What Does Eggnog Taste Like? Does Eggnog Taste Like Eggs?

Eggnog is a lovely cream egg-based drink that is traditionally drunk on Christmas. Eggnog is incredibly popular in America. Each year Americans spend almost $200 million on eggnog and consume over 50 million bottles! Even though eggnog originated in Medieval Britain, it made its way to America in the 1700s and has become a symbol of Christmas! Even though eggnog is popular, there is a good chance you haven’t tried it. In this article, we will break down eggnog’s taste and flavor!

What Is Eggnog?

Eggnog is a sweetened dairy beverage made from eggs, milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. To give it some extra punch, distilled spirits such as brandy, whisky and bourbon are added. Eggnog has a lovely frothiness as it contains egg whites.

Eggnog is typically served chilled but is also great warm, especially on a cold winter night! Eggnog is versatile and can be added to custards, coffee, tea, or just drunk straight. There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than a few glasses of eggnog with a splash of bourbon!

Is eggnog an American thing? Eggnog was originally invented in Medieval England but arrived in America thanks to British settlers in the 1700s. Eggnog declined in popularity in England while becoming a symbol of Christmas in the US. Nowadays, Americans drink over 50 million bottles of eggnog per year.

Eggnog may have been borrowed from the British, but this Christmas beverage is now firmly American. Eggnog is barely drunk in the UK. However, it is extremely popular in America and features in nearly every US Christmas movie. Eggnog is a slightly controversial drink, with some people loving the flavor while others can’t stand it. We find if you add enough bourbon, everyone will eventually start enjoying it!

Does Eggnog Contain Alcohol?

Is eggnog alcoholic? Traditional eggnog contains alcohol as it contains distilled spirits such as brandy, whisky, or bourbon. However, eggnog from the supermarket is 100% alcohol-free and can be enjoyed by your whole family. Supermarket eggnog is made from milk, sugar, and egg powder. 

Classic eggnog recipes call for a healthy dose of alcohol. Eggnog should contain a generous splash of whisky, brandy, or bourbon. The amount of alcohol you add up to your discretion and what type of Christmas party you are having! Even though classic eggnog contains alcohol, your standard carton from the supermarket is non-alcoholic.

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Can you get drunk on eggnog? Supermarket eggnog is non-alcoholic and won’t get you drunk. However, classic eggnog contains a distilled spirit such as whisky, bourbon, or brandy and has a 20% ABV which will certainly get you buzzed. Depending on how drunk you want to get, you can increase or decrease the amount of spirit in your recipe.

It is very easy to get drunk on eggnog, all you need to do is add some extra whisky, bourbon, or brandy. A standard recipe makes eggnog which is 20% alcohol, making it 4 times as strong as beer and almost twice as strong as wine! 3 to 4 glasses of eggnog should get you drunk!

Is eggnog custard? Eggnog is not custard. Custard is very thick, heated, and does not contain alcohol. Eggnog is not heated, has a much thinner consistency, and contains a distilled spirit such as bourbon or whisky. Eggnog also has a cinnamon and nutmeg flavor not found in custard.

Eggnog and custard are two different things! Eggnog is a sweetened alcoholic dairy beverage with a cinnamon flavor, while custard is a very thick dessert made from cooking milk with eggs. Eggnog is drunk at Christmas while custard is eaten!

What Does Eggnog Taste Like?

Eggnog tastes very creamy with a lovely milky flavor. It tastes like melted ice cream with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. If you add bourbon or whisky, it adds some oaky and caramel flavor and balances the sweetness.

Eggnog tastes like a spicy warm creamy milkshake. It has a lovely cinnamon and nutmeg kick which will warm you up on a cold winter’s night. Eggnog is very sweet and milky with a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor. When you add whiskey, brandy, or bourbon to your eggnog, the alcohol reduces the sweetness and adds some fruit and oaky flavors.

