What Does Goose Taste Like? What Tastes Better Goose or Duck?

Goose is among the most underrated meats in the world. It may not be as popular as its red-blooded competitors, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its unique taste. In fact, if you’ve never tried goose before, you are missing out on one of the most flavorful meats you will ever experience. In our article, you will learn everything about goose meat, what it tastes like, how to cook it, and how much it costs. Let’s get started!

What Is Goose Meat?

Goose is the meat of a goose, a large bird found in the northern hemisphere, namely in Europe and North America. These birds are so common that they have been domesticated, and their meat is produced commercially.

Goose has been used for food since prehistoric times. The oldest known goose recipe dates back to 4000 BC when it was used as part of an offering to the gods by early Mesopotamian civilizations. Goose was also used by ancient Egyptians and Chinese civilizations as well – both cultures considered this bird to be a sacred animal, which was often served during religious ceremonies or banquets of royalty or priests.

Is goose red meat? Goose meat is classified as white meat because it is considered poultry and has a high amount of myoglobin in its muscle tissue. Myoglobin is what gives the meat its white color and makes it taste so good. 

Goose is also popular due to its high nutritional value. It has a high protein content and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium.

Goose Flavor Profile – What Does Goose Taste Like?

Goose may not be the first bird most people think about when it comes to its taste. After all, most of us are more accustomed to thinking about poultry as a source of protein rather than flavor. But what you might not know is that geese are some of the most flavorful birds on the planet. That’s because they have a unique fatty layer under their skin that gives their flesh a unique nutty, creamy flavor and a delicate, juicy texture. Let’s find out more about what goose tastes like!

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What does goose taste like? Goose has a rich gamey flavor with sweet, creamy, and nutty undertones. Goose meat is slightly earthy but has a delicate and juicy texture. Goose tastes similar to chicken, only it is much richer and gamey. Some people compare goose taste to beef and even moose!

Is goose meat greasy? Goose has a very rich, greasy flavor because of its high fat content but at the same time feels light on your stomach, which makes it perfect for special meals like Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

Does goose taste like chicken or duck? Goose meat is more similar to duck than chicken. Goose is rich, fatty, and flavorful, while chicken tends to be lean, dry, and bland. Goose can be substituted for chicken in recipes, but its taste is more similar to moose and beef rather than chicken.

Goose meat is rather dark, so the flavor tends to be rich and strong. The taste can be described as “gamey” or “strong,” but not in an unpleasant way – it’s actually quite tasty! If you’ve ever eaten duck, turkey, or chicken, goose meat tastes very similar to these meats, only with a slightly stronger taste.

Does goose taste good? Goose tastes delicious! Goose meat has a rich, gamey flavor, and it’s not as dry as other meats. Goose meat is very tender and juicy, and it has a similar texture to chicken breast, only more succulent and creamy. 

Goose meat is an acquired taste. It’s the type of meat that you must try to experience its full flavor. As a matter of fact, goose meat is amongst the most flavorful meats that you can possibly get your hands on. If you are not used to eating fatty meats, then you might find goose too rich for your taste buds, but if you are used to eating fats, you will love it!

What Tastes Better, Goose or Duck?

While duck meat is considered one of the most flavorful meats in the world, goose meat is often overlooked. Goose meat has a unique flavor that can’t be compared to any other meats. It has a distinct taste that makes it stand out from its competitors.

What tastes better, goose or duck? Even though geese aren’t as common as ducks, they taste better than ducks. Goose meat is rich, flavorful, and creamy with complex sweet, earthy, and nutty undertones, while duck is more meaty and chewy. Since geese are herbivores, they taste more grassy and earthy than carnivores ducks, that taste more meaty and tough.

The taste of goose is somewhat similar to that of duck. Both meats have a sweet, delicate taste with a slightly gamey finish. Goose has a slightly lower fat content, with 100 grams of goose meat having 12.7 grams of fat, while 100 grams of cooked duck meat has 28 grams of fat, according to USDA.

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If you prefer fatty and chewy meat, then the duck is your go-to, but if you want rich, gamey meat with complex grassy, earthy, and sweet notes, go for goose. However, both meats can be used interchangeably in recipes. When prepared properly, both goose and duck taste delicious – juicy inside, crispy on the outside with a nice creamy flavor!

Cooking Goose – The Best Ways To Cook Goose

Is goose hard to cook? If you’ve never cooked goose before, don’t worry – cooking goose meat isn’t rocket science. You can use any recipe that calls for chicken or duck meat and simply replace it with goose meat. The only difference will be in the cooking time because goose needs longer to be cooked properly.

Goose tastes great on its own, but it can also be used in many different recipes. Some people like to make roast goose with roast or mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions, while others like to stuff the meat into pastries or bread such as hamantaschen or pierogies. Goose is one of the tastiest meats and is often added to dishes like stew, soup, or cooked as a steak. You can also roast goose and make some delicious stroganoff.

Goose can be baked whole, stewed or fried. You can also make meatballs or dumplings from mince goose. Goose meat is often added to pilau, meat and vegetable stews, salads, pies, or served with roasted/mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, or noodles.

How long does it take a goose to cook? Since geese are bigger than chicken, they need more time to cook. On average, a big goose needs 2-3 hours to cook, while medium and small only 1 and 2 hours respectively. 

