What Does Amaretto Taste Like? In-Depth Guide to Amaretto Flavor Profile!

Amaretto, or “little bitter” in Italian, is a liqueur that’s been around for centuries and is still a hit today. Made with almond essence, it’s a popular choice for those looking for a sweet yet not-too-sweet taste. While it’s most commonly enjoyed in cocktails, amaretto can be enjoyed straight or even added to other liqueurs to give them a different, more complex flavor. Amaretto is generally served neat or on the rocks with a twist of lemon. It’s also enjoyed in cocktails.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about amaretto, including what it tastes like, what ingredients it has, and how to drink it to enjoy all its flavors. Read on for details.

What Is Amaretto?

Amaretto is an amber-colored liqueur made in Italy with a unique almond flavor. Amaretto has an alcohol volume of between 20 and 30% and is made from dried fruits, herbs, and almonds. You can drink Amaretto straight or splash it in a cocktail. Amaretto is most famous for featuring in the coffee-flavored Italian cake Tiramisu. We love drinking Amaretto with lemon, ice, and bourbon! 

Amaretto is a liqueur made with almond essence, which gives it a sweet taste. The sweet taste is derived from the addition of sugar and bitter almond oil. It’s made by macerating the almonds in water and then adding them to the mixture as well as sugar and bitter almond oil. The mixture is filtered, strained, bottled, and aged for two years before being ready to be consumed.

The name amaretto comes from the Italian word “amaro” meaning “bitter,” which is also why some people refer to it as “little bitter.”

What Are the Ingredients in Amaretto?

Amaretto is a delicious Italian almond liqueur that is oh so smooth and oh-so-tasty! Amaretto is the ideal drink, no matter the occasion. It works well as a digestif and aperitif and is equally great in cocktails or on its own!

Amaretto features pure alcohol, apricot kernel oil, brown sugar, 17 different fruits and herbs, and some almonds. The most famous Amaretto, Disaronno, doesn’t contain almonds even though it has a lovely almond flavor.

Every Amaretto producer has its own secret blend of ingredients. Amaretto always contains a variety of different fruits and herbs. The most common ingredients include almonds, apricot kernels, and peach stones. For example, Disaronno can create an incredible almond flavor through the use of apricot kernels.

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What Does Amaretto Taste Like?

Amaretto flavor is quite different from other liqueurs since it has a sweeter taste than most other liqueurs due to its combination of sugar and bitter almond oil. In addition to its sweet taste, amaretto is also bitter. This bitterness comes from the bitter almond oil that gives the liqueur a distinct bittersweet, nutty flavor.

Amaretto has a sweet cherry taste with a strong almond flavor. Amaretto has vanilla undertones and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Amaretto has a yummy marzipan flavor and, thanks to the cherry, is Dr Pepper esque.

The flavor of amaretto is reminiscent of almonds, with a sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for a long time. It has a hint of bitterness, and its sweetness is complemented by notes of almond and honey.

As soon as you try Amaretto, you notice the intense sweetness. Amaretto has a lovely sweet cherry flavor similar to Dr Pepper but also a unique and inviting almond taste. However, be prepared for a mildly bitter aftertaste, but the sweet flavor and hints of marzipan and vanilla ensure Amaretto is a smooth drinking experience.

Does Amaretto Taste Like Dr Pepper?

Disaronno tastes a little like Dr Pepper because they both have a cherry flavor and subtle hints of vanilla. However, Disaronno has a smooth almond taste, is sweeter than Dr Pepper, and is not carbonated. Disaronno also has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Dr Pepper and Disaronno have a cherry flavor, but that is where the comparisons stop! Disaronno is a thicker and sweeter beverage that has a nutty almond taste. Dr Pepper is a little minty and is carbonated, while Disaronno has a bitter aftertaste. And of course, the biggest difference between the two drinks is that Disaronno packs a serious punch at 28% ABV while Dr Pepper is a non-alcoholic soft drink.

Does Amaretto Taste Like Whiskey?

Amaretto does not taste like whiskey. Amaretto is much sweeter than whiskey and has a bitter aftertaste, unlike whiskey. Amaretto has a cherry and almond flavor, while whiskey tastes like caramel, oak, and spices. Whiskey is also much stronger than Amaretto (40% ABV vs 28% ABV).

Whiskey and Amaretto are incredibly different liquors! Amaretto is an Italian sweet liqueur made from apricot kernel oil, bitter almonds, peach stones, and dried fruit, while whiskey is made from fermented cereal grains. Whiskey has hints of vanilla, oak, spices, and caramel and is neither bitter nor sweet. Whiskey has a burning aftertaste, while Disaronno has a subtle bitter aftertaste. When making Tiramisu, the last thing you want to do is switch out the Amaretto for whiskey!

How to Drink Amaretto?

Amaretto is usually enjoyed in a cocktail. It’s also used in desserts, such as ice cream and cakes. You can enjoy amaretto straight, but it’s best served in a chilled glass and then topped with ice. You can also add amaretto to other liqueurs to create different flavors.

