Spam Tasting Guide! Should You Eat It?

Does Spam taste disgusting, or is it incredibly underrated meat? In this article, we will explore Spam’s taste, its nutritional qualities, and how you can best enjoy this world-famous canned meat!

What Is Spam?

Spam is processed canned meat produced by Hormel Foods. Spam was invented in 1937 in the US and is now sold in over 40 countries. Spam is made from pork shoulder and ham and contains starch, salt, and water.

Spam is the world’s most famous luncheon meat. This processed pork in a can is incredibly popular in Pacific Island countries and Asia. Spam can be eaten straight out of the can or baked, fried, or grilled. Spam is made almost entirely from pork which means it goes with nearly everything!

What Is Spam made of? Spam is made from pork shoulder and ham. Spam also contains starch, sugar, water, and sodium which aid in the binding and the processing phase. Contrary to popular belief, Spam is not mystery meat and does not contain lots of ingredients.

Spam is not mystery meat. Spam has a very short and simple ingredients list, and the only meat it contains is pork shoulder and ham. The other Spam ingredients are just used to process the pork and ham.

What Does Spam Taste Like?

Spam has a salty pork taste, similar to sausage patties. It has a mild pepper kick and a pleasant ham flavor. Spam is juicy with a slightly spongy texture. Spam now comes in various flavors such as Teriyaki, Jalapeno, and Tocino. 

Spam straight from the can tastes similar to hot dogs. However, once you fry or grill Spam, it tastes like sausage patties. Spam has a strong salty ham taste and is very juicy. In addition, it has a squishy texture and a pronounced pork flavor.

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Does Spam taste any good? Spam tastes good if you like pork and enjoy bacon, ham, hot dogs, and sausage patties. Spam is also very salty, so if you are a fan of salty meats, you will love Spam!

Taste is always going to be subjective. Spam is loved by millions of people around the world, so it can’t be that bad! If you enjoy eating hot dogs and other processed meats like sausage patties, you will appreciate Spam’s intense salty pork flavor.

Does Spam taste like bacon? Spam tastes similar to bacon, but because it is thick and has a squishy texture, it is more similar to sausage patties. Spam is also saltier than bacon, but when fried right, it does taste crispy bacon.

Spam has a similar taste to bacon. This is no surprise as both are processed pork meat. However, Spam tends to be much saltier than bacon and, due to its spongy texture and thickness, is more like a patty.

Is Spam Healthy?

Spam is not healthy as it is heavily processed meat that is incredibly high in calories, fat, and sodium. Two ounces (56 grams) serving of Spam contains a whopping 174 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 32% of your daily required sodium. It also lacks nutrients that are removed during processing.

Spam may be tasty, but it can not be considered a healthy food. Spam contains way too much salt and fat. It is also extremely calorie-dense. It is very easy to consume too much salt and calories when eating Spam. It is not a coincidence that places where Spam is extremely popular (Nauru, Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii) also have high obesity rates.

What is healthier sausage or Spam? Pork sausages and Spam are similar in calorie, fat, and carb content. However, Spam has a higher salt content. Organic beef or chicken sausages are much healthier than Spam due to lower levels of fat, salt, calories, and more micronutrients.

Spam and standard pork sausages are fairly similar in nutritional value as they both have similar macronutrients. However, Spam has a higher sodium content, and pork sausages contain slightly more micronutrients. Spam lacks micronutrients as these are removed during the processing phase.

Is there a healthy alternative to Spam? There are no healthy alternatives to Spam as all similar canned and processed pork are high in calories and salt. Even though it tastes different, the best alternative is fresh, non-processed forms of pork such as steak or pork chop.

If you enjoy eating pork but are mindful of your health, replace Spam with fresh pork. Even though fresh pork tastes different from Spam, there is nothing better than a grilled pork steak or fried pork chop!

Can I eat Spam every day? You should not eat Spam every day. Spam is very high in calories, fat, and sodium. If you eat Spam every day, you will gain weight and consume too much sodium. Spam should be eaten once every few days.

To prevent weight gain and obesity-related diseases, you should avoid eating Spam every day. You can still enjoy Spam regularly, but try to limit your portion size and eat it at most 2 times a week.

How To Eat Spam?

Spam is an incredibly flexible pork-based processed meat. You can enjoy Spam on burgers or sandwiches, and it is equally tasty when served with vegetables or mashed potato. You bake, fry or grill Spam or even eat directly from the can as it comes pre-cooked.

You can eat Spam however you please! The great thing about Spam is that it is made entirely from pork, so it goes with basically anything. And because it is pre-cooked, you can eat it right away or bake, fry, or grill it!

Is it okay to eat Spam uncooked? It is perfectly fine to eat Spam uncooked. Spam has already been cooked and is ready to be eaten right out of the can. However, most people prefer to fry it to give it some extra flavor and produce a crispy outer layer which is great on sandwiches or burgers.

Spam has been designed to be eaten uncooked. All Spam has been pre-cooked before it is placed in the can. If you want to make Spam tastier, we recommend frying it on a skillet in some butter!

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How do you prepare Spam? The best way to prepare Spam is to fry it on a skillet in butter. Simply melt some butter on your frying pan and then fry the Spam for about 3 minutes or until golden brown. Then drain on paper towels.

Spam is just tastier when you fry it! All you need to do is melt a little butter and then fry your Spam until it is golden brown on both sides. Remember not to fry your Spam too long; otherwise, it will become tough!

What do you serve with Spam? You can serve Spam with almost anything! Spam goes great with bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns for breakfast. You can make a Spam, cheese, tomato sandwich for lunch. Or try grilled Spam with mashed potatoes and ketchup for dinner!

You can’t go wrong with pairing Spam! Just think of Spam as pork or ham and then pair it accordingly. We love eating Spam with baked tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, and eggs for breakfast. A Spam burger with cheese, tomato, and hot sauce is another fantastic combo!

Final Thoughts

Spam is very salty and has a strong pork taste. If you enjoy hot dogs or sausage patties, then you will love Spam. To enjoy this popular canned meat, we recommend frying it in a little bit of butter and eating it on a sandwich with tomato, cheese, and some hot sauce!


Are Spam and hot dogs the same?

Spam and hot dogs are both processed meats. However, Spam is only made from pork while hot dogs can be made from different kinds of meat. Hot dogs have a sausage casing, while Spam features no casing. Spam can be eaten right out of the can while hot dogs need to be cooked.

Why is Spam so popular in Hawaii?

Spam was introduced to Hawaii during WWII because it was great for soldiers as it didn’t need to be refrigerated and was high in calories. And as meat is rare and expensive in Hawaii, locals tried it and got hooked. Now Spam is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine.

Why does Spam taste so bad?

Spam tastes so bad because it is a highly processed meat and contains far too much salt. Spam features cheap cuts of pork, and during the processing phase, many of the pork’s nutrients are removed from canned meat.

Does Spam expire?

Spam does not expire! However, it does have a best by date, which is 3 years after manufacture. Hormel Foods (Spam producer) recommends eating Spam within 3 years after production to fully enjoy the salty pork flavor. It is best to consume Spam within 7 days after opening a can.

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