Monster Energy Drink Taste Ultimate Guide

People are used to getting their daily dose of caffeine in a coffee cup, however, every year more people are getting their caffeine kick from energy drinks. According to, Monster is one of the world’s most popular brands with global sales of $4.6 billion and over 35% of the energy drink market share.

You may get lost with the variety as Monster has 34 different flavors, but with so many options you are guaranteed to find one you like! Whenever you need to stay awake during a night shift or cram before an exam there is a can of Monster at hand. This article was created to answer all of your questions on Monster energy drinks.

What does Monster energy drink taste like? All Monster energy drinks have a fizzy taste with a strong fruit flavor. A large amount of sugar and other artificial sweeteners give them such a sweet taste. The original Monster has hints of apple and is somewhat similar to Mountain Dew and Sprite.

All You Need to Know About Monster Energy Drink Taste

Monster Beverage Corporation produces one of the widest varieties of energy drinks flavors. Now it offers 34 different flavors in 9 styles. Sometimes it is really hard to identify the exact taste and flavor of a drink, but these flavors range from classic fruit flavor to vanilla and salted caramel.

You may find it difficult to choose from a range of bright Monster bottle colors in the supermarket. You will find black, green, yellow, orange, pink, white, or even golden Monster bottles. But you will recognize for sure the claw-logo heading down a bottle. It has the very recognizable neon green “M” referring to Monster on the black background. So let’s dive into the most popular Monster flavors.

What Does The Original Monster Taste Like?

The original Monster drink has a unique taste of sweet apple juice mixed with fizz. It has a sweet flavor that is balanced by a slightly sour and tangy aftertaste. You can even taste a little bit of salt. Original Monster is similar to Mountain Dew.

What Does The Green Monster Taste Like?

Monster Ultra Paradise from the Monsters Ultra Series, which is green in color, has a kiwi lime and cucumber flavor. It is similar to a sour apple taste and tastes a bit like Mountain Dew but with a stronger sour fruit flavor.

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What Does The White Monster Taste Like?

Monster Ultra White or White Monster from the Ultra Series has a lemonade taste. The flavor is more subtle than a classic lemonade and has a light, refreshing citrus taste. This Monster is most similar to Sprite.

What Does Ultra Rosa Monster Taste Like?

As the can itself says, “Forget about pink lemonade, blush wine, guavas, and strawberries.” This drink is nothing like that. It has a light flavor and taste – not too strong, not too sweet. With its floral notes, it tastes like summer.

What Does Ultra Violet Monster Taste Like?

Ultra Violet or Purple Monster is another member of the Ultra Zero-Sugar Series. With the refreshing taste of the ’70s, Ultra Violet resembles bubble gum with a light citrus and grape flavor.

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What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?

The color of a bottle can say for itself. While not containing sugar, Monster Ultra Blue will bring you a taste of different berries, mostly blueberry. For some, it may resemble tart raspberries, for others – blueberry-flavored juice.

What Does Each Monster Taste Like?

Each Monster drink has its unique taste and flavor. You can easily find what you like more – from the standard citrus flavor to exotic tropical fruits and berries to coffee and vanilla.

What Does Pink Monster Taste Like?

Another name for Pink Monster is the Ultra Rosa Monster. The best way to describe the taste is to try it. It is a mix of berry lemonade, raspberries, and cranberry with a complex floral finish.

What Does Khaotic Monster Taste Like?

The taste of Khaotic Monster may be overwhelming since it has a number of strong juice flavors, including – orange, apple, pineapple, and peach. All of them make a combination of a strong sweet tropical taste.

What Does Pacific Punch Monster Taste Like?

Pacific Punch Monster does not taste like ordinary energy drinks. It has a tropical flavor thanks to the mix of passionfruit, orange, cherry, and apple. Pacific Punch tastes like a tropical paradise.

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What’s in a Monster? Monster Ingredients

Monster contains carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, taurine, sodium citrate, Panax ginseng extract, l-carnitine, caffeine, preservative acids, niacinamide, sucralose, salt, inositol, guarana extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, maltodextrin, cyanocobalamin.

Monsters contain a high amount of caffeine which boosts your energy. One can of Monster has 160 mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz. In comparison, one cup of coffee contains 80-90 mg of caffeine. Also, one Monster drink is equivalent to two Red Bulls in terms of caffeine content. Caffeine improves concentration and short-time memory. However, a mix of a high amount of caffeine and sugar may cause health problems.

