Ultimate Detailed Guide on How to Serve Salmon Roe

Gastronomic etiquette dictates certain rules for serving red and black caviar. They are different for these delicacies. There are different ways of how to serve salmon roe. Whichever of them you favor, it is important to know what goes well with salmon roe and how to serve it, adhering to the universal rules of gastronomic etiquette.

How do you make salmon roe taste good? To make salmon roe taste good, serve it on crackers, croutons, baguettes with butter. Decorate these sandwiches with olives, cucumber or lemon slices. Sandwiches can be multi-layered, and redfish can be used as an interlayer. You can also combine salmon roe with boiled eggs, pancakes, or foie gras.

These are just a few examples of how to serve salmon roe. Let’s dive right in. Here is a detailed guide on what goes well with sturgeon caviar and how to serve it.

Ultimate Guide on How to Serve Salmon Roe

How do you eat salmon eggs? Salmon roe is usually served on the table, both as an independent snack and with other products. When organizing banquets and buffets in European countries, you will need approximately 1 ounce of salmon roe (red caviar) for each guest — this is about 30 grams of salmon roe.

Salmon roe is traditionally served in glass, silver, wooden or porcelain bowls with a small spoon. Do not use metal cutlery with the salmon roe as this leads to the loss of the taste and useful qualities of the delicacy. Salmon roe should be served chill. Chilled red caviar has the best taste. For this reason, caviar is often placed in a container with crushed ice and is changed from time to time so that during the evening, the delicacy remains cool.

What to Eat with Salmon Roe?

  1. Salmon roe + salted salmon slices + cream cheese + dill (roll)
  2. Salmon roe + hard-boiled eggs (chicken or quail) + salted whipped cream + chives
  3. Salmon roe + potato mini-pancakes + fat sour cream + very finely chopped shallots
  4. Salmon roe + brioche slices fried in a dry pan + whipped butter + salt
  5. Salmon roe + cucumber slices + curd cream (curd cheese, green adjika and some yogurt) + green onions

Red caviar can be served on crackers, croutons, baguettes after greasing them with butter. The appetizer looks attractive if the sandwiches have unusual shapes like squares, circles, triangles, hearts, etc. You can decorate the sandwiches with olives, cucumber or lemon slices. Sandwiches can be multi-layered; redfish can be used as an interlayer.

Salmon roe goes well with potato chips, halves of boiled eggs (chicken or quail). In Russia, caviar is usually served with pancakes, in France — with foie gras.

Butter helps to reveal the taste of red caviar, which is why sandwiches with bread, butter and red caviar are so popular. Salmon roe goes well with pancakes or crackers or tartlets. Modern cuisine also offers more original solutions: caviar with baked potatoes, cucumbers, chips, potato pancakes, and also as an ingredient in fish snacks.

In French restaurants, salmon roe is combined with foie gras, asparagus and artichokes. It is also served with baguettes or original caviar baskets. In Germany, caviar omelettes, stuffed eggs and classic white bread sandwiches with salmon roe have become popular.

One of Finland’s most popular dishes is Myati, which is made from red caviar, finely chopped onions and seasoned with thick high-fat sour cream. Meat is usually served with rye cakes or grain bread. This dish is spread on bread or eaten with a bite. For sandwiches, both butter and sour cream are used, sprinkled with onions, dill and black pepper on top.

What do you eat with salmon caviar? Butter and white unsweetened pastries are the ideal partners for salmon caviar. For example, bake savory profiteroles. Put a little softened butter or any cream cheese (Philadelphia, mascarpone) in them and fill with salmon caviar.

For a mini sandwich, you can also use white toast, which is cut into a fish, herringbone, or oval shape using a cookie cutter. If you put a few slices of olives on salmon caviar, the tartlet will easily turn into a “ladybug.” Round and square crackers, shortbread baskets, potato chips, whole grain bread are also the perfect base for your caviar snack. As a decoration, you can use a sprig of greens, green peas, slices of avocado or lemon.

Foods that go well with red caviar:

  • black and white bread, crispy toasts, baguettes, biscuits;
  • salted pastries (tartlets, crackers, biscuits, profiteroles);
  • pancakes;
  • foie gras (traditional French dish);
  • butter (a small amount of product is enough);
  • buttercreams (with the addition of herbs, cheese, olives, sour cream, salted canned fish, etc.);
  • curd cheeses;
  • boiled eggs (chicken and quail);
  • olives, avocados, fresh and pickled cucumbers;
  • salted or smoked redfish;
  • baked small potatoes and potato chips;
  • boiled rice.

When choosing additional components for red caviar, it is important to choose products that do not have a bright taste, otherwise, the delicacy will be lost in the dish, while it should dominate and give real pleasure. For example, caviar should not be combined with meat, hot spices, sweets and fruits.

Salmon Roe and Eggs

Red caviar cannot be combined with jellied meat, meat or mushrooms, but it makes a harmonious tandem with an egg. The snack is very simple to prepare. Boil hard-boiled eggs and cut them in half. Remove the yolk, mash it with a fork and add approximately equal proportions of heavy whipped cream and softened butter. Salt the resulting delicate yolk cream and squeeze half of the protein out of a pastry bag in the form of a beautiful rose. Top with red caviar and thin green chives.

Salmon Roe and Vegetables

You can stuff with caviar not only baked goods or eggs but also vegetables. Vegetables that are too juicy and bright in taste (tomatoes, bell peppers) are not suitable for this purpose. It is better to take a potato. It can be boiled and cut into round slices, fried until golden brown and served with a fish delicacy. Another option is to bake small peeled tubers in foil in the oven, then cut them in half, scoop out the core and fill it with cream cheese and caviar.

For those guests who limit themselves in the use of fats and carbohydrates, you can offer diet tartlets, in which, instead of bread, a slice of fresh cucumber or its half is used, greased with feta cheese.

Also, red caviar goes well with avocado. For a spectacular snack, cut the soft green fruit in half, remove the seed and extract the pulp. Then mash it in a puree, add a little lemon juice, whipped cream and finely chopped dill. Put the resulting mass back into the avocado halves and top with red caviar. The finished snack will need to be eaten with a spoon.

Japanese Way to Serve Salmon Roe

Your guests will surely appreciate it if you serve the red caviar in Japanese. The most important thing in such a snack is to properly cook rice: 1 kg of medium-sized white round rice. Pour 1.2 liters of cold water (the liquid should be higher than the grains by one phalanx of your finger), bring to a boil and cook without a lid until the liquid over a layer of rice will not evaporate. Then reduce heat, close the lid and hold for another 10-15 minutes.

Then add a special sushi sauce (for 1 kg – 150 ml), which can be bought in supermarkets in the Asian food departments, mix thoroughly, cool a little, take about 20 g of rice in your hands, roll a small lump, smear it with wasabi horseradish and put in red caviar. This will make simple nigiri sushi. If you tie them with a strip of nori, there will be complicated nigiri, and if you make a small bag of seaweed and fill it with rice and red caviar.

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