Jagermeister Taste Review – Is It Worth Trying?

Jagermeister is one of the most popular liqueurs in the world! In 2020 alone, 7 million 9 liter cases were sold in over 100 different countries! Jagermeister’s popularity can be explained by its very unique taste. In this article, we will break down exactly what this beverage tastes like.

What is Jagermeister?

Jagermeister is a German liqueur that was developed by Wilhelm and Curt Mast in 1934. This alcoholic beverage contains 56 herbs and spices, many of which are secret, and has an alcohol content of 35%. Jagermeister is considered a digestif and was designed to be drunk after lunch or dinner.

Is Jägermeister a whiskey? Jagermeister is not a whiskey but is, in fact, a herbal liqueur. It is created from distilled wine which is then flavored with herbs and spices. Jagermeister is also a digestif.

Whiskey is made from barley and other cereals, including wheat. In contrast, Jagermeister is made from distilled wine which is then flavored with 56 herbs and spices. Jagermeister is considered an incense wine and is very different from whiskey.

Is Jägermeister a gin or vodka? Jagermeister is not a gin or vodka. Jagermeister is a herbal liqueur or an incense wine. Gin and vodka are made from fermented grains, while Jagermeister is made from distilled wine.

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Does Jager have deer blood in it? Jager does not contain deer or elk blood. The rumor about Jagermeister containing animal blood is just an internet myth. However, the German liqueur does contain 56 herbs and spices.

While Jager does have a strong flavor that is not caused by the rumored deer blood ingredient. If you look up Jager’s official ingredient list, you won’t see any mention of deer or elk blood. Vegans can rejoice because Jager is 100% vegan and is made with natural herbs and spices such as ginseng, cloves, cinnamon bark, bitter orange skin, ginger root, coriander, red sandalwood, coriander, and lavender.

Does Jägermeister have caffeine? Traditional Jagermeister does not contain any caffeine. However, Jagermeister Cold Brew contains coffee beans, and every shot has 14 mg of caffeine.

Standard Jagermeister is 100% caffeine free. However, Jagermeister created a new drink called Cold Brew. This drink features the classic Jagermeister recipe with a healthy dosing of Arabica coffee beans. However, this version of the German liqueur does contain caffeine.

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Jagermeister Tasting Notes!

Are you apprehensive about trying this legendary German liqueur? Before you start throwing back shots and Jager bombs, read our Jagermeister tasting notes!

What does Jagermeister taste like? Jagermeister tastes like a thick and rich herbal syrup. The liqueur has a strong licorice and aniseed taste. Jager is both bitter and sweet at the same time and will remind you of root beer and absinthe.

If you have tried root beer and absinthe before, then combine them into one powerful thick syrup, and you have Jagermeister. This German liqueur is very strong thanks to its 56 herbs and spices and features an overpowering licorice flavor. To make this beverage drinkable and reduce the strong aniseed taste, we recommend mixing it with a sugary fizzy drink like Coke or Red Bull.

Does Jagermeister taste like root beer? Jagermeister has a sweet and bitter flavor similar to root beer. However, this German liqueur is much stronger and richer than your standard root beer. Jager also has a powerful licorice flavor not found in root beer. 

If you could compare Jagermeister to one drink in the world, it would probably be root beer. Jager and root beer are both sweet and bitter at the same time. However, Jagermeister has a more complex flavor than root beer and a strong aniseed flavor. If we could take it a step further, we would say Jagermeister tastes like root beer mixed absinthe.

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What does Jagermeister Spice taste like? Jagermeister Spice is a fresh take on the classic Jager flavor. This beverage has the traditional licorice taste and hints of vanilla and cinnamon. You can also taste subtle allspice and ginger notes.

If you love the classic Jagermeister flavor but are looking to try something new, we recommend buying Jagermeister Spice! This awesome new beverage is like your standard Jager with some extra vanilla and cinnamon flavoring.

How Should You Drink Jagermeister?

Should you sip Jagermeister on the rocks, pound shots, or pour it into a cocktail? Find out the best ways to drink Jager below!

