What Does Disaronno Taste Like? A Delicious Almond Liqueur!

Disaronno is a delicious Italian almond liqueur that will make you feel like a king or queen. Even though it has a lovely almond flavor, it does not contain almonds. Disaronno is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want an ice-cold drink, Disaronno is a perfect choice.

What Is Disaronno?

Disaronno is a type of Amaretto. Amaretto is an amber-colored liqueur produced in Italy and known for its almond taste. Disaronno has an alcohol volume of 28% and is made with apricot kernel oil, sugar, and herbs. Disaronno is a versatile drink that can be drunk straight up or mixed through cocktails. However, Disaronno’s most famous use case is the legendary Italian cake Tiramisu. We enjoy a Disaronno sour which includes ice, lemon juice, egg white, bourbon, and Disaronno.

What Are the Ingredients in Disaronno?

Disaronno is made from pure alcohol, apricot kernel oil, brown sugar, and 17 fruits and herbs. Even though Disaronno has a smooth almond flavor, it contains zero almonds or nuts!

The most interesting thing about the Disaronno ingredients list is no almonds! If you have a nut allergy, you can Disaronno until you fall down! This incredible Italian liqueur contains no nuts and instead is made from a variety of different fruits and herbs. The key ingredient in Disaronno is apricot pits.

What Does Disaronno Taste Like?

Disaronno has a sweet cherry taste with a distinct and clear almond flavor. Disaronno has hints of vanilla and a subtle bitter aftertaste. Disaronno tastes a bit like rich marzipan, while others have compared it to Dr. Pepper.

The first thing you will notice when you sip Disaronno is its sweetness. This amber-colored liqueur is very sweet and has an inviting cherry flavor and a strong yet smooth almond taste. Disaronno does have a slightly bitter aftertaste and some elements of vanilla. As it features a cherry and vanilla flavor, Disaronno is compared to Dr Pepper.  

Does Disaronno Taste Like Dr Pepper?

Disaronno tastes a little like Dr Pepper because they both have a cherry flavor and subtle hints of vanilla. However, Disaronno has a smooth almond taste, is sweeter than Dr Pepper, and is not carbonated. Disaronno also has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Dr Pepper and Disaronno have a cherry flavor, but that is where the comparisons stop! Disaronno is a thicker and sweeter beverage that has a nutty almond taste. Dr Pepper is a little minty and is carbonated, while Disaronno has a bitter aftertaste. And of course, the biggest difference between the two drinks is Disaronno packs a serious punch at 28% ABV while Dr Pepper is a non-alcoholic soft drink.

Does Disaronno Taste Like Whiskey?

Disaronno does not taste like whiskey. Disaronno is much sweeter than whiskey and has a bitter aftertaste, unlike whiskey. Disaronno has a cherry and almond flavor, while whiskey tastes like caramel, oak, and spices. Whiskey is also stronger than Disaronno (40% ABV vs. 28% ABV).

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Whiskey and Disaronno are two very different drinks! Disaronno is a very sweet liqueur made from apricot kernel oil and dried fruit, while whiskey is made from fermented cereal grains. Whiskey has hints of vanilla, oak, spices, and caramel and is neither bitter nor sweet. Whiskey has a burning aftertaste, while Disaronno has a subtle bitter aftertaste. Whatever you do, don’t replace Disaronno in your tiramisu with whiskey!

What Is Disaronno Similar To?

Disaronno is a type of Amaretto so tastes like other popular Amaretto brands like Gozio Amaretto, Amaretto di Amore, Hiram Walker Amaretto, and Luxardo Amaretto di Saschira Liqueur. Disaronno is similar to other sweet liqueurs such as Kahlua, Creme de Cacao or Frangelico.

Disaronno is a unique drink, thanks to its cherry and almond flavor. Unless you are drinking another Amaretto brand, you won’t find a drink like it. However, if you need a decent substitute, you can try a sweet coffee liqueur like Kahlua, a chocolate liqueur such as Creme de Cacao, or even a hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico.

Does Disaronno Have Nuts?

Disaronno does not have nuts. Even though it does have a lovely almond flavor, it is 100% nut-free. People with nut allergies can drink Disaronno without suffering any reaction. Disaronno can produce an almond flavor from dried fruits and herbs.

One of the world’s great mysteries is how Disaronno can taste like almonds but contain no nuts. Disaronno has done an impressive job creating a sweet liqueur and distinct almond flavor using just dried fruits and herbs. The base of this beverage is apricot kernel oil.

Does Disaronno Have Cherries in It?

Disaronno has a variety of dried fruits, including cherries. The main ingredient in Disaronno is apricot pits which are turned into oil. This sweet Italian liqueur also includes 17 different dried fruits and herbs and burnt sugar.

It is not surprising that Disaronno has dried cherries in it because this liqueur has a sweet cherry flavor. However, many people are shocked to learn that despite Disaronno’s smooth almond flavor, it does not contain almonds. However, other similar Amarettos do contain real almonds. The main ingredient in Disaronno is apricot kernels combined with various herbs and dried fruits. Diasaronno keeps its exact recipe a secret!

Is Disaronno a Whiskey?

Disaronno is not a whiskey and is, in fact, a type of Amaretto. Amaretto is a type of amber-colored Italian liqueur noted for its sweet taste with almond and cherry notes. Disaronno is one of the most popular brands of Amaretto and is sold around the world.

Disaronno is definitely not a whiskey! Whiskey is made from fermented cereal grains, while Disaronno is made from dried fruit. Disaronno is a liqueur with a base ingredient of apricot kernel oil and other dried fruits and herbs. Disaronno is much weaker than whiskey, with a 28% ABV, while standard whisky is 40%.

Are Amaretto and Disaronno the Same Thing?

Disaronno is a type of Amarettos. Amaretto is a type of sweet Italian liqueur that typically has an almond flavor. Disaronno is the most popular brand of Amaretto, and even though it tastes like almonds, it is made with apricots. 

Amaretto and Disaronno are the same thing. Amaretto refers to a type of Italian alcoholic drink characterized by its sweet almond flavor. Disaronno is just a very popular brand of Amaretto. Disaronno is produced in Saronno, Lombardy, and is made with apricot kernel oil.

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Does Disaronno Need to Be Refrigerated?

Disaronno can be stored in the cupboard, but this Italian liqueur is best served chilled straight from the refrigerator. An unopened bottle of Disaronna will last forever, and even an opened bottle should last for up to 5 years. Remember to store it at room temperature, away from sunlight, and tightly seal the bottle!

Disaronno is a hardy liqueur because it is made from dried fruits. You can store Disaronno in the cupboard, and if you don’t open the bottle, it should keep forever! Once opened, you can continue to store it in the cupboard but make sure it is cool and out of sunlight. You also need to keep the lid extra tight as moisture can spoil Disaronno.


Disaronno is an amazing Italian liqueur and is one of the top-selling Amaretto brands in the world. This incredible digestive is used in cocktails such as the Amaretto sour, drunk straight, and even used in tiramisu. Disaronno has a very sweet taste with a distinct cherry and almond flavor. It also has hints of vanilla and a slightly bitter aftertaste. 

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