Amaretto can be mixed with other ingredients such as lemon juice, orange juice, or even egg whites. Sometimes the liqueur is mixed with fruit juice to give it a more complex flavor, and sometimes they’re served straight up. Amaretto also works well in coffee, as its sweet taste can be enjoyed alongside your favorite cup of joe!

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Amaretto’s unique flavor makes it perfect for desserts as well! The sweet taste pairs well with chocolate, caramel, and anything else you might want to add to your cake or cupcakes! Amaretto is also used in other drinks. Amarettos are often added to coffee but can also be mixed into cocktails or mixed into hot chocolate, chocolate milk, or even fruit juice!

Amarettos are also used in Italian cuisine as an ingredient in many sweet dishes. The drink most often associated with this use of amaretti is the Italian “caffè corretto.” This drink typically combines espresso with sweet vermouth and Amaretti cookies to form a delicious cocktail that is served in a small shot glass.

What Is Amaretto Similar To?

Amaretto is unique because of its almond and cherry taste. However, it is moderately similar to other sweet liqueurs such as Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, or Frangelico.

Amaretto is a unique drink thanks to its cherry and almond flavor and slightly bitter aftertaste. It is hard to find a super similar substitute for Amaretto. However, if you need a decent replacement, you can try a sweet coffee liqueur like Kahlua, a chocolate liqueur such as Creme de Cacao, or even a hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico.

Does Amaretto Have Nuts?

Many Amaretto brands are made from bitter almonds. However, other brands use peach stones or apricot kernels to create the almond flavor. If you have a nut allergy, we recommend Disaronno; not only is it super tasty, but it is 100% nut-free and is made from apricot kernels. 

One of the distinct features of Amaretto is an awesome almond flavor. However, many Amaretto brands are 100% nut-free. The top-selling Amaretto, Disaronno, still has a super yummy almond flavor but is made from herbs and dried fruit. Disaronno can recreate the almond flavor using apricot kernels, and other brands use peach stones.

Does Amaretto Have Cherries In It?

Amaretto is made from dried fruits, including cherries. The main ingredient in Amaretto is either bitter almonds, apricot kernels, or peach stones.  Not all Amaretto brands have cherries but the most popular, Disaronno, features cherries and 16 other dried fruits.

Many Amaretto brands have a very lovely sweet and rich cherry flavor. This flavor is thanks to many Amaretto brands containing real dried cherries. The other distinct feature of Amaretto is a strong almond taste. However, not all Amarettos contain cherry or almonds. For example, Disaronno uses apricot kernels to produce an almond flavor but does contain real dried cherries.

Is Amaretto a Whiskey?

Amaretto is not a whiskey; it is a type of Italian liqueur. Amaretto is a type of amber colored Italian liqueur noted for its sweet taste and almond, cherry flavor. In contrast, whiskey is a spirit made from fermented cereal grains.

Amaretto is no whiskey! Whiskey is made from fermented cereal grains, while Amaretto is made from dried fruit. Amaretto is a liqueur with a base ingredient of apricot kernel oil or bitter almonds or peach stones and other dried fruits and herbs. Amaretto is much weaker than whiskey, with a 28% ABV, while typical whiskey is 40%.

Are Amaretto and Disaronno the Same Thing?

Disaronno is a type of Amaretto. Amaretto is a specific type of sweet Italian almond-flavored liqueur. Disaronno is the most popular brand of Amaretto, and even though it tastes like almonds, it is made with apricot kernels. 

Amaretto and Disaronno are the same thing. Amaretto refers to a type of Italian alcoholic beverage which has a sweet almond flavor. Disaronno is the top-selling producer of Amaretto. Disaronno is produced in Saronno (the historic home of Amaretto), which is in Lombardy, and is made with apricot kernel oil. Other Amarettos feature real almonds or peach stones, but all Amarettos have an almond flavor.

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Does Amaretto Need To Be Refrigerated?

You can store Amaretto in the cupboard. However, before drinking it we recommend placing it in the fridge as this Italian liqueur is best drunk cold straight from the refrigerator. An untouched bottle of Amaretto will last forever, and an opened bottle should last for 5 years. Remember to store it at room temperature and away from the sun.

Amaretto is not easily spoiled because it is made from dried fruits and does not contain any dairy. You can throw a bottle of unopened Amaretto in the cupboard, and it should keep forever! Even after you open it, you can store it in the pantry but remember to keep it at room temperature and don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Before you drink it, place it in the fridge and then serve it chilled.


Amaretto is a must-try Italian liqueur. You can drink it straight or in cocktails, and even though technically it is a digestif, nobody will care if you have it before or after dinner!  Amaretto has a sweet cherry and almond taste with some hints of marzipan and vanilla and a mildly bitter aftertaste. If you want to try a great Amaretto, we recommend picking up a bottle of Disaronno which costs around $25.

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