What Does Irn Bru Taste Like? See The Truth About This Scottish Fizzy Drink!

Have you heard rumors of the legendary Scottish drink, Irn Bru? This drink has developed a cult-like following in Scotland and even outsells Coca-Cola! In this article, we will break down what Irn Bru is and its elusive flavor.  

What does Irn Bru taste like? Irn Bru tastes like an orange cream soda with hints of sherbet, bubblegum, tutti frutti, ginger, and even rust! There are a lot of different flavors going on, making Irn Bru a unique beverage. 

The flavor of Irn Bru is far from settled! Even Scots are fiercely divided when it comes to the flavor profile of this mysterious fizzy drink. The majority of Glaswegians (20%) believe the main flavor of Irn-Bru is tutti frutti which is a combination of apple, peach, raspberry, orange, pear, lemon, and strawberry, while most people from Edinburgh said it tasted like bubblegum. In the north, Scots said Irn Bru had a cream soda and ginger flavor. While in the south, locals said it tasted like orange and sherbet.

Celebrities also can’t agree on the taste of Irn Bru. American singer JoJo recently tried the legendary Scottish drink. She said Irn Bru tastes like ginger cream soda. She didn’t detect any tutti frutti or bubble gum flavors. US Politician and outspoken activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Irn Bru tastes like Kola Champagne, a carbonated Latin American drink that tastes like bubblegum-flavored soda.

The flavor of Irn Bru seems to be a personal experience and varies wildly. It also seems to depend on where you were born. American Reddit users were being harassed by Scots for claiming the drink tastes like liquid bubblegum. We guess those Angry Scots weren’t from Edinburgh because, according to a study, there are over 100,000 Edinburgh natives who think bubble gum is Irn-Bru’s dominant flavor!

It is quite incredible that people can taste the exact same drink and detect such different flavors. Personally, we are on team bubblegum but we can definitely taste some orange as well!

What Is Irn Bru?

Irn Bru is a Scottish fizzy orange-colored soft drink. It contains a secret blend of 32 flavors and was first manufactured in 1901. Irn Bru was first created as a tonic for Glasgow workers who were struggling to complete a day’s work. As the drink contains caffeine and sugar, it was thought to help workers power through a hard day of physical labor. 

Irn-Bru is considered Scotland’s 2nd national drink after whiskey and is slightly controversial due to its unique flavor (even Scots can’t agree what it really tastes like), adventurous advertising campaigns, and use of unhealthy food colorings. Irn-Bru has a mysterious taste that some love and others can’t stand. The company uses a secret recipe that supposedly only 3 people in the entire world know, containing 32 flavors!

Is Irn Bru a cream soda? Irn-Bru is not a cream soda and does not advertise itself as one. However, Irn-Bru does taste like a combination of orange and cream soda. Irn-Bru is similar to Dr Pepper in that it is a secret blend of many secret ingredients and markets itself as a carbonated soft drink.

A Scot may punch you if you try to call Irn-Bru a cream soda. Irn-Bru is a secret blend of many different flavors and ingredients. It would be too simplistic to label this complex and rich drink as a cream soda. Irn-Bru is a unique carbonated sweet beverage that you need to try for yourself if you want to truly figure out its flavor.

Why is Irn Bru called that? The creator of Irn-Bru initially wanted to call the drink Iron Brew which was a category of drinks that were being sold at the time as tonics for workers. The company had to change the name due to licensing issues and settled on Irn-Bru, which sounded like Iron Brew.

If it wasn’t for annoying licensing issues, the slightly strange Irn-Bru name wouldn’t exist! A.G  Barr wanted to call the company Iron Brew but was forced to change the name and went with Irn-Bru, which, when pronounced with a Scottish accent, sounds just like Iron Brew.

Is Irn Bru Scottish? Irn Bru is a Scottish beverage. Irn Bru was invented in 1901 in Glasgow, Scotland, and is still produced in Scotland in Westfield, Cumbernauld, and North Lanarkshire. Irn-Bru is the top-selling drink in Scotland and even outsells Coca-Cola.

Irn-Bru is as Scottish as you can get, and the company even has its own tartan! The drink was invented in Glasgow and is manufactured in Scotland. The company employs nearly 1000 Scots. Even though Irn Bru is a very Scottish drink, it is actually based on a similar American drink produced in the late 1800s called Iron Brew. The original Iron Brew also started off as a worker’s tonic and was copied by many UK manufacturers.

Is Irn Bru halal? Irn-Bru contains very tiny traces of alcohol. Most Muslims claim Irn-Bru is halal. However, hardline Muslims believe that Irn-Bru is haram because even trace elements of alcohol are not allowed in Islam.

In 2005 Irn Bru revealed that the company uses alcohol in its manufacturing process. Alcohol is used to carry flavoring, and the drink has a 0.01% alcohol content. Hardline Muslims believe Irn Bru is haram because it contains tiny traces of alcohol, while most Muslims consider such a small amount to be halal.

