In-Depth Guide to Chocolate Cheese: Taste, Price, Origin

Chocolate cheese is exactly what it sounds like: a delicious and innovative combination of sweet chocolate taste paired with cheese’s salty and creamy texture. Even though chocolate cheese is perceived as a new concept in the food industry, it has a long history, dating back to the times of the Aztecs.

Later, chocolate cheese was reintroduced as an original and delicate snack that instantly gained the affection of foodies worldwide. Though you may be skeptical about the taste of chocolate cheese at first, do not hesitate to try it and indulge in this new and surprising taste!

What is chocolate cheese? Chocolate cheese is a snack produced from a combination of a variety of cheeses and chocolate. For example, a popular version features a mild blue cheese mixed chocolate liqueur. The combination of sweet and savory creates an unforgettable taste.

Chocolate Cheese – All You Need to Know!

Chocolate cheese is a type of cheese created by combining chocolate or cocoa powder with the cheese itself. It is hard to define whether chocolate cheese is a dessert, a snack, or something else. Chocolate cheese comes in different variations, from hard and extravagant chocolate cheddar to light and creamy chocolate cheese resembling fudge. The soft texture of chocolate cheese, similar to a creamy chocolate spread, is the most common type.

Vanilla extract and spices are often added to chocolate cheese recipes to enrich the taste. Some of the most common combinations pair not only creamy cheese and chocolate fudge but also peanuts and other nuts. If you have tried chocolate cheesecake before, then the taste of chocolate cheese will be somewhat familiar.

However, this unique combination of two delicacies is more complex and is not limited to the dessert menu. As chocolate cheese combines sweet and savory, it may be used as a great breakfast addition and easily be spread on toast or croissant, and also pairs nicely with a glass of wine at dinnertime.  

Despite the fact there are some similarities between chocolate cheese and fudge, the taste of the two is far from identical. The texture and taste of chocolate cheese are much more balanced and are not nearly as sweet. With chocolate cheese, you get to experience sweet and savory flavors without either flavor overpowering one another.

Chocolate Cheese Origin

Where does chocolate cheese come from? Chocolate cheese takes its origin from Mesoamerican culture and dates back to colonial times. Chocolate cheese spreads were invented in America in the late 1800s after the invention of cream cheese in 1872.

Even though it is hard to precisely define where the tradition of making chocolate cheese first appeared, some researchers claim it goes back to when conquistadors first arrived in America. Before the arrival of the Spanish and other Europeans, native Americans enjoyed a wide variety of chocolate drinks and dishes, which were not necessarily sweet.  

The convergence of European and native traditions of chocolate consumption first gave rise to the cheese and chocolate combination. The Spaniards relied heavily on dairy products in their diet and started cultivating cattle on the territory where the natives lived. As a result, native Americans inherited the tradition of dairy product consumption but adapted it to their style and traditions. Chocolate cheese became widespread when cocoa plantations appeared in the region. The locals cultivated the tradition of dipping salty cheese into sweet hot cocoa drinks, which inspired the producers to combine these two seemingly incompatible products into one. 

Chocolate Cheese Taste

What does chocolate cheese taste like? The taste of chocolate cheese is delicate, slightly nutty, creamy, and balances between sweet and savory. High-quality chocolate is sweet but not overly so and features a clear cheese taste that complements the chocolate flavoring.

The taste of chocolate cheese is deep, complex, and well-balanced. It features a soft, creamy, and rich texture that spreads well on toast or fruit (you have to try chocolate cheese with banana). It may also work well as a cake cream or frosting. 

The taste of chocolate cheese is unique. It has a multitude of subtle notes of savory cheese and sweet chocolate, which play together to form the ideal combination. For some foodies, the taste of chocolate cheese may seem familiar to that of chocolate cheesecake or fudge, but with a more delicate and less sweet taste. The flavor of chocolate cheese is definitely unique and worth trying if you are a fan of sweet cheese.

Chocolate Cheese Making Process

How is chocolate cheese made? Chocolate cheese is made by mixing two key ingredients: chocolate or cocoa and either ready-eat cheese or cheese ingredients – milk and butter. Commonly, the chocolate is melted and then added to the cheese, which is continually stirred until mixed; the mixture is then left to cool.

