What Are Pickled Pig Lips And What Do They Taste Like?

Pickled pig lips are a traditional Cajun snack. They are in fact made from pig lips which are soaked in water, vinegar, salt, red dye, and hot sauce and then placed in jars to pickle. Real Cajuns like eating them with a bag of lays! 

Pig lips are a regional delicacy, and virtually no one eats them outside of Louisiana. But if you head to certain bars, gas stations, or supermarkets in New Orleans, you will find big old jars filled with pigs!

Louisiana has always been an economically disadvantaged part of the US where no part of the pork can go to waste! And thanks to their infusion of French culture, they have created some unique dishes and snacks such as pig lips. Pickled pig lips are definitely not for everyone and have a unique taste. Keep reading to find out what pickled pigs lips taste like, how to eat them, and where to buy them!

 What Do Pickled Pig Lips Taste Like?

Pickled pig lips have a strong vinegar flavor with an intense meaty bacon taste. They taste salty and a little spicy, thanks to the added hot sauce. Pickled pigs lips have a spongy and soft texture with a powerful aroma.

As soon as you open a jar of pickled pigs lips, you will be met with a not-so-pleasant salty, vinegary, and porky aroma. The smell has put off many first-time eaters. However, if you push past the initial aroma and take your first bite you will experience an intense salty and vinegar flavor combined with an intense pork taste. You will also taste some hot sauce which balances the vinegar and bacon flavor.

Sometimes pickled pigs lips can have a gristly texture which can be slightly off-putting and make them taste like rubber. Also, the flavor of pickled pigs lips depends heavily on the pickling agent. Some companies make very spicy versions while others are incredibly salty.

If you enjoy pork and bacon and other pickled foods then you will enjoy the flavor of pig lips. However, if you are not used to salty and vinegary pickled foods and the strong flavor of bacon, this snack may be too much for you to handle.

Not many people eat pickled pig lips for the first time and enjoy them. Unless you grew up eating pickled pigs lips or you really like pickled foods, then you will most likely only try them once! If you are brave enough to try pickled pigs lips, keep reading to find out how to best eat them.

 How to Eat Pickled Pig Lips?

The best way to eat pickled pigs lips is with a bag of plain lays chips or some Kettle salt and vinegar chips. Wash it all down with a cold beer and you have the perfect Cajun snack.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can also eat pig lips with dill pickles. You can also tear off a small piece of pig lips and place it between two Lay’s chips to create a mini pickled pigs lips sandwich!

The extra crunch from the chips will take your pig lips eating experience to a new level. We recommend eating them with salt and vinegar flavored chips to add some extra flavor. You can also drizzle on some hot sauce to get the party really going! The great thing about pickled pigs lips is they don’t need any preparation. You can eat them directly from the jar. Just pop the lid and have your bag of chips ready, then you are set.

Don’t be surprised if you start speaking French after trying this traditional Cajun snack! While pickled pig lips can be tasty, are they healthy, or will all that salt wreak havoc on your blood pressure? Let’s find out!

Are Pickled Pig Lips Healthy?

Pickled pig lips are not very healthy as they are very high in salt and fat. 1 oz of pickled pig lips contains 66 calories, 5.2 grams of fat, 4.3 grams of protein, 435 mg of salt, and 28 mg of cholesterol. 

If you are trying to lose weight or have issues with your heart or blood pressure, then we recommend avoiding pickled pig lips. If you are healthy, then eating a small amount of pig lips every now and then won’t hurt you, but don’t go overboard!

 Where to Buy Pig Lips?

You can buy pig lips from Amazon. The best pickled pig lips on Amazon are produced by Farm Fresh Food Suppliers out of Cajun country in Amite, Louisiana. Alternatively, you can buy from Walmart or Sam’s club next time you are in Louisiana.

Pig lips are surprisingly easy to buy. No matter where you are in the US, you can order them online at Amazon and have them shipped to your front door. They are also in most large supermarkets in Louisiana, and you will even find them in bars.

While pickled pig lips may be exotic in most parts of the US, in Louisiana, they are very common, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a big jar when you roll through the state. Just pop into a Walmart and stock up!


Pickled pigs lips are a tasty Cajun snack that people in Louisiana are not ashamed to admit they enjoy. If you want to eat them like a local, combine them with Lay’s chips and create a pig lips sandwich. To buy pickled pigs lips, head to Amazon or Walmart in Louisiana and pick up a big jar!

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