What Does Steak Tartare Taste Like?

Does the idea of eating steak tartare excite you? Are you a little scared to try such an unusual dish? Then strap yourself in and read our article where we explore steak tartare’s flavor and help you decide if this dish is right for you! 

What Is Steak Tartare?

Steak tartare is a dish that comprises raw ground beef which is formed into a thick ice hockey puck shape. A raw egg is served on top, and it is seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, onions, and pepper. It is a controversial dish because many people are apprehensive about eating raw beef, but it is completely safe if the beef is fresh.

Is tartare raw meat? Tartare is made from 100% raw ground beef or horse. Raw egg yolk is added, and the meat is often seasoned with pepper and Worcestershire sauce. As tartare is completely raw, it is important to only use the freshest meat.

If you don’t enjoy rare beef or raw fish, you won’t like steak tartare. Steak tartare is made from raw beef and is then served with a raw egg yolk and a variety of seasonings. The raw beef flavor tastes some getting used to, but once you get a taste for steak tartare, you won’t stop thinking about this incredible dish!

Where does steak tartare come from? Steak tartare was exported from Russia to Germany in the 1800s. Russians supposedly learned this incredible dish from Tatars, who were nomadic herders and had a meat-rich diet. Steak tartare was well-liked in Germany but exploded in popularity when it reached France.

Tatars, who were a cousin of Mongols, conquered Russia in the mid-1200s and kept Russia as a vassal state for over 200 years. One influence Tatars had on Russian society was introducing them to the taste of raw meat. Traditionally, Tatars were herders and lived on a dairy and meat-rich diet and regularly enjoyed raw meat. The legend goes, Tatars showed Russians raw steak, who then turned it into steak tartare and exported it to Germany.

Is Tartare Safe to Eat?

Is tartare safe to eat? According to USDA, tartare is perfectly safe to eat as long as the beef used is very fresh and high hygiene standards are followed. The chances of food poisoning are very low when eating fresh tartare. To reduce your chances, you should only eat tartare in high-end restaurants that specialize in the dish.

The USDA warns against eating tartare because of the risk of food poisoning. However, they are overly cautious. Every day thousands and thousands of people eat steak tartare all over the world without issues. You just need to ensure that you are eating very fresh beef and the restaurant has a strict hygiene policy.

How to Eat Tartare

How do you eat tartare? Tartare should be served with a small green salad with a vinaigrette or french fries. You should season your tartare with Worcestershire sauce and pepper, and don’t forget your raw egg yolk on top.

To eat steak tartare, you should mix seasonings, salad, vegetables, and egg yolk. This ensures the steak tartare absorbs all of the incredible flavors. Once you have mixed everything, you are ready to take your first bite!

Is steak tartare served cold? Steak tartare should be served cold, well below room temperature. Steak tartare should only be slightly higher than refrigerator temperature. Serving it cold prevents the ground beef from turning mushy.

The best way to serve steak tartare is cool, slightly above fridge temperature, with warm french fries or a nice piece of crunchy toast. The cool temperature of the steak tartare ensures your dish doesn’t turn to mush and holds its texture. However, hand-cut steak tartare tends to be served a little warmer but still below room temperature.

What to serve with steak tartare? Serve steak tartare with a raw egg yolk on top and seasonings such as capers, pepper, onion, and Worcestershire sauce. Steak tartare also goes well with french fries and warm toast or a light green salad with vinaigrette. 

Steak tartare is all about simplicity. Traditionally steak tartare is served with small potatoes, french fries, or crunchy toast. It is also paired with a light green salad with vinaigrette. Steak tartare should have a raw egg yolk on top and be seasoned with pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Then we recommend mixing everything to create a truly unforgettable dish!

Steak Tartare Tasting Notes

It takes a slightly brave man or woman to bite into 100% raw beef. Before you take the plunge, you should know exactly what you are getting yourself into! Check out our extensive and detailed steak tartare tasting notes, so you know exactly what flavor to expect when trying this legendary dish for the first time!

What does steak tartare taste like? Steak tartare tastes like beef sushi. This incredible French dish is acidic, spicy, briny, and succulent. Steak tartare has a piquant flavor courtesy of the onions and pepper and has a rich umami taste thanks to the addition of Worcestershire sauce and raw egg yolk.

Steak tartare tastes rich and meaty while at the same time has a lovely acidic and spicy flavor. It is a savory dish with briny and salty elements and lovely juiciness. The dish is loaded with an inviting umami taste, and the raw egg yolk gives the steak tartare a lovely richness. We bet you have never tried anything like steak tartare before, but it is kind of like beef sushi with a spicy and acidic element.

Is steak tartare delicious? Steak tartare is delicious because it features the freshest, best-cut beef combined with various spices and seasonings to produce a rich, salty, spicy, and acidic dish that will send your taste buds into heaven. Steak tartare’s variety of flavors combined with the rich raw beef makes this one of the most delicious dishes in the world!

Steak tartare deserves its place among the best dishes in the world. How could you go wrong eating the freshest, most pure beef and then combining it with a range of seasoning, potatoes, and a light green salad with vinaigrette? The combination of the spice from the seasonings, the acidity from the salad, the umami from the egg, and the richness of the meat is heaven on Earth!

How to Make Steak Tartare – Best Beef Tartare Recipe

What happens when you eat steak tartare? Your taste buds become ecstatic! It is perfectly safe to eat steak tartare as long as the meat is fresh and strict hygiene standards are followed. Steak tartare is incredibly tasty as it has a very satisfying savory flavor combined with salty, spicy, and acidic.

Don’t worry, you won’t get sick if you eat steak tartare! Just make sure you eat it from a high-quality restaurant specializing in the dish. Your taste buds will thank you for being adventurous and will enjoy a rich and succulent meal with various flavors ranging from umami to briny to citrusy.

How would you describe steak tartare? Steak tartare is like spicy and citrusy beef sushi. This legendary French dish is overloaded with various flavors, from spicy to salty to acidic. The beef itself has a mild taste, but when it is combined with the egg, onions, capers, and peppers, it creates a rich unforgettable umami flavor.

It is difficult to describe the taste of steak tartare because it is a unique dish. It is most similar to beef sushi, which has a spicy, salty, and briny flavor. Steak tartare will cause an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Steak tartare is rich with lovely acidity and even slight creaminess from the egg yolk.

Final Thoughts

Steak tartare is one of the most famous dishes in French cuisine. This simple dish consists of raw beef, a raw egg, and a range of different seasonings. It is typically served with potatoes, toast, and a green vinaigrette salad. Steak tartare has a rich umami flavor with elements of citrus, salt, and spice. Everyone needs to try this legendary French dish at least once in their life!

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