How do you consume Jägermeister? Jagermeister is best consumed ice cold and mixed with Red Bull. Jagermeister also goes well with gin and even Sprite or Mountain Dew. It is not recommended to drink this liqueur straight as it has a very strong taste.

Some adventurous drinkers may opt to pour a tall glass of Jagermeister and drink it straight, but that is definitely an acquired taste. The recommended way to drink Jagermeister is to put it in the freezer, and then when it is ice cold, combine it with your favorite mixer. Jagermeister goes great with Red Bull, Coke, Sprite, and Mountain Dew.

An amazing Jager cocktail you can try combines Jagermeister, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Coke, and ice cream. This incredible cocktail tastes like a root beer float or an ice cream spider. This cocktail is so smooth and delicious you won’t be able to say no to a second!

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Is Sprite good with Jager? Sprite and Jager is a classic combination known as a Schizophrenia cocktail. To make this incredibly tasty drink, simply combine 60ml of Jager with a glass of Sprite and a touch of lime juice.

You can’t go wrong with Jager and Sprite. This is a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail! Jager and Sprite have a refreshing taste and will remind you of lemon-flavored licorice. The strong flavor of the Jager is balanced by the crisp Sprite taste, making it a must-try cocktail.

What do Jagermeister and Coke taste like? Jagermeister and Coke have a rich cola taste combined with a strong but not too powerful licorice flavor, thanks to Jager. The drink has a crisp taste but goes down smooth and does not burn your throat. The Jager enhances the Coke’s flavor, and the Coke subdues the Jager’s licorice taste. 

Let’s face it, Jagermeister goes well with pretty much any sugary drink that has some fizz. Coke and Jager is a classic combo that you need to try at least once in your life. The Jager makes the cola flavor richer and stronger while at the same time the Coke reduces the strong licorice flavor of the Jager and ensures it goes down smooth!

What do Jagermeister and Red Bull taste like? Jagermeister and Red Bull taste like a piece of black licorice washed down with a sour apple or kiwi fizzy soda. Red Bull’s flavor and fizz make this cocktail incredibly smooth, and Jagermeister’s unique licorice flavor and spices give it a rich taste.

Jagermeister and Red Bull are mixed to form the infamous Jager bomb cocktail. To make this cocktail, you drop a shot glass full of Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull. This drink is known for its unique taste, described as fizzy sour kiwi juice with a kick of black licorice. This cocktail doesn’t just taste amazing, but it also makes you wild due to the strong alcohol combined with the caffeine kick.

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Final Thoughts

Jagermeister is an acquired taste. This German liqueur has a strong taste that is sweet and bitter at the same time. Jager tastes like black licorice, with elements of root beer and absinthe combined. If you want to truly enjoy Jagermeister, we recommend throwing it in the freezer and then serving it ice cold with Coke, Red Bull, or Sprite.

Jagermeister Taste FAQ

Why does Jagermeister make you so drunk?

Jagermeister makes you so drunk because it has a high alcohol content (35%), combined with 56 different powerful herbs and spices, which are designed to strip away your inhibitions. Jagermeister also has an incredible taste which makes it easy to overdrink this wild liqueur.

Do Jager bombs get you drunk?

Jager bombs do get you drunk as this cocktail has an alcohol content of around 7%, which is stronger than beer. If you drink 4 to 6 Jager bombs, you will get a nice buzz, and if you consume 8 to 12, you will get drunk.

Does Jägermeister freeze?

Jagermeister freezes at between -13°F to -22°F (-25°C and -30°C). Most home freezers are powerful enough to freeze Jager, so you will probably need an industrial freezer if you want to enjoy Jagermeister slushies!

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How many shots are in a bottle of Jägermeister?

A 700ml bottle of Jagermeister has 19, 37ml shots or 16, 44ml shots. The number of shots you can make from a bottle of Jagermeister depends on the shot glass used, which can range from 37ml up to 44ml.

What alcohol is in a Jager Bomb?

A Jager bomb is a cocktail where you drop a shot glass filled with Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull. This drink is popular with young party-goers who enjoy the buzz from alcohol combined with the surge of energy from the Red Bull.

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