You can cook goose any way you want, but most people prefer to use it as a substitute for chicken, turkey, or duck when preparing stews, pies, soups, sandwiches, or salads. Cooking the meat in this manner will ensure that it retains all of its natural juices while still preserving the delicate flavors and textures of the meat itself.

The most popular methods of cooking goose are roasting, braising, and grilling. Roasting is probably one of the best ways to cook goose meat because it allows you to achieve a golden brown exterior with an extremely tender interior that won’t fall apart at all when sliced into pieces or diced for recipes such as salads or sandwiches.

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Pairing Goose – What Does Goose Go Well With?

What do you serve with goose? Goose is best served with a side of vegetables, especially carrots, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes. Goose also goes well with pasta, rice, beans, peas, couscous, and bulgur. Goose also goes well with beets, parsnips, noodles, rosemary, Feta cheese, and asparagus. 

Consider serving your goose with a delicious gravy or sauce made from vegetables and herbs. It will complement the taste of your bird as well as give it more flavor and texture. The most common side dishes that go with goose are vegetables such as green beans or peas and plenty of gravy! Some people also like to serve mashed potatoes, but they should be kept away from the main course because they can make your meal too heavy!

What flavors go well with goose? Since goose has a rather mild flavor, it is best combined with flavorful foods like garlic, cream, rosemary, carrots, beets, asparagus, and truffles. Goose can also be served with roasted chestnuts, pears, or apple sauce and gravy.

What condiment goes with goose? Goose goes with many condiments – chutney, cranberry sauce, gravy, relish, and curry ketchup go best with goose.

Goose Health Benefits

Goose meat is a great source of lean protein and is high in fat. It has long been known to provide many health benefits. Goose meat is very rich in vitamin B, which helps to maintain the skin, hair, and nails. It also contains plenty of vitamin E that aids with the production of red blood cells, and promotes cell repair. Vitamin B12 in goose meat keeps your brain healthy and functioning properly. Goose meat also contains niacin, a B vitamin that aids with energy production.

Goose is high in iron which helps with energy production and the production of red blood cells. Goose meat also contains selenium, a mineral that aids with the body’s detoxification process and helps to strengthen the immune system. Goose meat contains vitamin B12, which keeps your brain healthy and functioning properly, and it also contains niacin responsible for energy production.

Goose Meat Price – Is Goose Meat Expensive?

How much does goose meat cost? In the USA, the average price per 1 pound of locally raised, free-range goose meat is $9.89, with the whole goose costing $91.97 (average goose weight 9.3 lbs). However, goose meat price per pound can be as high as $15, depending on the demand, season, and goose cut. 

Goose meat is more expensive than chicken because geese are so hard to raise! Yes, geese are herbivores, but it does not mean they only eat grass and some leftovers. Geese are fat for a reason – they eat a lot, and that increases the price. Also, geese are not easy to look after – they need big areas to graze and proper diets to be healthy.

Goose meat is also expensive because it is still not very popular in the US compared to other poultry like chicken and turkey. You cannot find goose meat in every shop. Moreover, the demand for goose meat is only growing, especially during winter holidays. But if you consider the delicious and succulent taste and numerous health benefits of goose meat, you won’t mind paying a higher price! Moreover, geese are much healthier than chicken stuffed with antibiotics and steroids!


If you’re looking for a flavorful alternative to chicken, you may want to give goose a try! This is a delicious and flavorful bird that is similar to chicken in many ways but with a richer flavor and a little bit of an earthier taste. From using goose fat in baking to using goose liver to make foie gras, there are many ways you can enjoy this flavorful bird. And don’t forget about all of the delicious recipes that call for goose, from fried chicken to casseroles and sandwiches. Goose can also be used instead of chicken in recipes.

Now that you know what goose tastes like, and how to cook it, you’re ready to dive into the world of goose recipes. With our tips and tricks at your disposal, you’ll be cooking up a goose feast in no time.

Goose Taste FAQ

Does goose taste better than turkey?

Goose has much more flavor than turkey as goose is much fattier, flavorful, and has a lot more skin on it. Goose has a much richer taste than what you get from turkey or chicken, which tend to be dry and bland.

Is goose healthier than chicken?

Goose meat is considered healthier than chicken as it contains more vitamins, nutrients, and useful elements. Goose contains riboflavin and B6 vitamin that are good for our skin, hair, nails, muscles, and nerve cells. Goose meat is also high in iron, which is indispensable for growth and development.

Is goose high in fat?

Goose is high-fat meat. 100 grams of goose meat contain 161 calories, 7.15 grams of fat, and 22 grams of protein, meaning that goose contains 41% fat and 59% protein. The goose breast is usually the leanest part of the bird, but it still has more fat than the chicken breast.

Is goose meat high in cholesterol?

Goose meat along with duck are fairly high in cholesterol when compared to chicken and turkey. According to webmd.com, one cup of cooked goose (skinless) has 130 mg of cholesterol, while the same amount of chicken meat has only 110 mg, and turkey only 88 mg!

How do you get the gamey taste out of geese?

Brine goose meat to get the gamey taste out. Brining is a process of salting and soaking meat to remove some of the moisture, which will make the meat more tender and remove the gamey taste. In addition, salt will draw out some of the fat from the meat, leaving it with a much better taste and texture.

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