Chocolate cheese is produced in a complex process of selecting the appropriate type of cheese. Most commonly, mildly aged cheddar works best for attaining the perfect sweet-to-savory ratio and creating the right texture. The profile taste of chocolate cheese largely depends on the qualities of the cheese selected. 

The type of chocolate used plays a big role in the flavor and texture of chocolate cheese. Some would tend towards using pure cocoa powder, while others would experiment with ready-to-serve chocolate, such as Lindt. There are even some chocolate cheese recipes, which use chocolate milk, so there is plenty of room to experiment and research.

Generally, the process of chocolate cheese production would depend on the texture to be achieved and will vary greatly accordingly. Some recipes envisage additions of cottage cheese or cream to achieve a creamier, butter-like texture, while others adhere to simple cheese-plus-cocoa combinations.

One can easily make chocolate cheese at home. You can create chocolate cheese by melting a half-chunk of black chocolate and adding it to cream cheese while constantly stirring the mixture. The “President” cream cheese would work perfectly for this cooking experiment. Add crushed walnuts or almonds to the butter to spice up the texture. Once cooled, the chocolate cheese is ready to be served. 

Chocolate Cheese Price

How much does chocolate cheese cost? According to Walmart, the price for chocolate cheese depends on its quality and producer and ranges between $4-20 per pound. The average price of good-quality chocolate is $13 per pound.

The price of chocolate cheese starts from $4 per pound and goes all the way up to almost $20! The price depends on the specific cheese and chocolate used. You will have to pay a premium price if you want French cheese mixed with Belgian chocolate! 

It takes premium ingredients to produce chocolate cheese of high quality, which isn’t too sweet or has an overpowering cheese flavor. Both cocoa beans and dairy products used for chocolate cheese production are costly, which makes this unique treat quite expensive. However, only chocolate cheese produced by specialized cheese producers is expensive, and this is mostly true only for hard chocolate cheese. Creamy chocolate cheese, which resembles soft butter, can be purchased from the supermarket cheaply. 

 5 Best Chocolate Cheeses 

Not sure which chocolate cheese to choose? Here are the 5 options worth trying:

Curds & Whey Chocolate Cheese

Curds & Whey chocolate cheese was created by the Melbourne Company. This cheese was created by combining blue cheese with chocolate liqueur. This complex pairing pairs perfectly with dessert red wines and has been a big hit with foodies worldwide! The taste of this chocolate cheese has more distinctive salty notes than more common types of chocolate cheese.  

Chocolate Cheese “President”

This is the most common type of chocolate cheese, and you can find it in your local supermarket. This cheese offers a combination of delicate cream President Cheese with cocoa powder. It has a thick texture, which easily spreads on bread and could quickly become one of your snacks! It is often an ingredient in confectionery production due to its lovely sweet flavor. One of the key benefits of this type of chocolate cheese is that it contains fewer calories and is not overly sweet.

Alp & Dell Chocolate Cheese 

This cheese is of premium quality yet affordable at 12.99$ per lb. The Alp&Dell chocolate cheese has a fudge-like texture, is best suited as a dessert, and goes great with a cup of tea, coffee, or a glass of red wine. It is also a great addition to homemade desserts and can spice up your brownies or go inside a freshly-baked croissant. This cheese is made from a combination of cream, butter, sugar, cocoa, and walnuts mixed with the base of pasteurized cheddar cheese. 

Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Cheese Spread 

Another affordable option to try chocolate cheese is Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Cheese Spread. Same as President, this cheese may be incorporated into your daily diet for its moderate caloric density, relatively low price, and great price-to-quality. If you want to experience an incredible light and delicate taste with a strong sweet taste, then Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Cheese Spread is a great choice.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cheddar Cheese 

This chocolate cheese offers a rich and intense flavor with a distinct and strong cheddar taste. If you are looking for classic cheese flavors which are well balanced with the sweetness of chocolate, then try Trader Joe’s option. 


Now you understand a little more about chocolate cheese, including taste, price, and history, it is time to try this trendy food! We are sure you will be hooked after the first bite! Don’t be afraid to try out a few different types until you find the perfect chocolate cheese for you.

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