10 Best Restaurants to Eat Truffles in Paris

Every gourmet coming to Paris will definitely want to try delicious truffles because this is one of the most important French delicacies. Paris has hundreds of restaurants with different prices and food, so it might be hard to find the one where you can enjoy the best truffles. We’ve compiled a list of top restaurants that serve perfect truffles in Paris.

Where can I eat truffles in Paris? Here are the top 10 restaurants in Paris where you can eat truffles:

  1. La Maison de la Truffe
  2. Un Jour à Peyrassol Restaurant
  3. L’Atelier Maison de la Truffe aux Galeries Lafayette Gourmet
  4. Le Comptoir de La Gastronomie
  5. Ober Mamma
  6. Daroco Bourse
  7. Pierre Hermé
  8. Truffes Folies
  9. L’Artisan de la Truffe
  10. Marcello

The Best Truffle Restaurants In Paris — Where Can I Try Truffles in Paris?

La Maison de la Truffe

Address: 19 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 65 53 22

Working hours: Monday-Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00, Sunday: closed

Website: https://www.maison-de-la-truffe.com/?lang=en

One of the most popular truffle restaurant in Paris is La Maison de la Truffe. There are two of them in Paris — La Maison de la Truffe Madeleine and La Maison de la Truffe Marbeuf.

This restaurant has been specializing in black gold and truffles since 1932. Here, literally everything is prepared with truffle: risotto, pasta and pizza, salads, various cheeses, for example, truffle pecorino, truffle pesto sauce and many other dishes. You can even order mini burgers or hot dogs with black gold! Even desserts will be with the magic aroma of the famous mushroom: cheesecake, Madeleine cake, and even ice cream. Would you like to taste delicious truffle dishes in a cozy home environment? Please, get a takeaway.

Un Jour à Peyrassol

Address: 13 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 60 12 92

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 14:30, Saturday-Sunday: closed

Website: http://www.unjourapeyrassol.com/

In this wonderful place, you can order and enjoy truffle dishes. The assortment includes omelets with truffles, ice cream, crème Brulee, etc. The restaurant has its own grocery store, which sells everything you need. The Peyrassol restaurant serves Provence wines and delicious food. This is an ideal place for both families and dates with a loved one. Prices for truffle dishes vary from 9 to 30 euros.

L’Atelier Maison de la Truffe aux Galeries Lafayette Gourmet

Address: 35 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 65 93 68

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 21:30, Saturday-Sunday: closed

Website: https://haussmann.galerieslafayette.com

If you’re shopping at the Galeries Lafayette, check out this grand spot. White and black truffle dishes are served here. The prices for truffle dishes vary from 7 to 35 euros. The restaurant is quite busy, so make sure you book a table in advance if you want to get a good seat.

Le Comptoir de La Gastronomie

Address: 34 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 33 31 32

Working hours: Monday-Thursday from 9:00 to 23:00, Friday-Sunday from 9:00 to 00:00

Website: https://comptoirdelagastronomie.com

The restaurant serves delicious truffle sauce, which can be enjoyed by ordering Ravioli or Foie Gras. These dishes have conquered many gourmets. The restaurant offers good service and snail culinary delights. Le Comptoir Restaurant is a quiet and cozy place to enjoy your meal. You can try truffle dishes for as low as 8 euros. On average, truffle pizza or truffle pasta will cost 15 euros which is quite inexpensive for Paris.

Ober Mamma

Address: 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 58 30 62 78

Working hours: Monday – Wednesday 12:15 – 14:15 and 19.00 – 01.00, Thursday-Friday 12.15-14.15 and 19.00 – 01.00, Saturday and Sunday 12.15-15.30 and 19.00-01.00

Website: https://www.bigmammagroup.com

Delicious truffle dishes are prepared here, but there are constant queues, which makes you waste a little time, but it’s worth it. The design of the restaurant is very attractive and modern, even somewhat daring. The restaurant is famous for pasta with truffles, you will definitely have a lot of pleasure. Prices are from 7 euros to 25 euros for truffle dishes.

You can’t go wrong if you order al dente truffle paste or truffle pizza, lasagne, mascarpone rolls with fresh raspberries, ricotta and buffalo pancakes in Ober Mamma.

