Ultimate Guide to Squid Ink – Taste, Smell & Pairing!

Does it seem like everyone is posing on Instagram with their lovely plates of squid ink pasta? To ensure you can hold the conversation the next time squid ink becomes a topic at the dinner table, we have prepared a detailed guide for you! We will break down all the basics to quickly turn you into a squid ink expert!

What Is Squid Ink?

Squid ink is the black liquid that squid, cuttlefish, and octopus generate as a defense mechanism against foes trying to eat them. When a cephalopod feels its life is in danger, it shoots out black ink, which creates an opaque cloud. This black cloud disrupts the attacking animal’s vision and allows the cephalopod to swim away!

Squid ink is black because it has a high melanin content. Interestingly enough, melanin also influences the color of humans’ skin, eyes, and hair. Squid ink tends to be very dark and even blue, while cuttlefish is brown.

Cuttlefish ink is far easier to buy and has a less intense flavor compared to squid ink. As squids and cuttlefish are closely related, sellers are legally able to advertise cuttlefish ink as squid ink and vice versa.

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Squid Ink Taste Guide

Are you thinking of trying squid ink but don’t want to order a dish you won’t like? Then read our tasting notes to find out if this delicacy is for you!

What does squid ink taste like? Squid ink is salty and has a refreshing sea taste. Squid ink resembles fresh food with a classic briny flavor. It is quite a mild flavor, and the slightly salty and fishy taste should enhance, not overpower, your dish.

Close your eyes and think of the freshest piece of fish you have ever tasted. Combine that with a delicate sea-soaked taste, and you have just experienced squid ink. Unlike its color, squid does not have a powerful flavor, in fact, it is very mild. Think of the saltiness of oysters with the brininess of fresh fish.

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Does squid ink have a strong flavor? Squid ink does not have a strong flavor. Squid ink has a mild salty and fishy flavor, which makes it a great addition to pasta. Its sea saltiness is similar to oysters and sea urchins. Due to its mild briny flavor, squid ink should not be eaten by itself.

If you are hoping for a strong flavor that will send your taste buds into overdrive, then squid ink is not for you! Squid ink has a delicate flavor that features a pleasant combination of sea salt and fresh fish. As squid ink is very mild, it works best with pasta, seafood, and even with bread.

Does squid ink taste of anything? While squid ink does have a mild flavor, it is far from tasteless. Squid ink has a lovely saltiness combined with a subtle fishy flavor. This flavor is not strong enough to be enjoyed alone but pairs amazingly well with pasta and other seafood.

Is cuttlefish ink the same as squid ink? Cuttlefish ink and squid ink are used interchangeably. However, cuttlefish ink has a softer, more delicate flavor. It tastes like a subtle hint of the sea with a perfect amount of fishiness. At the same time, squid ink is much stronger and even has a slightly metallic taste.

True squid ink is quite rare. Most squid ink dishes actually use cuttlefish ink. This is because cuttlefish ink has a superior taste. Cuttlefish has a more well-rounded and balanced flavor, while squid ink can be too overpowering and even have a metallic flavor which is definitely an acquired taste.

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What Does Squid Ink Smell Like?

Will the aroma of squid ink invite you to dig in or repel you? Let’s find out!

What does squid ink smell like? Squid ink smells like the ocean with a slightly fishy aroma. It smells like extremely fresh fish with a pleasant saltiness. By taking a big whiff of squid ink, you would swear you have been transported to the beach or out at sea.

Some seafood has a very strong and pungent aroma that is not for everyone. Fortunately, squid ink is much milder on the nose. Squid ink combines the best salty aromas of the sea with the incredible smell of freshly caught fish. The mild aroma will entice you to try this incredible delicacy.

Squid Ink Pasta – All Questions Answered!

Squid ink pasta is definitely one of the trendiest dishes right now. This very photogenic delicacy has been enjoyed in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years but has only recently started to blow up thanks to social media. Keep reading to find out what this unique pasta dish tastes like!

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What does squid ink pasta taste like? Squid ink pasta has a lovely salty and fresh fish taste. The main flavor of the pasta will depend on what’s added to the dish. It is common for squid ink pasta to be accompanied by tomatoes and shrimp.

Squid ink is not flavorsome enough to be the sole ingredient in a pasta dish. To take advantage of squid ink’s lovely ocean taste, pair squid ink pasta with other seafood. We love squid ink pasta with crab and chili. It is also amazing with fresh prawns and garlic.

Does squid ink pasta taste different? As squid ink only has a very mild taste, it does not impact the flavor of your pasta dish. Squid ink will add a minor element of saltiness and fishiness to your pasta, but only a hint. It is mostly a decorative element rather than a flavoring. This is why most squid ink pasta includes other seafood.

Squid ink definitely has some flavor, notably a fishy and salty taste. However, this very mild taste is not enough to make a pasta dish. We do not recommend just eating squid ink with pasta. If you want to create an amazing squid ink pasta dish, we recommend adding tomatoes and shrimp. The subtle squid ink flavor will enhance the taste of these other elements and create a mouthwatering meal!

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What does cuttlefish ink pasta taste like? Cuttlefish ink pasta has a refreshing saltiness that reminds you of the ocean and a subtle fishiness that resembles freshly caught fish. Cuttlefish ink has a mild flavor, so most of the taste will depend on what else is served with the pasta (typically crab, shrimp).

Contrary to popular belief, cuttlefish ink is mostly used for decoration. It does have a mild fishy and briny taste, but it is not enough to flavor bland pasta. Due to this, cuttlefish ink pasta is nearly always served with other seafood such as crab and shrimp.

Wrapping Up

Squid ink is an absolute must-try delicacy! As soon as you dive into this dish, you will be met with a pleasant saltiness that will remind you of the ocean and a subtle fish taste that will flood you with memories of the freshest fish you have ever eaten! We recommend finding an Italian restaurant specializing in squid ink pasta and order as much as possible. You can also try cooking it at home and either buy squid ink in a jar or harvest it yourself from fresh squids!

Squid Ink Taste, Smell, Pairing FAQ

Does squid ink go bad?

Squid ink does go bad. Squid ink can last for up to 1 year if it’s frozen and between 3 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator once it is opened. To be on the safe side, it is best to consume opened squid ink within 2 weeks.

Does squid ink stain teeth?

Squid ink may leave you with temporary black teeth and a slightly scary smile. However, it can be easily removed by brushing your teeth or gargling with water. Squid ink does not permanently damage or stain your teeth.

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How long does squid ink last in the fridge?

An opened jar of squid ink can last up to 4 weeks in the fridge. We recommend you consume squid ink within 3 weeks of opening to reduce the chance of food poisoning.

Is it OK to eat squid ink?

Squid ink is not poisonous. However, as it is a seafood byproduct, people with shellfish allergies should avoid squid ink. Before eating squid ink, make sure you don’t have any seafood allergies, as it can cause a serious reaction.

Is squid ink vegetarian?

Squid ink is vegetarian as it is an animal byproduct like milk. However, squid ink is not vegan as the squid is killed in the harvesting process. Therefore, if you want your vegan pasta to be black, you will have to use food coloring.

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