How To Cut Onions For Fajitas Like A Pro? Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to make the world’s tastiest fajitas? Then you better cut your onions right! The key is cutting the onion into even slices. There is nothing worse than lumpy and uneven ovens in your fajitas. If your onions are odd shapes, some will be overcooked, while others will be undercooked, which can ruin your fajitas.

The last thing you want to do is simply cut your onions in half and then make horizontal slices. This technique will leave you with all different-sized slices. So what should you do?

How to cut onions for fajitas? The best way to cut onions for fajitas is to make radial cuts where you follow the lines of your onion all the way from the stem to the root. The result is uniform-shaped onion slices!

Tips For Cutting Onions For Fajitas

To learn how to perfectly cut your onions for fajitas, follow our step-by-step guide below. We will turn you into an onion chopping master in no time!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, make sure you have the following:

  • Cutting board
  • Sharp chef’s knife

Step 1

Place your whole onion on your cutting board. Remove and chop it in half.

Step 2

Take one-half of your onion and lay it flat on your chopping board. Remove the stem and root. Position the onion, so one of the ends is directly in line with you.

Step 3

Grab your knife and line it up with the rings on the onion. Cut into your onion. After your first cut, you should notice that all of the layers are uniform in length. Move your knife to another ring and repeat the process over and over.

Step 4

Keep making cuts until you hit the very center of the onion. You may need to lay down the onion to stop it from tipping over. Hold the onion and keep cutting until you are left with perfect onion slices.

3 Different Sliced Onion Styles

There are so many different ways to chop an onion. Here are some of our favorite ways to chop an onion, be warned, you may end up with some teary eyes!

1. Rings

Onion rings taste amazing on hotdogs, burgers, and even by themselves! To create tasty onion rings, follow these steps:

  1. Grab your favorite kitchen knife and chop off the top of the onion
  2. Remove the onion’s skin
  3. Slice a piece off one side of the onion to make it flat. Lay the onion on the cut side so it won’t move around when you slice it up
  4. Position your knife at the onion’s root end and begin slicing evenly. Move all the way around the onion and finish at the root.

2. Strips

Onion strips are a great way to add flavor to your dishes. We love them on fajitas or in stir-fries. To create yummy onion strips, follow these steps:

  1. Grab your trusty kitchen knife and lop off the head of the onion
  2. Peel the onion
  3. Chop the onion in half. Lay the onion down on its flat side.
  4. To create thin strips, make several cuts, but if you want thicker strips, then 3 cuts should be plenty
  5. Get rid of the root. And you are left with an amazing collection of onion strips!

3. Diced

You can’t go wrong dicing onions. Diced onions are everywhere, from sauces to salads to our favorite taco meat mixture. To dice onions like a champion, follow these steps:

  1. Take your favorite chef’s knife and remove the top of the onion
  2. Get rid of the onion’s skin
  3. Chop the onion in half lengthways. Lay the onion down on the chopped side, so it doesn’t move anywhere
  4.  Start cutting your onion. Make sure each cut is around 0.5 inches apart

Chicken Fajita Tips

To cook up a storm and create delicious chicken fajitas, you need to:

  1. Get some juicy chicken breasts, slice them up and cook them in an oiled skillet
  2. At the same time, cook your sliced onions and bell peppers in another oiled skillet
  3. Then simply mix the chicken and the vegetables in a warm flour tortilla
  4. To send your taste buds into overdrive, add some shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce, and don’t forget about the guac!

Wrapping Up

The life of your fajitas depends on your onion-cutting skills! To ensure your onion slices are the same length make sure you use our radial cutting method described above. It takes a little time to get used to, but after a few tries, you will be a master. We hope your next batch of fajitas tastes amazing!


How do you cut onions for fajitas?

To cut onions for fajitas, you need to:

  1. Peel the onion and chop it in half.
  2. Remove the stem and root.
  3. Grab your knife and line it up with the lines on the onion. Cut into your onion.
  4. Move your knife to another line and repeat the process over and over.

What type of onion is used in fajitas?

The best onion to use in fajitas is red onion. Red onion has a smooth flavor and also adds some amazing color to your fajitas. You can also use yellow onions which have a stronger flavor and aren’t as sweet as red onions.

What toppings go on fajitas?

The best toppings that go on fajitas include shredded cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce, and kidney beans. This combination will give you creamy, tomatoey, cheesy, and oh-so-yummy fajitas that will leave you satisfied!

How do you cut vegetables for fajitas?

The best way to cut vegetables for fajitas is to:

  1. Slice off the top and bottom of the vegetables
  2. Cut them in the half
  3. Then either dice or cut the vegetables into thin strips

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