What Does Sprite Taste Like? Does Sprite Taste Good?

Sprite doesn’t list the flavor of the beverage on the can or bottle. However, the logo, which features a half lemon and lime fused, reveals that Sprite is lemon-lime citrus soda. However, this Coca-Cola-owned beverage is much more than your standard lemonade. In this article, we will explore exactly what Sprite tastes like to tell if it is worth sipping!

What Is Sprite?

Sprite is an American lemon-lime soda produced by Coca-Cola. Sprite was invented in 1956 and released to the public in 1961. Sprite is renowned for its crisp taste, colorless appearance, and lovely sweet citrusy and fizzy flavor.

Sprite is one of the most popular lemonade-style sodas in the world! According to Statista.com, its brand is worth an estimated $6 billion and is the 6th most drunk soda in the US. Coke unsurprisingly occupies the top spot. Sprite’s popularity is thanks to its awesome taste and the fact it is owned by Coke and benefits from its marketing, logistics, and relationships with wholesale buyers.

Is Sprite lemonade? Sprite is not technically a lemonade because it is carbonated and contains lime flavoring and artificial sweeteners. Classic lemonade is not fizzy and is made with sugar and lemon juice. Sprite is lemon-lime soda, and many people call it lemonade.

If you call Sprite a lemonade, nobody will bat an eyelid. However, if you want to go by textbook definitions, Sprite is a citrus-flavored soda and not a lemonade. Traditional lemonade is not carbonated and is made with natural sugar and real lemon juice. Sprite is not only very fizzy but contains artificial sweeteners and lime flavoring.

Is Sprite vegan? Sprite is 100% vegan. Sprite is made with zero animal products and does not contain gelatin, ester gum, or glycerol. You can drink Sprite completely guilt-free! However, this Coca-Cola-produced soda is not healthy and contains 44 grams of sugar per 16 oz bottle.

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Sprite contains carbonated water, citric acid, lime flavoring, artificial sweeteners, lemon, and sugar. Sprite does not contain any animal products and is completely vegan. However, we only recommend enjoying this sweet soda in moderation because a single 12 oz can contains 133 calories and 31 grams of sugar!

What flavor is Sprite? Sprite is lemon-lime flavored soda. It has a refreshing and fizzy sweet flavor combined with a slightly bitter and sour lemon-lime twist. Sprite is smooth and does not have an overpowering citrus taste. The citric acid is balanced by sugar, carbonated water, and sweeteners.

Sprite has been described as “sweet,” “crisp,” and “fizzy.” Sprite has a very light flavor that is not overly sweet and can be described as a light-tasting soda. The carbonation in the beverage is very subtle, which allows the drinker to taste the authentic flavor of the citrus soda. The beverage has been described as having a “clean” taste which allows you to taste every fruit flavor that’s in it.

Sprite tastes like lemonade with lime added to it. It’s crisp, sweet, and refreshing, which makes it perfect for summer days! If you are looking for an alternative to traditional lemonade or if you’re tired of sweet, citrus-flavored sodas, try out Sprite!

All you need to do is look at Sprite’s logo to figure out what flavor this soda is! Sprite’s logo features half of a lemon and lime formed together. Sprite is a smooth and refreshing lemon-lime soda with a healthy amount of fizz and a gentle sour citrus flavor balanced by a tasty sweetness.

What Does Sprite Taste Like?

Sprite tastes like lemon-lime! Sprite has gentle citrus flavors, which are only slightly bitter and sour. Sprite is very sweet and has a lovely refreshing lemon-lime twist. The extra fizz makes this sweet citrus soda that more tasty!

Sprite has a smooth yet crisp lemon-lime taste. The lemon-lime is in perfect balance with the added sugar and carbonated water, resulting in a refreshing sweet citrus soda. Sprite is not too sweet but, at the same time, is not too sour or bitter. This may be the perfect lemon-lime soda!

Is Sprite sour in taste? Sprite is only very mildly sour. It is much less sour than other lemonade drinks because it contains less citric acid. Sprite has a crisp and refreshing, gentle citrus flavor surrounded by a yummy sweetness. Sprite also has a very mild citrus bitterness.

Sprite is a soft lime and lemon-flavored drink and is a favorite among many people, especially on hot summer days. Introduced in the United States in 1961, Sprite gained popularity and soon became the top-selling carbonated soft drink. Sprite contains citric acid, caffeine, water, high fructose corn syrup or sugar, natural flavors, and other ingredients to make the beverage taste great. In fact, Sprite has less than half the calories of its competitors, such as Coca-Cola’s Fanta and Pepsi’s Sierra Mist.

The first flavor that comes to mind when you think of lemon or lime is sour. However, even though Sprite has a clear lemon-lime flavor, it is hardly sour. Sprite has a very gentle sour flavor and is overall a very crisp and smooth drink. It is very sweet with a smooth citrus flavor which is only very slightly sour and bitter.

Why is Sprite so fizzy? Sprite is so fizzy because it is high in dissolved carbon dioxide. When you open the bottle, the Sprite releases excess C02, causing lots of bubbles in your soda. Sprite is also high in citric acid, which interacts with carbon dioxide resulting in extra fizz!

