A Helpful Guide on How to Store Scallops

Frozen scallops are delicious seafood valued by many gourmets around the world. Not many people know what to do with scallops and how to store them after the purchase. Can you freeze scallops? How to store scallops in the fridge? For how long can scallops stay in the freezer? If you do not know the answers to these questions, read on.

How to store scallops? Store fresh scallops in the fridge at a temperature of +1—+3°C for no more than 3 days, after placing them in a container with ice or wrapping in paper. If you do not plan to cook scallops immediately after purchase, freeze scallops by wrapping them in the plastic bag at the back wall of the freezer.

  • Never refreeze scallops.
  • Do not store scallops at room temperatures.
  • Do not store scallops in a plastic bag in the fridge. Use paper or foil.

How to Store Scallops In the Fridge?

If scallops were purchased by weight, wrap them in parchment paper or foil. Store scallops in the original packaging if possible. Scallops can be stored in the fridge at a temperature +1—+4°C for three days maximum, but it is better to cook scallops within a day. Never store scallops in the fridge in water as it will kill most nutrients. 

How long can you keep scallops in the refrigerator? Scallops can be kept for up to three days in the fridge if you wrap them in foil or paper. Scallops will start going bad after three days in the fridge at a temperature of +1—+4°C. If you are not planning to cook scallops quickly, freeze them.

Try to store scallops in the fridge separately from other food. Do not store scallops at the door shelves as they are the warmest places in the fridge, and it will negatively affect the quality and freshness of scallops. Place scallops in the lower, colder part and keep them away from other foods to avoid mixing the smell.

  • Store fresh scallops in the fridge at a temperature of + 2 ° C – + 6 ° C for a maximum of 3 days. If you do not have this much time, freeze them.
  • You can increase the shelf life of scallops in the refrigerator by mixing scallops with crushed ice in a colander. In such a way, you can store scallops for 4-5 days, provided they are placed on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Ice needs to be changed as it melts.

How do you store thawed scallops? Thawed scallops should be stored in the fridge at a temperature of +2—+4°C for no more than 2 days. Ideally, thawed scallops must be cooked immediately after thawing to preserve the healthy vitamins, nutrients, taste and juiciness.

Most often, scallops are sold frozen, so immediately after purchase, you need to decide when they will be eaten. If this is more than  2 days, then scallops must be placed in the freezer.

Scallops quickly lose moisture, so they must be covered with a cloth or covered with crushed ice. It is necessary to defrost scallops in the refrigerator. To speed up this process, you can fill scallops sealed in a plastic bag with cold water. After defrosting, scallops can only be stored for 24 hours.

How to Store Scallops in Freezer?

How to store scallops in the freezer? Store scallops in the freezer at a temperature of -18C by drying them well and freezing them on a tray. Frozen scallops should be placed in airtight bags. Make sure scallops are not wet when freezing as they will be hard to separate. But how long can you freeze scallops?

How long can scallops stay in the freezer? In the freezer, frozen scallops can retain their taste and health benefits for up to six months at a temperature of -18°C. Scallops must be stored at the back wall of the freezer in a plastic bag or paper. During scallop defrosting, never use hot water. Defrosting should take place naturally on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Scallops can be stored in the freezer for several months. It is recommended to eat them 3-4 months after the date of freezing. This is due primarily to the special property of seafood. While remaining fresh in appearance, it loses its taste characteristics. Scallops become tasteless and lose their texture after 6 months of frozen storage.

Do you rinse scallops before freezing? You do not need to rinse scallops before freezing. If you want to rinse them before freezing, make sure you wipe scallops properly with a paper towel as scallops must be dry.

Can I freeze previously frozen scallops? You cannot re-freeze previously frozen scallops as it will change the texture and taste of the meat and kill most of its nutrients. During re-freezing, scallops not only lose moisture and taste but also deteriorate. Thawing refrozen scallops may give them a foul odor and make them rubbery.

It is best to store scallops in a freezer or refrigerator in their original packaging. If scallops were bought by weight, it is best to store them in special bio-bags, foil or parchment. The original packaging must be opened just before the scallops are served.

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