Do Bananas Have Seeds?

Americans love bananas! The average American consumes nearly 30 pounds of bananas every year. A big reason bananas are such a popular fruit is because you can peel them easily and immediately start eating them without worrying about annoying seeds.

But I thought all fruits had seeds? That is what we are here to figure out. We already know how tasty and nutritious bananas are, but there is still some mystery about their seeds. So strap in and put your detective hat on because we are going to solve this banana mystery together!

Do bananas have seeds? Commercially grown bananas, the ones you find in the store usually have no seeds or incredibly small seeds that you never notice. This is because they have been specifically bred to be seedless. However, wild bananas are filled with hard black seeds, which are inedible and can damage your teeth.

Why Are Bananas Seedless?

Store-bought bananas are seedless because they have been specifically bred not to contain seeds. This natural genetic modification has resulted in bananas containing much more flesh. And ensuring you can enjoy a banana as soon as you peel it, without worrying about removing seeds.

Farmers and scientists haven’t just altered bananas to not have any seeds. They have also ensured they are extra sweet and tasty compared to their wild cousins. Seedless bananas do grow in the wild, but they are extremely rare and the result of a genetic mutation. Farmers took these naturally mutated bananas and were able to clone them successfully. The result was bananas with no seeds!

If you want to get technical, seedless bananas are caused by a chromosomal imbalance. Store-bought bananas have three sets of chromosomes. This means they are sterile and therefore do not have seeds.

Commercial bananas are asexually propagated. Farmers use special techniques known as parthenocarpy. Parthenocarpy allows the production of fruit without fertilization.

The production of seedless bananas has had a monumental impact on the fruit industry. If bananas contained hard seeds like in the wild, bananas would not be a very popular fruit. They also wouldn’t be nearly as sweet or have an as long shelf life.

You can occasionally spot small seeds in store-bought bananas, but they are soft and very tiny. Most of the time, you won’t be able to find any seeds in your sweet and satisfying banana. Scientists have transformed bananas into the world’s most popular fruit!

Do Wild Bananas Have Seeds?

Wild bananas have seeds, and a lot of them! After peeling a wild banana, you will discover a bunch of hard black seeds throughout the fruit. These seeds need to be removed prior to eating a wild banana.

Wild bananas do not have much edible flesh compared to commercially grown bananas, and it can be very annoying to remove all of the seeds. In countries like Thailand, where wild bananas are regularly consumed, people slice the banana into thin slices and remove all of the seeds prior to consuming it.

Some wild banana varieties are so overwhelmed by seeds that eating them is almost impossible. Once you have peeled a wild banana and taken a big bite, only to be left with a mouthful of rocks, you will understand why scientists made seedless bananas!

While wild bananas can be a delicious snack, they are often more trouble than they are worth. It is usually better to just wait until you get to the market or shop than to grab one off the tree.

Wild bananas are found in tropical locations. Wild bananas are commonly found in northern Australia, Southeast Asia, and India. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of flavors, from sweet to savory. Wild bananas can be very creamy and, if you find the right type, delicious!

Can You Eat Banana Seeds?

You can not eat wild banana seeds as they are extremely hard and difficult for the body to digest. If you want to eat a wild banana, it is best to slice it up and remove all seeds.

You can eat banana seeds you find in commercially grown bananas as these seeds are very small and soft. However, it is pretty rare to find seeds in commercially grown bananas as they have been genetically modified to be seedless!

Many wild bananas have so many large and hard seeds that there is only a tiny amount of flesh and getting to it is a nightmare. These hard seeds should not be consumed and can damage your teeth if you try to chew them and may cause stomach blockages if you swallow too many!

Can You Eat Wild Bananas?

You can eat most wild bananas. A few varieties can not be digested by humans, and some contain way too many seeds and no flesh that they aren’t worth eating. 

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Did you know that some wild bananas do not contain seeds? The best wild bananas to eat are Lady Fingers. These wild bananas contain very few seeds and are incredibly sweet and creamy. Also, they ripen very quickly and can be easily eaten directly from the tree. They even taste better than the bananas you buy in the store.

You need to be careful when eating wild bananas because they can be affected by pesticides, birds, or insects. You can become very sick if you are exposed to nasty bacteria or chemicals. Before you eat wild bananas, make sure you consult with locals who are experienced and know how to pick safe-to-eat fruit!

How Do You Get the Seeds Out of a Banana?

Do you want to harvest seeds from a banana so you can grow your very own banana tree? Then follow these steps and quickly get the seeds out of your banana:

  1. Grab your banana and put it into a bowl
  2. Take a spoon and start mashing your banana but be careful not to damage any of those precious seeds
  3. Add some water to the mashed banana and pick out the seeds with your fingers

If you want to eat a wild banana and find it is filled with seeds, then you should thinly slice the banana and carefully remove the seeds with your finger. This can be a bit time-consuming, but the last thing you want to do is end up with a mouthful of hard banana seeds!

Wrapping Up

  • Bananas from supermarkets do not contain seeds because they have been genetically modified to be seedless.
  • Wild bananas contain seeds, and some varieties are absolutely full of large black seeds, which are like rocks.
  • Wild bananas have seeds because the seeds are required for the banana plant to reproduce. Commercially grown bananas have been modified to be sterile.
  • Wild banana seeds should not be eaten as they are very hard and difficult to digest. The best way to remove them is to slice the banana.
  • There are some wild banana varieties that do not contain seeds or only contain a few seeds. The tastiest wild banana type is Lady Fingers. Lady Fingers are known for being ultra sweet and tasty!


How many seeds does a banana have?

A typical commercially grown banana contains zero seeds. However, wild bananas can have 20 or more seeds, it depends on the particular variety and banana. There are some wild bananas that are also seedless, like the Lady Finger Banana.

Where are the seeds of a banana?

The seeds of bananas have been removed through genetic modification. Scientists have modified the banana fruit to be seedless and use vegetative reproduction to grow sterile bananas. In wild bananas, the seeds are found throughout the banana, with most running down the center of the fruit.

What happens if you plant a banana in your garden?

Nothing will happen if you plant a banana in your garden because commercially grown bananas are sterile and do not contain seeds. However, if you plant a wild banana containing seeds in your garden, you can grow a banana tree.

Why do bananas not have seeds anymore?

Bananas do not have seeds anymore because they have been genetically modified. Seedless bananas are easier to eat, contain more flesh, ripen faster, and are sweeter than most wild bananas. Wild bananas still contain seeds, but some have so many that it becomes nearly impossible to eat them.

Can you grow a banana from a banana?

You can not grow a banana from a commercially grown banana that you find in your supermarket. This is because commercially grown bananas are sterile and do not contain seeds. However, you can grow a banana from a wild banana that contains seeds.

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