What Does Baileys Taste Like? See The Truth Now!

Baileys Irish Cream is a legendary liqueur that is sold all over the world! Did you know that 82 million bottles are sold every year in over 150 countries? In this article, we will explore Baileys’ flavor and what makes this Irish whiskey and cream liqueur so special!

What does Baileys taste like? Baileys has a sweet, rich flavor thanks to the cream. You can also taste vanilla and chocolate, which makes it a perfect addition to desserts. Finally, it has a slightly fruity flavor and alcohol kick, as Baileys contains Irish whiskey.

Baileys is an incredibly tasty alcoholic beverage, and it is no surprise that it is the number 1 selling liqueur in the world. The combination of cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey ensures that this drink is incredibly sweet and yummy and goes down very smoothly. After the first sip, you will be immediately hooked on the creamy and chocolatey goodness! Baileys is very versatile, with some drinkers adding it to coffee while others pour it over ice cream! We think it tastes great straight up!

What is Baileys?

Baileys is a liqueur that was invented in Ireland in the early 1970s. The drink features Irish whiskey, cream, and cocoa and is still produced in Ireland. The inventor, Thomas Jago, was looking to create a drink with international appeal and, after adding cream to whiskey, came to the conclusion that this new concoction was smooth enough to sell globally. Jago’s hunches were right as Baileys is now the top-selling liqueur in the world.

The original recipe was largely determined by the fact that Jago had a money-losing distillery in Ireland that was producing lots of whiskeys and had access to cheap access cream. The simple recipe proved to be a smashing success, and over 80 million bottles are sold each year!

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Baileys has now expanded its line of drinks and currently offers numerous different flavors. For example, Baileys Almande is a vegan option that, instead of being made with cream, uses almond milk. You can also find exotic flavors such as Apple Pie, Espresso, Strawberries, and  Salted Caramel.

How much alcohol is in Baileys? Baileys is mid-strength alcohol at 17% ABV (alcohol by volume). Standard spirits like vodka and whiskey have a 40% alcohol content, while wine has around 12%. Due to its mild alcohol volume, you can easily drink Baileys straight and enjoy multiple glasses.

Why is Baileys so popular? Baileys is so popular because it has a sweet, rich flavor that tastes like a chocolate milkshake with alcohol. The drink is also incredibly versatile and can be drunk straight or with coffee or even added to desserts. At $20 per bottle, it is also affordable. 

Baileys’ immense popularity is pretty easy to explain, the legendary Irish drink tastes amazing (who doesn’t love a creamy sweet chocolate drink?), is cheap, and can be added to desserts, drunk straight, or even thrown into your morning coffee!

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What Are The Best Baileys Substitute?

What are substitutes for Baileys? If you enjoy cream liqueurs but are sick of Baileys, try these amazing brands:

  • Amarula
  • Arran Gold
  • Grappa
  • Magnum Cream Liqueur
  • Mozart Rose Gold Chocolate Cream

Nowadays, there are lots of brands producing cream liqueurs! Our personal favorite is the chocolate liqueur by the Austrian brand Mozart. This incredible drink features real Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, and cocoa. This liqueur features the finest ingredients, including vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa from West Africa, and chocolate from Belgium.

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Is Baileys Expensive?

How much does Baileys cost? Baileys is a low to mid-priced alcoholic beverage. A 750ml bottle costs between $20 and $25. If you are looking for an affordable liqueur that tastes amazing and is made with high-quality ingredients, grab a bottle of Baileys!

The great thing about Baileys is that it won’t break your bank account! You can pick up a big bottle for just $20. We think Baileys is a great value for money because it is made in Ireland with real cream and high-quality cocoa. Cheaper liqueurs tend to use poor ingredients and cream substitutes.

How Do You Store Baileys?

How to store Baileys? You can store an opened bottle of Baileys for up to 2 years in the fridge or cupboard. The ideal storage temperature for Baileys is between 30 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luckily, it is very easy to store a bottle of Baileys. You can throw it in the cupboard or the fridge, whatever you prefer! Once you open a bottle of Baileys, you should consume the drink within 2 years. Due to the presence of cream, this drink will eventually go off. If it takes you more than 2 years to consume a bottle of Baileys, you need some help because this liqueur is so tasty!

Does Baileys go bad? Baileys will go bad about 2 years after you open a bottle. This is because Baileys contains milk and cream, which are perishable. We recommend consuming the beverage within a few weeks of opening. If the drink tastes sour, immediately throw it out.

Unfortunately, a bottle of Baileys won’t last forever! The liqueur company recommends consuming the beverage within 2 years of opening. If the drink tastes or smells sour, it is time to toss it out. The reason Baileys doesn’t last like other alcohol is that it contains dairy products.

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How Do You Drink Baileys?

How do you drink Baileys? Baileys is an incredibly versatile beverage! You can drink it straight, in a cocktail, in a coffee, or on top of ice cream! It is best-served chill, but how exactly you drink it is up to you!

Will Baileys make you drunk? Baileys with a 17% alcohol content is not as strong as spirits such as vodka or whiskey, but it will still get you drunk. 4 to 6 glasses of Baileys will give you a strong buzz, and 8-12 glasses will definitely get you drunk.

Just because Baileys has a creamy chocolatey taste, don’t underestimate its alcohol content. This Irish liqueur is significantly stronger than wine and beer. A few glasses of Baileys will definitely put a smile on your face!

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How much Baileys is safe to drink? You can drink 150ml of Baileys every day safely. This allows you to follow the latest health guidelines of only consuming 2 units of alcohol per day. However, 150ml of Baileys contains 500 calories which is not good for your waist! 

Even though Baileys does not contain that much alcohol, you should still not consume a lot of it. This is because the Irish drink has a very high calorie count. An ounce of Baileys contains over 100 calories. Therefore, if you are on a diet, we strongly recommend avoiding Baileys altogether.

What Are The Best Baileys Cocktails?

Here are some of our favorite Baileys cocktails, which are incredibly tasty and great for getting the party started!

  • Baileys Martini  – Mix vodka, Baileys, and creme de cocoa. Shake it around and pour it into a glass. Add some chocolate syrup if you dare!
  • Baileys White Russian – Mix Baileys, dark espresso, vodka, and caramel spirit. Crush up some cookies and throw them on top!
  • Baileys Irish Coffee – Mix Baileys with coffee. Add sugar and a mountain of whipped cream!
  • Baileys Hot Chocolate – Mix milk, chocolate, and cocoa powder. Heat it up, and then add some Baileys at the end!
  • Baileys Float – Mix Baileys with coffee and ice cream. Add chocolate syrup for extra goodness!

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Wrapping Up

Baileys is an incredibly rich and sweet liqueur. It has a strong creamy taste with elements of chocolate and vanilla. The drink has a subtle fruity flavor and alcohol kick, thanks to Irish whiskey. This popular Irish beverage is best served chilled and is equally good straight up, with ice cream, or in a coffee!

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