Does eggnog taste like eggs? Even though eggnog contains egg yolks and whites, it does not taste like eggs. Eggnog tastes more like a milkshake and has a sweet, creamy flavor. Eggnog also has some lovely warm spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. 

You should not taste egg in your eggnog. Any egg flavor is overwhelmed by the added sugar, milk, and cream. Your eggnog should taste like a creamy milkshake with some lovely hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. If you add whisky, the whisky will completely remove any egg flavor, balance the sweetness of the beverage and unlock new flavors such as caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Does eggnog taste like bubblegum? Eggnog should not taste like bubblegum. In a small percentage of people, the milk and sugar combined with the nutmeg and cinnamon remind them of bubblegum. However, most people think eggnog tastes like a creamy, spicy flavored milkshake.

Do you think eggnog tastes like bubblegum? That might be because the cinnamon and the sugar in eggnog interact together. However, this is not the way most people describe the flavor of eggnog. Eggnog tastes like melted ice cream with some added spices. Or a creamy milkshake with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

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Eggnog is bursting with a creamy sweet milk flavor. Think of a vanilla milkshake, add some cream and top it off with some warm spices! The cinnamon aftertaste is so yummy that you will immediately want another sip!

What is Eggnog Made From?

Eggnog is made from milk, egg yolks, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream, egg whites, and a distilled spirit such as whisky, bourbon, or brandy. The eggs produce a frothy and creamy texture but do not leave an eggy flavor.

Eggnog is incredibly simple and fast to make. All you need to do is whisk, combine and then heat all of the ingredients. Then once you have a lovely creamy drink, add some alcohol to counterbalance the sweet flavor. We even like throwing a scoop of ice cream on top. Eggnog is a very heavy dairy beverage. If you are lactose intolerant, then this drink isn’t for you!

Does eggnog have eggs in it? Traditional eggnog is made from raw egg yolks and whites. However, supermarket eggnog is made from egg powder and does not contain real raw eggs. Even though eggnog features eggs, it does not have an eggy flavor and instead tastes like a creamy milkshake.

The use of raw eggs is banned in many countries, including the US. That is why the eggnog you buy at the supermarket is made from egg powder and not raw eggs. However, when making eggnog at home, you can still use a classic recipe and throw some raw eggs into the mix!

How Do You Drink Eggnog?

Eggnog should be served chilled and tastes great on the rocks. Garnish it with some nutmeg, whipped cream, and grate some orange peel over the top. You can drink with or without alcohol. If you want to make it alcoholic, add either whisky, brandy, or bourbon. 

While you can serve eggnog warm, it tastes best chilled. When served cold, it tastes like a creamy, spicy milkshake. We recommend garnishing your eggnog with whipped cream and nutmeg, you can also add a scoop of ice cream if you want to enhance the vanilla flavor. If you want to make your eggnog alcoholic add some Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, this liquor will balance the sweetness and add some caramel and oaky flavors.

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Can you drink straight eggnog? Eggnog tastes best when drunk straight. Simply pour your eggnog straight from the fridge and enjoy! You can garnish your eggnog with whipped cream, grated orange peel, and some nutmeg. Also, if you want to add a kick, then throw in a splash of bourbon!

You don’t need any fancy garnishes or side dishes. Eggnog tastes exceptional by itself! Just throw your eggnog in the fridge and once it’s chilled, pour yourself a big glass! We like drinking it on the rocks with a bit of bourbon and some nutmeg on top. You can even add ice cream if you want some extra creamy sweetness.

Final Thoughts

Eggnog is an amazing Christmas drink. As soon as you take a sip, you immediately get into the holiday spirit. Eggnog has a rich milky and creamy taste, similar to a vanilla milkshake. It also has a lovely warm nutmeg and cinnamon taste. You can drink eggnog with and without alcohol. When you add bourbon, whisky, or brandy to your eggnog, it reduces the sweetness and adds a complex fruity, oaky, and caramel flavor. Make sure you create your eggnog this Christmas!

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