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All that fizz in your Sprite is because this lemonade soda contains a lot of carbon dioxide. When the bottle is closed, the carbon dioxide dissolves and is contained in the liquid. However, when you open your Sprite and pressure is released, the liquid can no longer hold onto all of the carbon dioxide. The result is the excess carbon dioxide forms bubbles and leaves the liquid.

Is Sprite sweet? Sprite is a sweet soda. A 12 oz can contains 31 grams of sugar which is above average, and contains other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Sprite’s sweet taste is balanced by citric acid, lime flavoring, and lemon, which gives it a sour citrusy flavor.  

Sprite is above average in terms of sweetness. However, it is less sweet than Coke, Fanta, Dr Pepper, or Mountain Dew. Sprite’s sweet taste is balanced by citric acid, real lemon, and lime flavoring. These ingredients prevent Sprite from being overly sweet and sickly and give the soda its yummy sour and citrus tang!

What gives Sprite its flavor? Sprite’s sweet flavor is thanks to added sugar and artificial sweeteners, including aspartame. Sprite’s lovely lemon-lime flavor is thanks to added citric acid, real lemon, and lime flavoring. All of these ingredients combine to produce a sweet citrus soda!

Sprite’s fizziness is because this drink is high in carbon dioxide. Sprite’s sweetness is caused by high amounts of added sugar and aspartame. The sour and slightly bitter citrus flavors are caused by citric acid, real lemon, and lime flavoring.

Sprite Taste Reviews: Our Readers Weigh In!

We have asked our readers to describe the flavor of Sprite, and this is what we have got:

  1. A burst of tangy citrus flavor hits your mouth with Sprite. Sprite is a cross between lemonade and lemon-lime soda. This flavor is unique as it has an acidic kick to it, which makes it taste like a mix of a sour lemonade and a sweet lemon-lime soda. The taste is refreshing and crisp! Sprite’s tangy citrus flavor mixes well with the carbonation of its drink. Sprite’s tangy citrus flavor mixes well with the carbonation of its drink.
  2. The first thing you will notice about Sprite is its tartness, which has a strong presence in both the can and bottle. The tartness does not overpower you, as the beverage itself is quite smooth; however, you can definitely feel that this beverage has some bite to it. As for what exactly this bite tastes like, I would say that Sprite tastes somewhat like sugar-free cough syrup mixed with lemon-lime flavored water; however, when Sprite is mixed with a carbonated beverage, it doesn’t taste as bad.  I don’t see any sugar in Sprite, but I do feel like there is some kind of artificial sweetener in the beverage.
  3. Sprite has a tangy citrus flavor that reminds me of lemonade and lemon-lime soda. Sprite has a tangy citrus flavor that reminds me of lemonade and lemon-lime soda. The flavors of Sprite are quite unique; however, it does not compare to other carbonated beverages such as Coke or Pepsi (although if you mix it with a bit of each drink, you can get an interesting taste).  If you find yourself craving something tart, then Sprite might be just what you’re looking for!

Sprite Vs. 7UP

Sprite and 7UP are both lemon-lime sodas and are direct competitors. But which tastes better? Let’s compare Sprite and 7UP and decide which one you should buy!

Do Sprite and 7UP taste the same? Sprite and 7UP taste very similar as they are both sweet lemon-lime sodas. 7UP is fizzier and burns the throat more than Sprite. Sprite is smoother and sweeter with a gentler citrus flavor. 7UP is more sour and bitter and is less balanced than Sprite.

Comparing Sprite and 7UP is like comparing Pepsi and Coke. They are both very similar sweet sodas with a classic lemon-lime twist. Sprite is a sweeter soda and is more balanced. 7UP stings the throat more and is more carbonated. 7UP also has a stronger sour lemon-lime flavor.

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What tastes better, 7UP or Sprite? Sprite tastes better than 7UP. Sprite has a smoother, sweeter taste. All of the ingredients gel together to produce a lovely lemon-lime flavor that is not bitter or sour but refreshing. 7UP is overly carbonated, stings the throat, and the lemon-lime flavor is a bit too sour and bitter.

Sprite is a better soda than 7UP. Sprite has a clean and crisp taste. It perfectly combines sweet and citrus flavors to produce a highly refreshing beverage. The lemon-lime flavors are in perfect balance with the sugar and aspartame. On the other hand, 7UP is not quite sweet enough, it is too fizzy, and the citrus flavors taste a little off!

Final Thoughts

Sprite is an American lemon-lime soda produced by Coca-Cola. Sprite was invented in 1956 and released to the public in 1961. Sprite is renowned for its crisp taste, colorless appearance, and lovely sweet citrusy and fizzy flavor. Sprite is available in many flavors, including raspberry, orange, and lime. The Sprite logo features a half lemon and half lime fused into one. Sprite is commonly known as the “soda that started it all.”

Sprite is a lemon-lime soda. This soda has a sweet flavor and a healthy amount of fizz. Sprite has a lovely lemon-lime and citrus twist but is not sour or bitter. Overall it is a very crisp and refreshing citrus soda which is great on a hot summer’s day. We also think it is tastier than 7UP because it has a smoother citrus flavor and is sweeter!

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