What Sauces Does KFC Have? Ultimate List!

Are you craving some deep-fried chicken? Has the Colonel got you craving some secret herbs and spices? But what sauce are you going to pair with delicious crispy chicken? To help you out, we have personally taste-tested and ranked every KFC sauce. Check out our KFC sauces tasting notes below!

What sauces does KFC have? KFC has 6 unique sauces. They include Classic Ranch, Honey Sauce, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ, and KFC Sauce (formerly known as Finger-Lickin’ Good Sauce).

KFC Sauce – Our Favorite Dipping Sauce!

What is KFC sauce? KFC sauce is KFC’s signature sauce and is an upgrade of their classic Finger-Lickin’ Good sauce. KFC sauce is smoky, tangy, and a little sweet. It is made from a blend of ketchup, vinegar, mustard, and mayonnaise.

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After trying all 6 of KFC’s dipping sauces, there was a clear winner, KFC sauce. This definitely deserves to be named after the legendary fried chicken franchise. This sauce is the perfect blend of smoky, spicy, tangy, and sweet. If you like vinegar and mustard, this is a great option!

Formerly known as Finger-Lickin’ Good, KFC decided to change the name and alter the recipe in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. We found the new recipe to be even tastier than the original. Also, at 90 calories per serving, this sauce is fine even if you are on a diet!

Honey Sauce – So Sweet & Satisfying!

In second place comes KFC’s Honey sauce! This sauce is very sweet and rich. It instantly makes your fried chicken tastier and is a must-try if you have a sweet tooth.

What is KFC Honey sauce made from? KFC Honey sauce is made from real honey (7%), molasses, citric acid, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and water.

KFC Honey sauce is an amazing all-around sauce and pairs well with everything on the menu. We tried it on pieces of fried chicken, nuggets, sandwiches, and even biscuits. If you are looking to add some sweet flavor to your KFC meal, then add a little honey sauce!

Honey Mustard – Sweet But With a Kick!

It is pretty hard to screw up honey mustard! KFC’s Honey Mustard sauce has a lovely spicy and hot mustard flavor which is neutralized by a fresh and natural honey flavor. The result is a very smooth and delicious sauce packed full of flavor!

At only 120 calories per serving, you can enjoy KFC’s Honey Mustard without feeling too guilty! KFC Honey Mustard is not overly sweet and is loaded with warm flavors, and has a nice dose of spices. This sauce is far from boring and is a great way to supercharge your fried chicken, tenders, or wings!

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Classic Ranch – Sour, Tangy, and Oh-So-Creamy!

KFC Classic Ranch is just so awesomely creamy! It is nice and thick and not watery like some other fast food chains’ ranch sauces. KFC Classic Ranch is more than just creamy. It has a mild but clear onion and garlic flavor, some familiar tangy buttermilk notes, and herbs.

This creamy and tangy sauce goes well with most KFC menu items. We enjoy dipping fries into KFC Classic Ranch or pouring some over a chicken sandwich. While this ranch may not be quite as good as your mom’s, it is pretty damn close!

Honey BBQ – A Nice Twist On Classic Tangy BBQ Sauce!

Super sweet and out-of-this-world tanginess! KFC has absolutely nailed its Honey BBQ dipping sauce. They have supercharged classic BBQ sauce by adding real honey that balances the smoky and tangy flavors, creating a smooth and sweet sauce. Be warned, KFC’s Honey BBQ is addictive!

At just 40 calories per serving, we won’t judge you if you grab a couple of packets! KFC Honey BBQ is a very versatile sauce and is perfect for adding a bit of sweetness or smokiness to your meal. It is equally good on fries as it is on fried chicken. If you find normal BBQ sauce too tangy or smoky, this is the sauce for you!

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Hot Sauce – Last Place But Still Worth Trying!

KFC’s Hot Sauce is spicy, but it won’t make you start sweating. It has a healthy amount of spice and is loaded with vinegar. This sauce is a little watery and is lacking in flavor. Compared to KFC’s other dipping sauces, this was clearly the weakest. KFC should add some extra spices and work on building more complex flavors.

If you want to add a bit of heat to your fried chicken, then KFC Hot Sauce is worth a shot. But be warned, it is not that flavorful, and the vinegar is a bit overwhelming. KFC should go back to the drawing board with this sauce!

Final Thoughts

KFC has done a great job creating 6 delicious dipping sauces. They have taken many classic sauces like ranch, BBQ, and honey mustard and added their own unique twist. You can’t go wrong with any of KFC’s dipping sauces, but our personal favorite is the signature KFC sauce.

KFC sauce is the perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and smoky. Try it on some tenders of pieces of fried chicken now!


Is KFC sauce like Chick Fil A sauce?

KFC sauce is made from a blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard and has a lovely sweet, smokey and tangy flavor just like Chick Fil A sauce!

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Is KFC sauce the same as Finger-Lickin’ Good sauce?

KFC replaced its Finger Lickin Good sauce with KFC sauce following the COVID-19 pandemic. KFC sauce is similar to Finger-Lickin’ Good sauce but is smokier and tangier.

What is KFC Honey sauce?

KFC Honey sauce is a sweet sauce made with real honey, citric acid, water, molasses, sugar, and corn syrup. It has a smooth, fresh, and naturally, sweet flavor and is perfect for adding lovely honey flavor to your fried chicken!

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