Ultimate Guide to White Claw – Taste, Best Flavor, Price & More!

White Claw is exploding in popularity and has well and truly put hard seltzers on the map! Back in 2016 when White Claw launched, they only managed to sell 388,584 24-pack cases. Fast forward to 2020 and they sold over 30 million cases! In this article, we are going to explore this incredible drink and help you pick the perfect flavor.

What Is White Claw?

White Claw is an alcoholic seltzer beverage produced by the Canadian manufacturer Mark Anthony Group. White Claw was launched in 2016 and features seltzer water (fizzy water similar to club soda), malt based alcohol, and natural fruit flavors. You can find White Claws in a range of refreshing flavors, including watermelon, mango, lime and more!

What kind of alcohol is in White Claw? White Claw features a gluten-free malted alcohol base. Malt alcohol is made from fermented barley or grain. This is the same alcohol used in beer but White Claw have developed a unique secret healthier version.

White Claw has proved a huge hit with consumers around the world due to its health conscious appeal. White Claw does not include added sugars, features natural fruit flavoring and only contains 100 calories per can. White Claw is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer’s day and, thanks to its low alcohol content, you can drink multiple cans without suffering a nasty hangover! This perfect combination has allowed White Claw to boast $4 billion revenue in 2020, not bad for a company that essentially makes flavored water with a splash of alcohol.

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Tasting Guide to White Claw

White Claw is incredibly popular but many people still have not tried this fruity alcoholic drink. To help you decide if this beverage is for you, we are going to break down its flavor profile. Let’s get started!

What does White Claw taste like? White Claw tastes like soda water with a subtle hint of fruit which, depending on the flavor, could be cherry, mango, watermelon, or lime. You will also mildly taste alcohol with a small malty after taste. White Claws are incredibly refreshing and have little flavor.

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Even though White Claw boasts about its incredible natural fruit flavors, the truth is you can barely taste them. Unless you have a very sensitive palette, you will have to really swish the beverage around your mouth to taste the fruitiness. Some flavors like mango and watermelon are a little more pronounced but are not nearly as strong as drinks like Smirnoff Ice.

The reason why most people like White Claw is because you can barely taste alcohol at all. The seltzer and subtle fruit flavor nearly completely masks the alcohol taste. The result is an incredibly smooth drink that largely tastes like nothing. The fact that White Claw is so inoffensive is a big reason for its success. Drinking an ice cold White Claw is just like drinking a lightly flavored club soda, making it the perfect drink to quickly drink to get a buzz.

Even though White Claw is not flavorful, they have done a great job at making the seltzer so god damn refreshing. White Claw does not feel like you have an alcoholic beverage which makes it easy to smash 10 of them. But don’t worry, thanks to the 5% alcohol content, you will still enjoy a healthy buzz, especially after you get past can number 6!

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Does White Claw taste like soda? While Claw tastes like soda water with a very subtle fruit flavor. White Claw tastes like naturally flavored zero sugar club soda with a very small malty alcohol after taste. This drink is incredibly smooth and refreshing and is almost perfect when served ice cold.

Do you enjoy zero sugar fruit flavored club soda? Then you are going to love White Claw! This health conscious seltzer is an incredibly refreshing drink. And because of its amazing recipe, you will swear you are just drinking a lightly flavored club soda. While the fruit flavor is not powerful, it does its job and completely masks the taste of alcohol. If you are looking for a refreshing, smooth drink that doesn’t taste like alcohol, grab a White Claw!

Why do White Claws not taste like alcohol? White Claws do not taste like alcohol because the beverage features a very mild gluten-free malt alcohol which is almost perfectly masked by natural fruit flavors and a refreshing seltzer. There is a very mild matly aftertaste but it is incredibly subtle.

Are you looking for an alcoholic beverage that doesn’t taste like alcohol? Then grab a can of White Claw! People can criticize White Claw for its lack of flavor, fake health conscious promotion but nobody can argue that this drink barely tastes like alcohol at all!

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Are White Claws Healthy?

There has been a big push in the alcohol world to produce healthy beverages and White Claw has been leading this charge. But are White Claws actually healthy?

Is White Claw Good For You? White Claw is not good for you as it contains zero nutrients and contains 100 empty calories. However, due to its lack of sugar and low calorie count, it is healthier than most other alcoholic drinks. You should think of White Claw as a naughty treat that you have every once in a while. 

If you are concerned about your health or on a diet, you should avoid White Claw and alcohol completely. White Claw has zero nutrients and has 100 empty calories. Alcohol also has lots of negative effects on your body, including weight gain, dehydration, dry skin, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and liver disease. If you want to be healthy, save your money and leave White Claw on the shelf!

Can you drink White Claw everyday? According to health experts, you can drink up to 2 White Claws everyday without suffering issues from alcohol-related disease or injury. However, to be on the safe side, you should only drink a couple of cans per week.

It is not healthy to drink White Claw everyday, however 1 or 2 daily cans is unlikely to kill you or cause alcohol-related disease. To further reduce your risk of issues, we recommend you only consume 3 to 4 cans of White Claw per week. Also, if you are serious about your health, you should consider completely giving up alcohol.

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Is White Claw healthier than beer? White Claw is much healthier than beer as a can of White Claw only contains 2 grams of carbohydrates and 100 calories. While a standard beer contains 14 grams of carbohydrates and 150 calories or more!

If you want to keep your flat stomach, forget about grabbing a 6 pack of beer. Instead, snatch some cans of White Claw and keep your body fat low!

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Can White Claw make you gain weight? White Claw can absolutely make you gain weight. A can of White Claw contains 100 calories. So consuming a few cans of White Claw a day can easily put you into a calorie surplus and quickly result in you gaining pounds of fat.

To ensure your White Claw consumption doesn’t lead to weight gain, you should only drink a couple of times a month. And when you do drink White Claw, remember not to drink more than 4 in a single session.

Final Thoughts

White Claw is now one of the top-selling alcoholic beverages! This health-conscious hard seltzer tastes just like a lightly fruit flavored club soda. White Claw has done such an amazing job with their recipe that you can’t even taste the alcohol. If you are looking for a low calorie refreshing fruity drink, try a White Claw. Our personal favorite is Mango!

White Claw Taste FAQ

Can you get drunk on White Claw?

As White Claw contains 5% alcohol (similar to beer), you can definitely get drunk drinking this refreshing beverage. 5 to 6 cans of White Claw should give you a nice buzz, while 10 or more cans should get you drunk. If you want to speed up the process, you can always chug them!

Is White Claw girly?

White Claw is a classic girly drink. The drink features fruity flavors and, due to its low calorie count and mild alcohol content, is perfect for girls who are watching their figure and don’t like the taste of alcohol.

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How did White Claw get so popular?

White Claw got so popular because of its low calorie count and amazing refreshing flavor. It quickly established itself as the perfect summer drink. White Claw also managed to appeal to men and women thanks to the help of social media influencers such as Trevor Wallace.

Will 3 White Claws get me drunk?

Unless you are a very small girl who hasn’t drunk alcohol before, 3 White Claws will not get you drunk. If you are a girl, you will need to drink 6 White Claws to get drunk, if you are a man you need to smash 10 or more!

What is the best White Claw flavor?

The best White Claw flavors are mango and watermelon. Mango and watermelon White Claws are incredibly smooth and the fruit flavor is more pronounced in these drinks compared to other White Claw flavors.

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