What Sauce Does Burger King Have? Does Burger King Have a Signature Sauce?

Burger King is not just famous for its amazing range of burgers. They also have some pretty tasting sauces. We have analyzed the menu and compiled a list of Burger King’s sauces and exactly what they taste like!

What sauce does Burger King have? Burger King offers six unique and yummy sauces. Burger King sauces include BBQ, honey mustard, zesty, ranch, sweet and sour, and buffalo. These sauces are offered separately from your meal and are complementary.

Unlike other fast-food chains, Burger King is all about quality over quantity. By only focusing on 6 sauces, Burger King is able to perfect these recipes and master the flavor profile. Also, by limiting the number of sauces, you don’t have to worry about decision paralysis and waste your time trying to pick a sauce from 20 + options!

To make your life a little easier, we have taste-tested every sauce on Burger King’s menu and have broken down which is best and their unique flavors. Keep reading to find out which sauce won us over!

What’s The Best Burger King Sauce?

The best Burger King sauce is zesty, followed by buffalo. Average Burger King sauces are honey mustard, bbq, and ranch. The worst Burger King sauce is sweet and sour. 

Go around town and ask people their favorite Burger King sauce. If they don’t answer zesty or buffalo, they are crazy. In fact, according to the latest surveys, 61% of Burger King customers’ favorite sauce is zesty or buffalo. The 3rd most popular is a tie between bbq and ranch. By far the least popular Burger King sauce is sweet and sour, just 4% of consumers touted this sauce as their favorite.

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What Do Burger King Sauces Taste Like?

All of Burger King’s sauces have a unique flavor profile. Their bbq sauce is sweet and smoky, their sweet and sour sauce is like pineapple-flavored ketchup, while BK’s buffalo sauce is creamy with a sharp, spicy kick. BK’s honey mustard tastes warm and sweet, and their ranch is creamy with a strong garlic flavor.

To help you pick your ideal Burger King sauce, let’s study each option in-depth. Once you read our Burger King tasting notes, you will know exactly which sauce is for you!

What Does Burger King’s BBQ Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King BBQ sauce is sweet and peppery! It is very rich with a mild smoky flavor. It has dark brown and is sticky and thick. BK’s BBQ sauce also has a mild tangy flavor which is not as powerful as other BBQ sauces.

Burger King’s BBQ sauce is mildly smoky and tangy. It has a nice peppery flavor and is much thicker and not as sweet as McDonald’s BBQ sauce. If it was a bit more smoky and spicy, it would be a great sauce, but without those elements, it is just average! We give it a 6.5/10!

What Does Burger King’s Honey Mustard Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King’s honey mustard is too watery and lacks a strong mustard flavor. The sauce is overly sweet and does not feature any spicy kick. Burger King needs to make it thicker and add some more mustard!

We were not impressed with Burger King’s honey mustard. It is not surprising that only 9% of Burger King customers choose this as their favorite sauce. We found Burger King’s mustard was far too watery and overly sweet, and the mustard flavor was too faint. We give it a 3/5/10!

What Does Burger King’s Ranch Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King’s ranch sauce is very creamy, but it is more than that! It is also sour with some lovely herby flavors. It has a powerful garlic taste, and the herbs taste fresh and inviting.

Burger King’s ranch sauce is surprisingly good! It is very creamy and rich with great herb and garlic flavors. It tastes very fresh, and the herby flavors are not overpowered by the cream. Burger King’s ranch sauce is not your typical bland fast-food ranch, it gets a 6/5/10 from us!

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What Does Burger King’s Zesty Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King’s zesty sauce is sweet, spicy, and nutty with an interesting acidic flavor. The horseradish gives the zesty sauce a nice spice kick, the mayonnaise ensures it is creamy and thick, while ketchup adds some sweetness and tanginess.

Zesty is Burger King’s best sauce! The flavors go together extremely well. It has the perfect balance of creamy, sweet, spicy, tangy, and nutty. There is nothing better than zesty sauce on Burger King’s onion rings. We give it 8/10!

What Does Burger King’s Sweet and Sour Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King’s sweet and sour sauce tastes like a blend between ketchup and pineapple. It tastes similar to the orange chicken sauce. It does not have the best flavor and tastes like strange sweet ketchup with an odd sweet pineapple flavor.

Burger King’s sweet and sour sauce lit up our taste buds but not in a good way. The sauce just tastes a bit strange. It is definitely sweet and sour, but the flavors don’t blend well together, and you are left with a mildly sickly overly sweet ketchup and some odd hints of pineapple. We give it 3/10!

What Does Burger King’s Buffalo Sauce Taste Like?

Burger King’s buffalo sauce is very creamy and is filled with a great mix of spices. The species slowly creeps up on you but adds a gentle, not too powerful kick. The sauce has an inviting bright orange color.

Burger King makes a great buffalo sauce. It has an awesome orange color and tastes like a real high-quality buffalo sauce. However, it is a little too creamy and a little short on spices. If you could add some heat to the sauce, we would give it an 8, but right now, it is a solid 7/10!

Does Burger King Charge For Sauces?

Burger King dipping sauces are complementary and are included in the price of your meal. However, Burger King reserves the right to charge for extras and may charge if you order a meal that typically does not include a sauce.

If you order nuggets at Burger King, you will always receive a complementary sauce. However, if you just order a burger, they may not give you a dipping sauce. If you ask for a sauce for your burger, in most cases, they will give it to you for free, but some customers have been charged. The typical rate for a Burger King sauce is $0.10 per packet.

If you want to always land free Burger King sauces, make sure you are polite to the staff and don’t be afraid to ask. Usually, the employees have no problems throwing in some extra sauces for free! Occasionally you may order food from a franchise that charges or a grumpy employee.

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Final Thoughts

Burger King offers 6 dipping sauces, each with a unique flavor. Currently, you can choose from BBQ, honey mustard, zesty, ranch, sweet and sour, or buffalo. All of these sauces go exceptionally with fries, nuggets, and onion rings. Our personal favorite is zesty, which is a lovely blend of sweet and spicy and makes onion rings taste incredible!


What sauces does Burger King have in the UK?

Burger King in the UK offers 5 unique dipping sauces. They include Heinz Ketchup Sachet, Smokey BBQ Dip, Spicy Mayo Dip, Sweet Chili Dip, and Heinz Mayo Sachet.

Does Burger King have a secret sauce?

Currently, Burger King does not offer any secret sauces, and you can only order the 6 dipping sauces (zesty, BBQ, honey mustard, ranch, sweet and sour, and buffalo) on the menu. However, back in 2015, Burger King made a secret sauce that wasn’t on the menu and you needed to ask for when ordering chicken fries.

Are Burger King sauces free?

Burger King’s sauces are complimentary and included in the price of your meal. You usually can even get some extra sauces for free! Just remember to ask and be polite to the staff!

What sauces are on a Whopper?

A Whopper features creamy mayonnaise and ketchup. The classic combo of mayonnaise and ketchup gives the Whopper an awesome creamy, tangy, and salty flavor.

What is Burger King’s zesty sauce made of?

Burger King’s zesty sauce is made of mayonnaise, ketchup, horseradish, pepper, and mustard. BK’s zesty sauce has a lovely sweet and spicy flavor.

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