Crickets are incredibly healthy and are the perfect healthy snack either pre or post-workout.

Can you eat crickets alive? You should not eat wild crickets alive as they may be carrying diseases and harmful bacteria. However, it is fine to eat commercially farmed live crickets. To be on the safe side and make them tastier, we recommend eating them cooked!

If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can eat crickets when they are alive as long as they come from a commercial farm following strict standards. It is dangerous to eat wild crickets raw because you don’t know what kind of bacteria they are carrying. Crickets taste much better when cooked, so while it may seem cool eating them raw, your taste buds will thank you if you cook the crickets!

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Can eating crickets make you sick? Eating crickets should not make you sick. Crickets have been safely eaten for thousands of years and are even mentioned in the Bible. Just make sure you buy crickets from a reliable source and remember to cook them!

Crickets are totally safe to eat and are a delicacy in many African and Asian countries such as Nigeria, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Congo. To ensure you safely consume crickets, we recommend eating them fried. Fried crickets are not only safe and tasty but are healthy, containing 20 grams of protein per 100 grams.

What Do Crickets Taste Like?

Crickets have a pleasant savory flavor with nutty notes. Crickets also have an inviting smoky flavor and taste a little like popcorn or almonds, and may remind you of nutty roasted shrimp. Some crickets are salty and have a strong umami flavor similar to soy sauce.

Crickets are a delicious snack full of flavor. They have a nutty and smoky taste and a salty flavor similar to soy sauce. Crickets taste similar to sunflower seeds with a nutty flavor similar to almonds. They taste a bit like shrimps dipped in hoisin sauce. Crickets are not short on flavor and feature a range of different tastes that will keep your taste buds guessing. They combine salty, nutty, umami, and smoky flavors to produce an addictive snack!

Do crickets taste like chips? Fried crickets have a salty and crunchy texture similar to chips. Crickets also have a smoky and nutty flavor and taste like shrimp-flavored roasted chips. When crickets are fried, they taste like ultra-crispy chips, but instead of being loaded with carbs, they are full of protein.

Fried crickets taste like chips! Fried crickets taste like crunchy, salty, and crispy chips. They also have a smoky flavor similar to BBQ chips and a subtle shrimp-like flavor. Fried crickets are a much healthier snack than typical potato chips because they are high in protein and low in carbs.

Do crickets taste like popcorn? Crickets taste like a mix between almonds and popcorn. Crickets have a smoky, salty taste with a shrimp and nutty flavor. Think of shrimp-flavored popcorn with an extra nutty almond and smoky taste.

Crickets do taste like popcorn! Crickets are crunchy and salty, just like popcorn. However, they also have other flavors, such as a pronounced nuttiness similar to almonds, a smoky BBQ flavor, soy sauce taste, and shrimp notes. If you are looking for a more flavorful popcorn alternative, we recommend trying crickets!

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Do crickets taste like shrimp? Crickets have a smoky and salty shrimp taste! Crickets taste like shrimp dipped in hoisin or soy sauce. They also have a nutty flavor similar to almonds. Crickets will also remind you of popcorn or chips.

Crickets have a distinct shrimp taste! Crickets also have a smooth nutty, salty, and smoky flavor which goes extremely well with the shrimp. These flavors all combine to produce a delicious crunchy snack full of satisfying umami flavors.

Do crickets taste like chicken? Crickets do not taste like chicken. They have a fairly neutral taste which is why people compare them to chicken. However, crickets have a smoky, nutty, and salty flavor. Crickets taste like shrimp in soy hoisin sauce and have lovely umami flavors.

Crickets taste like a lot of things, but chicken is not one of them! Crickets taste more like shrimp than chicken and have a nutty taste similar to almonds. Crickets also have a smoky and salty flavor reminiscent of soy sauce.

What Do Edible Crickets Taste Like?

Edible crickets have a nutty, salty umami flavor! Edible crickets taste like shrimp-flavored chips or popcorn with an added yummy smoky taste. The nutty taste is similar to almonds, while the salty flavor is reminiscent of hoisin or soy sauce. 

Edible crickets are not short on flavor. They have a deeply satisfying savory taste similar to shrimp dipped in soy sauce. Edible crickets are also smoky and have a strong nutty flavor like roast almonds. Edible crickets are a very yummy snack that tastes like flavored shrimp chips with an extra smoky, nutty flavor!

What do roasted crickets taste like? Roasted crickets are smoky with a shrimp flavor. They are also nutty and have an astringent taste. Roast crickets can be very salty and dry and taste like shrimp-flavored chips or popcorn.

Roasted crickets are a must-try healthy snack. If you love crunchy shrimp, you need to grab some roasted crickets. They taste like crispy shrimp dipped into hoisin sauce with some added nuttiness!

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What do dried crickets taste like? Dried crickets have a nutty and smoky flavor with a subtle but yummy shrimp flavor. They are also salty and taste similar to shrimp-flavored chips or popcorn. Dried crickets are salty and astringent with nice umami flavors similar to soy sauce.

Dried crickets are a nutty, smokey, and shrimpy snack! Dried crickets taste like shrimp-flavored chips with some roasted almond notes. Dried crickets are just delicious but are loaded with protein and fiber!

Final Thoughts

Crickets are one of the trendiest health foods on the market. Even though crickets have been extremely popular in South America, Asia, and Africa for centuries, they are just becoming mainstream in the West. Crickets have a distinct shrimp flavor combined with a smoky and nutty taste. We recommend eating fried crickets with your favorite beer!

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