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Monster is famous for its high amount of sugar. Each can contains 54 g of sugar, while it is recommended to consume no more than 36 g for men and 25 g for women per day. (Harvard T.H. CHAN, American Heart Association), so it is recommended to drink no more than one can of Monster energy drink per day.

Taurine is another ingredient famous for its health benefits. It improves overall physical performance and helps you stay hydrated. Each can of Monster drink contains 1000 mg of taurine, while the daily recommended dose for people is 3 g.

Mental and physical capacities are also improved thanks to the presence of guarana extract in Monster. Guarana is rich in antioxidants, similar to green tea. It improves cognitive functions and learning abilities and stimulates the central nervous system. However, like any other ingredient in Monster, if taken long-term in large amounts, it can cause side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, and headaches. Overall, side effects are similar to excessive caffeine intake.

What Is the Best Monster Flavor?

Monster energy drinks come in every flavor imaginable. But everyone has their favorite Monster drink. The Green Monster is incredibly popular thanks to its sour apple taste. The White Monster is also a top seller thanks to its refreshing subtle citrus taste, which makes it a better version of Sprite.

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Pipeline Punch is another huge fan favorite. This Monster has a mix of fresh, exotic fruits (passionfruit, guava, and orange) and a perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, and saltiness. It is the perfect choice for someone who wants a sweet but balanced energy drink. This drink will move you to the paradise of the Hawaiian Islands with only one sip.

The third place in our ranking goes to Zero-Sugar Ultra Paradise. Not all Monster drinks have 54 g of sugar and not every drink is as sweet as Pipeline Punch. This refreshing flavor that was created without sugar will blow your mind. To create such a refreshing taste, this Monster combines all the best flavors of kiwi, lime, and a hint of cucumber. The taste of cucumber is so light that it almost always slips from your mouth. But the more you drink, the more you can experience the freshness of cucumber.

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10 Facts You Did Not Know About Monster

  • No one knows the exact flavor and taste of each Monster drink, even when a nutrition sector shows the ingredients and flavors
  • Monster energy drinks used to be considered as “dietary supplements” since they contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other herbs, however, they changed the classification to “energy drinks” back in 2014
  • The logo of Monster in the form of a claw-marked M resembles “666” there are rumors the founders are Satanic
  • The company has its team of female representatives – Monster Girls
  • Monster supports extreme sports such as sport-car racing and UFC, professional video-game players, and some artists, such as Lil Xan
  • The company does not make any coupons, and the special section of the website states reminds that any coupons created are illegal
  • Consuming more than 2 Monsters per day can damaging to your health
  • Sometimes Monster drinks are combined with alcohol to make a unique beverage – for example, Monster Martini
  • Monster energy drinks are the second best-selling energy drinks in the world behind Red Bull


Every year energy drinks become more popular as an alternative to other caffeinated beverages. And the great thing is that the variety of Monster drinks can satisfy even the most capricious person – people who like a classic of Monster Original with apple flavor as well as people who see themselves drinking Monster Pipeline Punch on the exotic islands. But when tasting different Monster drinks do not forget about potential health problems which may be caused by excessive consumption of energy drinks.

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Which Monster has the most caffeine?

Monster Super Fuel line of Monster energy drinks has the highest caffeine content – 160 mg per serving.

Is Red Bull or Monster stronger?

Red Bull and Monster have similar characteristics. But if we measure strength by the caffeine content, Monster drinks are stronger with 85 mg of caffeine in one serving of 240 ml drink compared to 75 mg in Red Bull.

Are monsters vegan?

Almost all monster drinks are vegan. Monster uses plant-based taurine. Two types are not vegan, Monster Energy Ultra Red (In the UK and some European countries, it contains cochineal, made from scale insects) and Monster Java (which contains reduced fat milk).

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Does Monster taste like soda?

Monster drinks are similar to soda, but they have their own unique taste, less fizz, and extra ingredients such as high amounts of caffeine and taurine. If you are looking for a slightly fizzy drink with incredible fruity flavors that will boost your energy, grab a Monster.

What happens if you drink 3 monsters in a day?

Taking 3 Monsters in a day will harm your health. Monsters contain ingredients that, when taken in excess, cause health problems, such as increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, and others.

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