Daroco Bourse

Address: 6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 21 93 71

Working hours: Monday – Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00

Website: http://www.daroco.fr

Nothing says more about the taste of food in a restaurant than the queue at the entrance! The Daroco Bourse restaurant has become some of the favorites for the French. If you are ready to wait a bit to taste some wonderful food, then this is the place for you! Near the Opera, you will find a good spot for homemade pizza with black truffles. The lively atmosphere and unique design make this establishment quite famous. Prices for truffle pizza are between 9 and 28 euros.

Pierre Hermé

Address: 18 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 54 47 77

Working hours: Monday-Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00

Website: https://www.pierreherme.com/

Pierre Hermé is known for his macaroon pastries. Everyone is used to the fact that macaroons have a cherry, apple, nutty taste, but there is another taste — truffles! Here you can taste pasta with white truffle and hazelnut flavor. This is definitely something unique and extraordinary. If you want to try macaroons with truffles for as little as 3 euros, visit Pierre Hermé on the 18 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.

Truffes Folies

Address: 37 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 44 18 05 41

Working hours: Monday-Saturday from 11:00 to 11:00, Sunday: closed

Website: http://truffesfolies.fr

You definitely need to start your acquaintance with truffles at the Truffes Folies restaurant. There are absolutely all dishes here — from appetizers to desserts with the addition of a delicacy. Here you can buy various truffle products: oil, pasta, sauces, etc.

Undoubtedly the best egg truffle casserole in Paris is served in Truffes Folies! You will also be delighted with truffle burrata, porcini mushroom soup with truffles or scallops with truffle puree, foie gras with Périgord truffles, signature parmesan and black truffle salad, gourmet salad with foie gras and truffles. For dessert, try roasted pineapple with truffles or truffle creme brulee.
Truffes Folies is a true gourmet delight!

For more than ten years, Truffes Folies restaurant in Paris has been offering inventive and daring cuisine with the majestic “black diamond”. In each of his two Truffes Folies restaurants, Chef Cyril Bocciarelli has placed the truffle at the heart of the experience. The gastronomic creativity is put at the service of the truffle through multiple variations. Integrated into each of the restaurants, a truffle shop allows you to discover, learn and taste the products before choosing.

L’Artisan de la Truffe

Address: 19 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 08 20 55

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 6:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 6:00, Sunday from 12:00 to 3:00

Website: https://en.artisandelatruffeparis.com

The chefs of the L’Artisan de la Truffe restaurant in Paris are real artists! The price to quality ratio is excellent here. If you go to this restaurant, you should try golden chestnuts with truffle, branded croc-monsieur, camembert with truffle, pizza Tartufata, Artisan salad with truffle, truffle ravioli with mushrooms, truffle ice cream with chocolate chips. Everything you could possibly imagine!


Address: 8 Rue Mabillon, 75006 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 26 52 26

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 11:45 to 2:00, and from 7:00 to 9:00, Saturday from 11:45 to 2:30 and from 7:00 to 9:00, Sunday: closed

Website: https://www.marcello-paris.com

In addition to traditional Italian dishes, try the excellent tortellini with white truffle cream, burrata with truffle and almond flakes, and truffle arancini. A great evening in the restaurant is guaranteed to you! And as for the bill: a truffle appetizer will cost 9 euros, a main course 20-40 euros. The restaurant works only for 4 hours a day, so you have to book a table in advance via the phone or their website. It is quite popular, so be ready to queue up if you do not reserve a table.

Enjoy these top 10 restaurants in Paris where you can try great truffle dishes for good price. Be sure to reserve a table in advance as these restaurants are quite famous and popular with locals and tourists. If you decide to visit Paris, you must try real French truffles in this city even if you have tried this delicacy before.

Usually, one small truffle is enough to give a dish a unique aroma. Chefs recommend grating the truffle into the dish just before eating, thus making it impossible for the aroma to evaporate on the way to the table.

The most important thing in truffles is quality and freshness. The life span of the mushroom with the preservation of its unique properties is two weeks. When picking mushrooms from the plantation to restaurants, up to 10% of the total harvest go to the restaurants. From the rest of the mushrooms, various canned dishes like sauces, butter, creams are prepared.

Fresh truffles and mushroom products are a complement to dishes with no pronounced taste. Truffles go well with potatoes, pasta, risotto. They are a great addition to scrambled eggs. Soups are often prepared from truffles, too. In a word, a truffle can be added anywhere, if you know the exact proportion and flavor characteristics of the finished dish.

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