What Sauces Does Pizza Hut Have? Pizza Hut Sauce In-Depth Guide

Pizza Hut may be famous for its yummy pizzas, but the fast-food chain also has a great range of dipping sauces. To help you make the ultimate order, we have decided to rank Pizza Hut’s dipping sauces from best to worst!

What sauces does Pizza Hut have? Pizza Hut has 5 unique dipping sauces, including Garlic Dip, Sour Cream & Chive, Sweet Chili, Hot Sauce, and BBQ. For pizzas, Pizza Hut offers 3 base sauces – BBQ, Alfredo, or tomato. 

Pizza Hut has definitely gone for quantity over quality. They have come up with some original dipping sauces combined with some classics. It is time to rank all of Pizza Hut’s 5 dipping sauces! Check out our tasting notes below to help you choose your perfect Pizza Hut sauce!

Garlic Dip – Clear Number 1, Super Creamy!

Pizza Hut’s Garlic Dip is very indulgent! It is ultra creamy and loaded with a great garlic and pepper flavor. You can also taste some parmesan and even a little parsley. This sauce is not for those on a diet. A single serving of Pizza Hut Garlic Dip contains over 100 calories!

This creamy white sauce goes incredibly well with chicken wings, and we are slightly addicted to splashing it over jalapeno cheese bites. Pizza Hut Garlic Dip is definitely a must-try dipping sauce and, for us, is easily the best sauce on the Pizza Hut menu!

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Sour Cream and Chive –  Tangy, Rich & Creamy!

Pizza Hut has put its twist on this classic dipping sauce! Pizza Hut’s Sour Cream and Chive sauce is very rich and creamy with some lovely tangy flavors. This sauce is made from a blend of mayo, chives, lemon juice, garlic, and sour cream.

The mayo provides a yummy creamy flavor, while the garlic and chives add some tasty herbal notes. Finally, the lemon juice adds the perfect amount of tanginess! Pizza Hut has nailed this sauce, and we can’t recommend it enough. For us, Pizza Hut Sour Cream and Chive is clearly the second-best sauce on the menu!

BBQ – Tried and True Classic!

Pizza Hut’s BBQ sauce is everything you want from a good BBQ sauce. It has the perfect amount of smokiness combined with a healthy amount of tang and a gentle sweetness. The sauce is nice and thick and perfectly coats cheese bites and wings.

You can’t go wrong with ordering Pizza Hut’s BBQ dipping sauce. It has a great range of flavors that are in perfect balance. It is not overly sweet or tangy, and it still has clear smoky flavors. If you enjoy BBQ sauce, then try out Pizza Hut’s!

Sweet Chili – Perfect Blend of Sweet & Spicy!

Pizza Hut has created a classic Sweet Chili dip! This sauce is very sweet with a nice chili flavor that packs a punch. This sticky, sugary sauce also features garlic and red capsicum. This sauce is definitely ultra sweet, and the chili flavor is muted by the overload of sugar.

If Pizza Hut reduced the sweetness and ramped up the chili flavor, this sauce would be higher on our list. We found the sweet flavor to be a bit overwhelming. This sauce’s flavor is a little out of balance and needs some tweaking!

Hot Dip – Great With Jalapenos Cheese Bites!

If you are on a diet, this is the sauce for you! Pizza Hut Hot Dip has just 17 calories per serving! The sauce is a little watery for our personal taste, and for a hot sauce, it is fairly mild. If Pizza Hut released a thicker version with some extra heat, it would definitely score higher in our rankings!

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Pizza Hut Sauce Calories And Nutrition Data

According to Pizza Hut’s nutrition information, its sauces have the following nutritional value:

Sauce Energy Per Serving (kJ) Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Sugars (g)
Garlic sauce 524 0 1 13 291 1
Sour Cream & Chive 579 0.6 3.2 14 200 2
BBQ 294 1 17 0 300 15
Hot Sauce 71 0 2.8 0.4 310 1
Sweet Chili 151 0 0 0 198 8
Tomato base pizza sauce 1272 (per 100g) 1 3 0.5 140 2
BBQ base pizza sauce 722 (per 100g) 3 41 0.6 1027 33
Alfredo base pizza sauce 1722 (per 100g) 9.03 2.55 41 520 1

Final Thoughts

With 5 dipping sauces, Pizza Hut has a decent range, but if we are honest, we would like the franchise to add a bit more choice! Despite the somewhat limited options, Pizza Hut has clearly put the time into creating tasty sauces. Our personal favorite is the Garlic Dip which is ultra creamy and loaded full of garlic and pepper! If you want to have an incredible meal, dip chicken wings, cheese bites, and breadsticks in Garlic Dip!

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What sauces Does Pizza Hut have?

Pizza Hut has 5 dipping sauces which include Garlic Dip, Sour Cream and Chive, BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Hot Dip.

Which sauce is best for Pizza Hut?

The best dipping sauce at Pizza Hut is Garlic Dip. The Garlic Dip is indulgently creamy with an awesome strong but not too strong garlic and pepper flavor. It even has some parmesan and parsley!

What is in Pizza Hut BBQ sauce?

Pizza Hut BBQ sauce is made from tomato puree, high fructose corn syrup, salt, paprika, beet powder, garlic powder, onion powder, citric acid, vinegar, sugar, and honey.

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What Is The Best Pizza Hut Sauce?

The best dipping sauce at Pizza Hut is Garlic Dip. This creamy white sauce has a lovely garlic flavor combined with a spicy pepper kick. Pizza Hut Garlic Dip goes incredibly well with wings, breadsticks, and cheese bites!

Are Pizza Hut Sauce Free?

Dipping sauces at Pizza Hut are free with particular orders (breadsticks, wings, or cheese bites). You can also purchase extra sauce for $0.59 per serving. Before you order at Pizza Hut, make sure your order comes with complimentary sauce. If your order doesn’t come with the sauce, you can purchase some for $0.59 per serving.

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