What Drinks Go Well With Lobster? Detailed Practical Guide

Not many people know how to combine delicacies and drinks. Of course, the drink for lobsters will depend on the way the lobster was cooked. You need to find a drink that will not hide or change the taste of the lobster but highlight it. Today, I have prepared a detailed practical guide on the drinks that go well with lobsters.

What drinks go best with lobster? Dry (brut) white sparkling wine goes best with lobster. Lobsters go best with white wines from the Rhone Valley, oak-aged samples from Rioja or Bordeaux, and Viogniers. Red wines also go well with lobsters. An interesting alternative would be the red Burgundy wines, Volnay. The best drink for lobster must be cool, non-acidic, with a slight bitterness.

Practical Guide on Drinks that Go Well With Lobsters

The choice of drinks for lobster depends on what it is served with or how it is cooked. If it is simply grilled with garlic oil, white southern Mediterranean wines are a good pair. For example, a Vermentino from Sardinia or a Sicilian Carricante. Drinks for lobster must be well-chilled, non-acidic, with a slight bitterness. Brut wines will go well with slightly sweet lobster meat.

When asked what drink goes well with lobsters, most people in the street will not hesitate to say that white dry wine is the best pair for lobsters. And, most likely, they will be right! Although there are no strict requirements for drinks to pair with lobsters, there are some basic rules.

The taste of the drink should not overshadow the taste of lobsters, otherwise, the dish will simply turn into just a snack. However, the opposite rule also applies: dishes with a very rich taste deserve a bright pair. The wine should be dry, light, and well-chilled. If lobster is grilled with little or no additives, choose neutral wines with no pronounced aftertaste.

You should choose drinks for lobster based on the taste of the sauce that accompanies the dish. Champagne or Burgundy chardonnay goes well with lobsters in a creamy sauce. With a sweetish spicy sauce, you should try the traditional German semi-sweet Riesling from the Moselle. You can also try to combine red with tomato sauce: light spicy Burgundy Pinot Noir or German Spätburgunder.

Lobster & Wine

Perhaps the combination of lobster and Chardonnay is so great that you shouldn’t look for alternatives. But try experimenting anyway. A worthy pairing with grilled lobster is Meursault or other expressive Burgundy white wines. The best wines to drink with lobster are Burgundy Chablis Premier and Grand Cru.

In addition to these wines, Albariño, Sancerre, or Pouilly-Fumé are a popular choice when it comes to pairing with lobsters. Meursault wine transforms serving grilled lobster to perfection. Millesime champagne is a first-class drink that goes well with lobsters. 

If you happen to visit Chicago one day, be sure to visit the Everest restaurant, which is run by the Alsatian chef Jean Joho. Lobster cooked with ginger and Gewurztraminer is his best dish, served with the same wine. After tasting this, you will forever remember how well Gewürz and spiced lobster go together. Bandol rose is a rather unusual accompaniment for lobsters. Despite this, lobster dishes with Thermidor sauce and crustacean soup are ideal for rosé wines.

The taste of seafood is usually delicate and multifaceted, so the right wine emphasizes and complements it. Many sommeliers advise combining dry white wines with seafood. They are light enough and not overly saturated. In this case, choose a wine that is young or not quite ripe, and also without too pronounced taste.

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Wines of this variety have plant tones, sometimes fruit and meadow. Almost all sauvignon wines are dry. Only in some varieties is a little sugar added to emphasize the taste of the wine. Sauvignon blanc goes well with almost all seafood, and with lobsters, in particular.


Chardonnay is the most common and famous grape variety. Chardonnay wines have a bright aroma and rich taste. It is better to combine them with seafood, which also has the same rich taste. Chardonnay goes well with lobster, seafood soups, crab, or mussels.


Does Muscadet go with lobster? Muscadet also goes well with lobsters. Good Muscadet wines have subtle apple and citrus tones, often with a touch of green pepper and a seeming saltiness. The best examples are often credited with a “mineral” character.


Like other white wines, dry riesling goes well with lobsters. The wines of this variety are very aromatic, with hints of fruit, honey, and meadow flowers. Sommeliers recommend combining it with seafood lobsters with spices. Riesling is also well suited to seafood with sauce, such as mussels.


Does Chablis go with lobster? Yes, Chablis also goes well with lobsters. Chablis has citrus and white flower aromas with dry, lean flavors of citrus, pear, minerality. In comparison with the white wines from other Burgundy wines, Chablis wine has typically much less taste of oak.


Champagne and lobsters are the most famous gastronomic combination. The taste of lobsters is light and unusual. It is salty and iodine, sometimes sweetish, and sparkling wines perfectly emphasize its qualities without hiding the taste. The most important thing is that champagne should be dry or semi-dry.

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It is believed that red wine does not go well with lobsters and other seafood. The fact is that many red wines contain a lot of iron, which spoils the delicate taste of seafood. Also, red wines are rich in tannins, they give the wine that very bitterness and astringency.

However, modern cuisine is breaking old stereotypes. There are many varieties of red wine, which means you can pick up those that will not spoil the delicate taste of lobsters, for example, dry red wines.

Lobsters and Beer

What kind of beer goes with lobster? Pilsner, a light lager, goes well with lobsters and makes perfect pairs with other seafood. Pilsner goes well with lobsters because of its low alcohol content, slight hop bitterness, and high carbonation. Beer refreshes the taste of lobsters and emphasizes their softness.

The drink must be ideally combined with the lobsters. The beer shouldn’t be too bitter. This will ruin all the taste of the meat. We’re looking for a beer that will be a chic addition to a delicacy. This makes darker beers like IPAs, porters, or stouts not the best option for lobsters.

Light types of beer are ideal for lobsters, such as the classic unpasteurized Gerstenbieer, Golden Ale, brewed according to the Belgian Mild Lager recipes.

The beer should be cool with a temperature of about 8 degrees. Put the beer in the fridge one or two hours before serving it with lobsters. Do not refrigerate beer in the freezer, otherwise, it will lose all its taste and useful properties. Beer should be drunk from glass glasses or bottles, but not from plastic.

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