What Goes Well With Frog’s Legs?

France is not the only place on the planet where the meat of an edible frog has won the love of the locals. Since ancient times, it has been eaten in China, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asian countries. Today, the delicacy is eaten by the Spanish, Greeks, Italians, Portuguese, residents of the Caribbean and some states in the southern United States.

What goes with frog’s legs? The frog’s legs go well with chili, basil, garlic and fish sauce. In Asia, South America and France, frog’s legs are fried or boiled with local herbs and spices. In France, they are traditionally breaded in flour, pan-fried and served with lemon and garlic butter.

What Do You Eat with Frog Legs? Ultimate Guide on What Goes Well With Frog’s Legs

What do you eat with frog legs? What side dish goes with frog legs? Vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pepper, or eggplant, cereals and pasta are considered ideal side dishes that go with frog legs. Dry white wine made from Chardonnay grapes or beer will go well with frog fricassee and baked thighs in béchamel sauce.

Frog legs are delicious and tender. They taste like tender poultry meat and are often compared to fried chicken. Frog legs are so tender and soft that you do not need any cutlery for cutting the meat. According to eating etiquette, you should eat frog legs just with your hands and not with a knife or a fork. In restaurants, you will be given a bowl of water and lemon to rinse your hands.

There are many variations in frogs’ preparation in France, including original recipes and seasonal menu items from eminent Parisian chefs. But the classic frog legs recipe is Cuisses de grenouilles à la provençale with garlic, butter, parsley, lemon and spices. A similar recipe is popular in Lyon – Cuisses de grenouilles de la Dombes (seasoned with garlic and parsley) or deep-fried (friture de la Saône).

It is not difficult to cook frog legs at home. The easiest recipe is to fry them in boiling oil, but Thai cuisine recommends serving them with chili, basil, garlic and fish sauce.

Properly cooked frog legs are truly a gourmet dish. What do frog legs taste like? Frog legs are surprisingly appetizing, juicy, and taste like chicken or rabbit meat, but much softer and more tender. They have a pale pink color and are similar in texture to chicken wings. Frog leg meat is not inferior to the meat of shrimps, oysters, mussels and other seafood.

How do you eat frog legs? Take frog legs with your hands, just like small pieces of chicken. Cut the legs in two at the joint if they are too big. As frog legs are very tender, you will not need any cutlery. Just take the frog legs and bite them. Rinse the hands in the bowl of water if needed or wipe with a napkin.

Cooking Frog Legs

Frog legs are used for cooking fresh or frozen. They are fried in a skillet or grill, stewed with vegetables, boiled, breaded in breadcrumbs, or rolled in flour and baked. They are prepared almost instantly.

What are frog legs served with? Frog legs are served with herbs, spices, garlic, porcini mushrooms, nuts, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers), chicken eggs. Frog legs can be added to pasta and cereal dishes for increasing flavor combinations. Some chefs stuff frog legs with spinach, finding such an unusual dish very tasty and healthy.

Frog legs are included in a wide variety of recipes and combine with many foods. In French cuisine, delicate and spicy fricassee is prepared from frog legs, and in Asian countries, mouth-watering dishes seasoned with various spicy gravies have become widespread.

Frog legs are used for cooking soups or creamy sauces. Frog legs can also be stewed in sour cream and garlic and can be served separately or in addition to various cereals. Before cooking, meat is usually soaked in water and then marinated with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, wine, or milk. Skilfully prepared frog legs help diversify the traditional and festive menu, bringing a special, delicate taste to the usual culinary recipes.

Hot sauces with an abundance of spices are categorically not suitable for frog meat delicacies. Frog legs are usually served with mild spices: mayonnaise, tartar sauce, hollandaise sauce made from olive oil with lemon juice. As a side dish, pumpkin fried with slices, celery, various salads from fresh vegetables are quite appropriate. As for drinks, connoisseurs recommend white wine like Chablis or any other classic dry white wine.

How to Cook Frog Legs At Home?

To make the frog legs tasty and retain the maximum amount of nutrients, follow these recommendations:

  • Use a small amount of salt, add it at the end of cooking.
  • As for the spices, you can choose any to your taste, the main thing is a moderate amount.
  • Heat treatment should not be long-term since frog legs are a very delicate product, and otherwise, they will simply fall apart.

Frog legs are a national product in France. Not all amphibians can be consumed, though, so do not use those that live in the nearest body of water. In general, the French call this product frog legs since it is the upper part of the legs that is eaten. It contains only one bone, which is difficult to get rid of. Many people say that this delicacy tastes like chicken. Frogs that will be eaten are raised on special farms, where all the necessary conditions are created.

Frog legs are a real delicacy that the French especially love. They can be boiled, stewed, baked or fried. In France, it is customary to cook frog legs without using any additives and already serve it with various sauces to reveal the taste of the product more fully. As with other meat products, frog legs can be used to make soup.

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