Is Irn Bru an energy drink? Irn Bru is not an energy drink, even though it contains caffeine (30mg per 330ml). Irn Bru is similar to Coke and Dr. Pepper as it was originally a health tonic which is now considered a sweet carbonated beverage with no health benefits.

The original Irn Bru recipe was designed to give Scottish workers some extra energy. However, the modern Irn-Bru is not marketed as an energy drink despite the fact it contains caffeine. Irn-Bru does not contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and different energizing plant ingredients like classic energy drinks. Irn-Bru also does not market itself as having health benefits. Irn-Bru is in the same category as Dr. Pepper, a sugary fizzy drink with caffeine.

Irn Bru Flavor Profile

The strangest thing about Irn Bru, apart from its bright orange color, is its mysterious flavor. The producer does not reveal Irn-Bru’s flavor and won’t share its secret recipe. They only reveal this Scottish drink is a blend of 32 flavors.

What does Irn Bru taste like? Irn Bru tastes like a combination of orange, ginger, sherbet, tutti fruti and bubblegum. It also has a creaminess similar to a citrusy cream soda but with a less intense vanilla flavor. Irn Bru is very acidic with bitter undertones and a slightly metallic and iron taste. 

You have probably never tasted any drink like Irn-Bru in your life. It tastes most similar to a bitter cream soda with an orange and citrus flavor. Interestingly, Irn-Bru also has a banana taste because it is flavored with a banana extract, and the bitterness is thanks to the quinine. Irn-Bru also has a mild bubble gum flavor with a hit of iron and metal.

Irn-Bru has no official flavor, but it tastes like a citrus cream soda that is bitter, acidic, and even has a bubble gum and sherbet taste. Irn-Blu is a blend of many different flavors and is made from a secret recipe of 32, which includes banana extract, caffeine, and quinine.

Irn-Bru is one of the few drinks like Dr Pepper and Red Bull that does not have an official flavor. Irn-Bru says the drink is made from a blend of 32 flavors. The drink is very bitter and acidic, which people describe as tasting like battery acid or rusty iron. It also has a strong creamy bubble gum and tutti frutti flavor with elements of orange.

Does Irn-Bru taste like bubblegum? Irn-Bru does taste like bubblegum. This legendary Scottish beverage also tastes creamy with hints of orange, ginger, and sherbet. Irn-Bru is bitter and acidic with a unique iron taste.

Many people can taste bubblegum in Irn-Bru. This is a slightly controversial flavor as some people will swear Irn-Bru tastes like bubblegum-flavored water, while others will swear it tastes nothing like bubblegum and is more like a bitter and acidic orange cream soda or similar to tutti frutti.

Is Irn-Bru orange flavor? Irn-Bru has a very strong orange color, but it does not have a strong orange flavor. Irn-Bru tastes like tutti frutti, sherbet, and cream soda with a bitter and acidic flavor. This Scottish drink will even remind you of bubble gum and has a metallic aftertaste.

The first thing you notice when drinking Irn Bru is its bright orange color, but this is not your typical orange soda. Irn Bru tastes like a cream soda with a bubble gum and tutti frutti taste. Don’t be surprised if you can also taste bubble gum!

Does Irn-Bru taste like metal? Irn-Bru definitely tastes rusty and metallic. Irn-Bru has a unique iron flavor as it contains iron hydroxide, which takes some getting used to. Don’t worry, Irn Bru also has a banana, creamy and citrusy flavor, which may remind you of bubblegum or tutti frutti.

If you are sensitive to metallic and rusty flavors, then Irn-Bru is not for you! Irn-Bru has a clear iron and metal taste because this Scottish drink actually contains iron hydroxide. Fortunately, the metallic taste is not too strong and is masked by a unique banana, orange, and cream flavor.

Can You Get Drunk on Irn Bru?

Irn Bru contains trace amounts of alcohol but not enough to get drunk. A bottle of Irn-Bru contains 0.01% alcohol which is 50x weaker than beer. To get drunk on Irn-Bru, you would need to add alcohol, such as vodka.

In 2005 Irn Bru was forced to reveal that the drink contains trace amounts of alcohol after pressure from the local Muslim community. Irn Bru stated they use alcohol in their manufacturing process; the drink only contains around 0.01% alcohol. With such a small amount, it is impossible to get drunk on Irn-Bru. However, if you want to get wasted, we recommend mixing Irn-Bru with vodka and creating a new and improved vodka lemonade.

Why is Irn Bru banned in some countries? Irn-Bru is banned in some countries, such as Canada, because it contains two controversial colorings (Sunset Yellow and Ponceau), quinine, and is enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Final Thoughts

Irn-Bru is a legendary Scottish fizzy drink. Irn Bru tastes like a combination of orange, bubble gum, tutti frutti and cream soda. If you are looking for a new and tasty beverage to try out, we recommend grabbing a bottle or can of Irn-Bru. If you want to spice up your next night out, why not try mixing Irn-Bru with vodka?

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