What Sauces Does Denny’s Have? Learn About These 5 Unique Sauces Now!

Who doesn’t love Denny’s? They offer an amazing range of affordable meals 24/7! Before you head to your local Denny’s, make sure you are prepared and know what sauces are on offer!

What sauces does Denny’s have? Denny’s offers five unique and tasty sauces. These include Ketchup, Buffalo sauce, Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce, Nashville Hot sauce, and Bourbon sauce. In addition, Denny’s has three yummy dressings: Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Blue Cheese. 

Do Sauces Come With Denny’s Meals?

The above are standalone sauces, and you can add them to your order for only $0.99 per serving. As Denny’s sauces are so cheap, we recommend purchasing a number of them and performing your little tasting experiment. Our personal favorites are Denny’s buffalo sauce and their bourbon sauce. However, these sauces need to be consumed in moderation as they each have 110 calories per serving!

The sauces vary wildly in ingredients, macronutrients, and calories. So if you are watching your diet, make sure you consult our nutritional table below, where we break all of Denny’s sauces based on calories, fat, carbs, and protein!

Denny’s doesn’t just offer standalone sauces. America’s Diner also adds sauces to many of its meals. For example, when your Turkey & Dressing classic, you get a healthy serving of cranberry sauce included free of charge. Also, when you order the Fried Fish Platter, Denny’s won’t expect you to eat boring, bland fish. They give you a nice serving of tartar sauce which adds some lovely creaminess to your fish.

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Denny’s burgers also come with their sauces. The All American burger comes with Denny’s famous All American Sauce. To learn more about this super tasty sauce, go here! Almost all Denny’s sandwiches come with mayonnaise.

Prior to ordering, make sure you check with the restaurant to see what sauce comes with your meal and even ask the server what sauce they would recommend ordering!

Denny’s Sauce Macronutrients

Do you want to stay slim and trim? Are you counting your calories? Consult our table and find out exactly how many calories and carbs, and fat are in your favorite Denny’s sauces! Ketchup has by far the fewest calories at just 25 calories. The most indulgent and calorie-dense Denny’s sauce is ranch which has a whopping 200 calories and 21 grams of fat. Our two favorite Denny’s sauces, Buffalo and Bourbon, are in the middle in terms of health, both packing 110 calories per serving.

Sauce Name Serving Size (Oz) Calories (grams) Fat (grams) Carbs (grams)
Sweet and Sour BBQ Sauce 1.5 110 0 30
Ranch Dressing 1.5 200 21 1
Nashville Hot Sauce 1.5 70 4.5 9
Ketchup 1.5 25 1 3
Honey Mustard Dressing 1.5 190 15 12
Buffalo Sauce 1.5 110 12 1
Bourbon Sauce 1 110 0 26
Blue Cheese Dressing 1.5 150 16 3

Which Denny’s Sauce Is The Best?

Denny’s has 5 sauces and 3 dressings. Our top 3 are buffalo, bourbon, and honey mustard. Denny’s buffalo sauce is tangy and rich with a nice spicy kick. Denny’s bourbon sauce is sweet with nice caramel notes. Denny’s honey mustard is sweet, spicy, and vinegary.

We have decided to rank all of Denny’s 5 sauces and 3 dressings. We have ordered every single sauce they offer and tried them with a variety of meals from burgers to fries to onion rings and, of course, rings. Here are our final rankings:

  1. Buffalo – Denny’s has nailed their buffalo sauce! It is spicy and creamy with lovely heat and a rich butter flavor!
  2. Bourbon – Denny’s bourbon sauce is unique! It has a distinct sweet caramel bourbon flavor with some nice smokey vanilla flavor.
  3. Honey Mustard – It is hard to mess up honey mustard! Denny’s honey mustard is sweet and spicy with some nice sharp notes. It is still very smooth and tastes amazing with fried chicken!
  4. Nashville Hot Sauce – Denny’s Nashville hot sauce is nice and spicy! It has just the right amount of cayenne pepper and vinegar. It tastes great with fries or on burgers!
  5. Sweet and Sour BBQ – Denny’s has made a very solid BBQ sauce. It is not too watery and not too thick. It has a lovely tangy flavor, and the sweetness is not overpowering!
  6. Blue Cheese – Denny’s blue cheese is thick and tangy with hints of salt and vinegar. If you like to keep it traditional, make sure you order it with Denny’s wings!
  7. Ranch – Denny’s ranch sauce is creamy with some nice fresh garlic flavor. The herbs taste bright, and it goes very well on wings. We also like dipping fries in ranch!
  8. Ketchup – Denny’s ketchup is your standard tomato sauce. It is tangy, sweet, and sour with some nice umami flavor. But it is a little watery and is pretty boring!

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Final Thoughts

Denny’s offers 5 sauces: Ketchup, Buffalo sauce, Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce, Nashville Hot sauce, and Bourbon sauce, and 3 dressings: Honey Mustard, Ranch, and Blue Cheese. All of Denny’s sauces are high quality and really enhance the flavor of your meal. Our personal top 3 are buffalo, bourbon, and honey mustard. You can order any of the sauces as sides for just $0.99!

Denny’s Sauces FAQ

Does Dennys Have Fry Sauce?

Denny’s has discontinued its fry sauce. Denny’s in-house secret fry sauce was called Den sauce. It was a special dipping sauce for chicken tenders. Den sauce was only offered for a limited time, but maybe it will be re-introduced in the future.

What brand of honey mustard does Denny’s use?

Denny’s uses Ventura Foods honey mustard. Ventura Foods makes special non-retail honey mustard for Denny’s. However, their retail Classic Gourmet Select honey mustard tastes most similar to the one used in Denny’s.

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What BBQ sauce do they use at Denny’s

Denny’s uses BBQ sauce from Ventura Foods. Ventura Foods is a major food supplier and was founded back in 1996 after the merger of Wilsey Foods and Holsum Foods. Ventura Foods also supplies Denny’s with their super tasty honey mustard.

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