​​Gas Station Drinks Ultimate Guide. What Drinks Do Gas Stations Sell?

When you are driving a long way, you find yourself fueling your car but also browsing the gas station drink aisle in hopes of finding the best drink to quench your thirst or to give you energy for your long journey.

What drinks do gas stations sell? At your local gas station, you can find a wide range of gas station drinks, including water bottles, carbonated soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea, energy and sports drinks, and even alcohol – so almost everything you can need. 

There are more than 145 000 fueling stations in the United States, the biggest of which are Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP, Citgo, Speedway, and Phillips 66. This article will guide you through all the drinks you can find in the main gas stations in the US.

Now let’s dive into each category of drinks that US gas station offer.


The very basic thing you can find among gas station beverages is bottled water. Surprisingly, people between the age of 18-29 prefer simple bottled water, and people between 30-45 and 46-60 prefer carbonated soft drinks. At the gas stations, you can find a range of bottled water, also vitamin water, and sports water.

  1.   LIFEWTR. It is purified, pH-balanced water enriched with electrolytes and potassium bicarbonate. LIFEWTR is alkaline water that has fewer acids than tap water.
  2.  H Factor Hydrogen Water. Although it is not bottled water, it comes in soft packages or cans. This can also be considered a sports drink since it is said to reduce muscle function decline after workouts. This water is enriched with hydrogen. The average price is around 3.25$.
  3.  Essentia. Essentia is purified water with added minerals. This water comes from tap sources and then is purified, infused with electrolytes, and enriched with minerals.
  4.  Propel Water. It is flavored bottled water that has antioxidants and vitamins. It is said to keep you hydrated and not add extra calories (it contains 0 calories).
  5.  FIJI. This drink from a gas station comes from an aquifer in Fiji and has a solid mineral profile. The average bottle price is 2-2.50$.
  6.  Celsius. It is not bottled water per se since it is a supplemented drink with minerals. It is said to improve metabolism and conserve energy.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

If you are craving sweet drinks and cannot resist buying carbonated soft drinks, you will find a bunch of them among gas station drinks. Although, be aware of sugar content.

  1.  Coke. One of the most popular carbonated soft drinks in the world. It always tastes like kola nuts, citrus vanilla, and, of course, like summer. The average price for a bottle is around 1.35$.
  2.  Pepsi. The main rivalry of Cola on the market. The taste of this gas station drink is more citrusy than of Cola, and overall, Pepsi is sweeter. The average price per 0.5 l bottle is 0.7$.
  3.  Dr.Pepper. If you fancy cherry taste, you will find Dr. Pepper suitable for you. However, its taste is a much more complicated mix of 23 flavors. The average price for a 2 L bottle is 1.30$.
  4.  Mountain Dew. You cannot miss this drink with its bright green-yellow color. You can guess the taste by the color of this typical American drink; it has a citrus flavor. For the pack of 8×12 oz, you will pay around 4.99$.
  5.  7-UP. Another citrus-flavored drink among gas station beverages. Although Mountain Dew has a citrus taste, 7-Up is lemon-lime flavored. Similar, but at the same time quite different. Also, the price of those two drinks is similar.
  6.  Sprite. Drinks at gas stations also include Sprite. This drink also has a taste of lemon and lime. Not everybody knows that it was invented in West Germany in 1959 and was named Fanta Klare Zitrone, and appeared in the USA in 1961 under the Sprite name. Price for a 1.25 L bottle is around 1.27$.
  7.  Fanta. The crazy orange color attracts the attention of people. And the color says everything about the orange taste of a drink. Fanta has a range of different flavors – orange, grape, strawberry, berry, cherry, lemon, and even dragon fruit.
  8.  Root beer. Traditional sweet drink is made from the root bark of the sassafras tree. It is sweet with a bitter aftertaste. Root beer production encompasses 3% of soft drinks production in the US. a 20 oz bottle will cost you around 1.70-1.90$.
  9.  Sunkist. This orange drink adds to the palette of the drinks at the gas station. It is similar to Fanta and Mirinda and has a distinctive orange taste.


If you do not like carbonated soft drinks, there are a lot of other options among gas station drinks, for example, juices. In the refrigerated section, you will find juices rich in vitamins that are good for your health. At the gas station, you can find such juices:

  1.  Simply Orange. This company produces orange juice without any additions with or without pulp, as well as orange juice enriched with calcium and Vitamin D, and orange juice with mango or pineapple.
  2.  POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. Pomegranate juice is a very healthy choice. It contains antioxidants, and Vitamin C improves digesting health and reduces insulin resistance. It is also a great immune booster. For a 16 fl oz bottle, you will pay around 3.50$.
  3.  Mott’s Apple Juice. This juice contains Vitamin C and no added sugar. Therefore, it can be an excellent healthy choice for your road trip. For one pack of 6 8 fl oz bottles, you will pay around 3.50$.
  4.  Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice. A small bottle with the necessary nutrition elements, calcium, and vitamin C is a perfect choice for a child. Other juices are also available. For a 10 oz 6 pack, you will give 3.80$.
  5. Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice. For people with unusual taste preferences, at gas stations in the US, you can also find cranberry juice. It contains a great number of Vitamins and antioxidants. It is sweet and a bit sour with a bitter aftertaste. The price for 1 quart is around 23$.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are not the best for your health, it is a fact. Especially if you drink them a lot. However, if you need to replenish your energy, make sure you choose the option that brings more benefits than harm. Here you can find the non-exclusive list of energy drinks you can find among gas station beverages.

