What Do Oyster Mushrooms Taste Like? All You Need to Know

Oyster mushrooms are native to the Mediterranean region and have been known since ancient Greece, where people believed that these mushrooms impart wisdom. The ancient Egyptians believed that oyster mushroom bestows immortality, and therefore they were included in the menu of the pharaohs. In the Middle Ages, their popularity reached its maximum, and whole caves were equipped in Paris for growing oyster mushrooms.

But what do oyster mushrooms taste like? Are they actually good for you?

Oyster mushrooms have a sweet and subtle seafood taste reminiscent of oysters (as its name suggests). If cooked properly, oyster mushrooms have a unique buttery flavor with hints of cucumber and watermelon. Oyster mushrooms have a soft, delicate texture and a slightly earthy smell.

What Do Oyster Mushrooms Taste Like? All You Need to Know

The unusual, rich taste and unique creamy aroma make oyster mushrooms incredibly popular among culinary experts from all over the world. Sauces and soups made from oyster mushrooms are ideal in taste and texture, they are moderately thick, light, very aromatic, and light. Oyster mushrooms are also great for pickling, frying, and grilling. They go well with many other vegetables, meats, and side dishes.

Oyster mushrooms can be eaten raw as a standalone dish, or they can be a chic side dish for meat (beef, veal, chicken, pork) or fish. Oyster mushrooms can also be pickled and dried – they almost do not lose useful properties. If you are wondering what the third most expensive mushroom tastes like, head over to Why Are Matsutake Mushrooms So Expensive? Matsutake Price 2022 guide.

Do different color oyster mushrooms taste different? Different color oyster mushrooms taste different. King ones are buttery and creamy, yellow ones have mild citrus and cinnamon-like flavor with a meaty texture, pink ones taste like bacon and ham, and blue ones have a mild creamy seafood-like taste with notes of cucumber and melon.

Oyster mushrooms have different types and varieties. The most popular ones are king, yellow (golden), blue, pink, pearl, and elm.  Let’s dive into the taste of the most popular varieties and compare them.

What do king oyster mushrooms taste like? King oyster mushrooms have a mild, earthy oyster-like flavor with hints of black licorice and are known for their strong umami flavor. King oyster mushroom’s taste is more intense than that of yellow oyster mushrooms as it is more savory and aromatic. It has a soft, delicate texture and creamy smell.

King oyster mushrooms are rich in vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids. Oyster mushrooms are a low-calorie product and are excellent for dietary meals and vegetarian menus since they can easily replace even meat in terms of nutrients. King oyster mushrooms are considered the best-tasting oyster mushroom thanks to their strong umami flavor and delicate seafood-like flavor.

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What do yellow oyster mushrooms taste like? Yellow oyster mushrooms have mild citrus and cinnamon-like flavor with a delicate meaty texture and subtle earthy smell. Yellow oyster mushrooms’ taste is milder than that of king oyster mushrooms which are more aromatic and savory.

Yellow or golden oyster mushrooms have a bright yellow color and a citrus flavor with notes of melon and cucumber. They go well with meat (beef, chicken, veal, pork), fish, and other vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, and eggplants. Yellow oyster mushrooms do not take long to cook and can be fried, pickled, or stewed.

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What do blue oyster mushrooms taste like? Blue oyster mushrooms have a mild, delicate, and creamy taste reminiscent of seafood and oysters with notes of cucumber and melon. They do not have a pronounced smell, but if cooked properly, blue oyster mushrooms are sweet, delicate, and buttery. 

Blue oyster mushrooms are usually fired and stewed as they do not lose shape when cooked in water or oil, and have a mild and tender meat-like texture, which makes them a good meat substitute. In terms of the composition of vitamins, blue oyster mushrooms are similar to meat. They contain vitamins of group B, as well as C, E, and D2.

Blue oyster mushrooms contain iron, iodine, calcium, potassium. They also lower the level of cholesterol and normalize blood pressure. They have bactericidal properties and contribute to the removal of radioactive substances from the body.

What do pink oyster mushrooms taste like? Pink oyster mushrooms, unlike king ones, taste very similar to bacon and ham, with notes of sweet, salty, and umami flavor. Pink oyster mushrooms do not taste fishy but have a strong, pungent ham odor. Its pink color makes it look like bacon and is a great meat substitute. 

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Pink oyster mushrooms prefer a warmer climate and are used to substitute seafood (shrimps, salmon, squid, etc.). Unfortunately, their unique pink color fades during cooking, but the taste remains. Pink oyster mushrooms can be boiled, stewed, fried, marinated, pickled, added to salads, cooked as the first and second course, and added to pies. Usually, only young pink oyster mushrooms are eaten since old ones become tough and tasteless.

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Do Oyster Mushrooms Taste Different?

Oyster mushrooms are considered one of the best dietary delicacies served in the best restaurants in the world thanks to their amazing taste, exquisite aroma, and low-calorie content. Oyster mushrooms can be served as an appetizer or the main course, fried, boiled, or stewed. They make a very tasty stew or sauces for meat or vegetables. Before cooking, it is recommended to soak them in water for several hours. Also, oyster mushrooms can be dried, salted, or pickled – in any case, they retain all their useful properties.

Do oyster mushrooms taste like regular mushrooms? Oyster mushrooms taste similar to regular mushrooms but are milder and have a subtle woody and seafood flavor. When eaten raw, oyster mushrooms have a softer texture, a unique buttery flavor with notes of watermelon, while regular mushrooms are more earthy and firm. 

Oyster mushrooms are widely used in cooking because of their high nutritional value. They taste like porcini mushrooms with hints of rye bread and a subtle aroma of anise. Oyster mushrooms grow all over the world in subtropical forests. But they can be expensive because many mushrooms go bad during transportation.

Do oyster mushrooms taste bitter? Raw oyster mushrooms have a mildly sweet and creamy flavor and are never bitter. When fried, oyster mushrooms can become bitter if cooked at high temperatures or if the mushrooms are not fresh enough or were stored incorrectly. Pickled and dried oyster mushrooms never get bitter. 

Oyster mushrooms are one of the world’s most delicious mushroom delicacies. Their unusual taste and aroma can forever conquer any gourmet, and the high content of nutrients and low-calorie content make it a favorite of people who look after their health and physical shape.

Oyster Mushrooms Taste FAQ

What Tastes Better, Shiitake Or Oyster Mushrooms?

Oyster mushrooms have a more tender texture, a sweeter taste, and a more buttery flavor with hints of cucumber and watermelon, while shiitake mushrooms have a strong earthy, creamy, meaty flavor and a velvet, juicy texture. Both mushrooms have a unique taste, but oyster ones are milder and sweeter.

Do Oyster Mushrooms Taste Like Chicken?

Raw oyster mushrooms taste more like seafood (as its name suggests!), but fried oyster mushrooms acquire a crunchy coating and a meaty, tougher texture that reminds fried chicken breasts. Pickled and dried oyster mushrooms’ taste has nothing to do with chicken.

Do Oyster Mushrooms Taste Fishy?

Oyster mushrooms do taste fishy and oyster-like, however, their taste is very mild and subtle, with a meaty texture and a slightly earthy smell. However, the taste and smell should not be too strong and pungent, as it may indicate oyster mushrooms have gone bad.

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