  1. Red Bull. Probably, the most famous energy drink. The amount of caffeine depends on the size of the bottle and can reach 189 mg. Also, Red Bull is considered one of the strongest energy drinks. You will pay around 2.7$ for 12 fl oz.
  2. Monster Energy. Monster drinks are made of water, glucose, citric acid, caffeine, natural flavors, and Vitamin B. It has 160 mg of caffeine. Monster provides a wide range of flavors to choose from. The price for 12×16 oz is around 33$.
  3. Rockstar 2X Energy Drink. This drink contains only 1 g of sugar, but the caffeine content is very high, which makes it one of the strongest energy drinks.

At gas stations, you can also find healthier options for energy drinks. They are not the best healthy drinks at the gas station, but a good alternative to popular energy drinks.

  1. V8 Energy Drink. Unlike the above-mentioned energy drinks, this drink does not have added sugar, and all the energy comes from the mix of fruits and vegetables since it includes carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pomegranates, and cherries. It has 80 mg of caffeine. If you prefer carbonated drinks, you can also find V8+Sparkling Energy.
  2. XS Energy Drink. It contains Vitamin B, minerals, amino acids, a very low amount of sugar, and has only 8-16 calories per can. You can choose between a variety of flavors – lemon, tropical, cranberry-grape, summit, citrus, root beer, wind berry, and others.
  3. Aspire Healthy Energy Drink. It is probably one of the healthiest drinks at the gas station. It does not have calories, sugar, or artificial additives and has 80 mg of natural caffeine. Also, Aspire drinks are gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. You can choose your favorite flavor among lemony-lime, mango lemonade, cranberry, raspberry + acai, dark cherry lime, apple + acai, and orange pineapple.

Other healthy energy drinks include V8 Hydrate, Vital Proteins Collagen Energy Shots, Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate, Pedialyte, and others.


If you enjoy iced teas that are not only tasty but also can save you in the hot summer drive, you will be able to find some of them at the closest gas station.

  1. Lipton Herbal Iced Tea. Herbs in the ingredients bring a lot of health benefits. It claims to have no artificial flavors, colors, added sugar, or caffeine. The choice of flavors includes strawberry and mint, orange blossom, peach, and citrus.
  2. AriZona Iced Tea. It is a leading iced tea brand in the US. The variety of teas the brand offers impresses – green tea, cucumber, cranberry tea, Georgia peach green tea, red apple green tea, black & white tea, lemon tea, diet green tea, and others.
  3. Snapple Iced Tea. This brand also provides a great variety of iced tea – peach tea, half-n’ half lemonade iced tea, raspberry tea, takes 2 mango tea, or zero sugar trop-a-rocka tea.

If you do not want iced tea and, on the opposite, are craving a hot drink, you can also find it at the gas station. All you need to do is to find a bag of tea, for example, ginger, chamomile, lemon or peppermint, and hot water. The mix of those two, and maybe sugar, will do their work.


What is the first drink that comes to your mind when you need to warm up and get energy? Right, it is coffee. At the gas station, you can get fresh coffee of your choice or already prepared options. So, you can enjoy the following coffee drinks:

  1. Fresh coffee. What can be better than freshly prepared aromatic coffee? Some gas stations, such as Buc ee’s or Maverik, made great coffee corners with various coffee options. A boost of energy is guaranteed.
  2. SToK Black Cold-Brew Coffee. This is Arabica-based cold brew coffee. It is a good alternative for brew coffee lovers.
  3. Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee. Another option for cold brew coffee.

Alcoholic Drinks

What Alcohol Can You Get at a Gas Station? The variety of alcohol at gas stations depends on state regulations. However, almost everywhere you will be able to find different kinds of wine and beer. Often, drinks at gas stations include strong alcohol – vodka, whisky, gin, tequila, and rum. 

Gas stations and convenience stores are easy places to find alcohol if you need it quickly or urgently. But you should always remember not to drink while driving and be a responsible consumer. So, here is a non-exhaustive list of alcohol you can find at gas stations.

  1. Wine – Almaden, Arbor Mist, Barefoot Cellars, Bogle, Charles Shaw, Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon, Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve California Chardonnay, and others.
  2. Beer – Budweiser (6 pack 16 fl. oz. aluminum bottles 9$), Heineken (330 ml 2.4$), Corona (Extra 6 pack – 12 oz bottle – 8$), Stella Artois (6 pack 11 oz bottle – 8$), Guinness, Busch, Bud, Steel Reserve, and others.
  3. Spirits – Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Ciroc, Baileys, Finlandia, Gray Whale Gin, Hennessy, Jagermeister, and others.

Fruity Alcoholic Drinks at Gas Stations

The variety of alcoholic drinks also includes fruity drinks, such as Ohza Classic Mimosa, Buzzballz Tequila Rita, Jack Daniels Honey and Lemonade, Bacardi Limon and Lemonade, Buzzballz Lotta Colada, and others.

Healthy Drinks at Gas Stations

Despite the general assumption that nothing healthy can be found among gas station beverages, it is not true. You can still buy healthy gas station drinks. There you can find drinks rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Here are only some of them.

  1. Gatorade Zero – zero sugar drink enriched with electrolytes.
  2. Vitamin Water Zero – sugar-free vitamin water.
  3. Bai – antioxidant infusion drink.


Gas stations are not only the places where you can fill in your trunk but also the same places you can find a wide range of drinks, from mineral water and apple juice to beer and whiskey. Everything is in one place – quick and convenient.

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