What Do Sardines Taste Like? How Do You Eat Sardines?

Sardines are a cheap and healthy food that is a great way to get extra protein in your diet. However, sardine flavor is a little controversial. Some people absolutely love it, while others can’t stand these little fish. In this article, we will explore what sardines taste like and how to best enjoy them!

What Are Sardines?

Sardines are small oily fish belonging to the herring family. It does not refer to a specific species, and in fact, 21 different types of fish can be called sardines. The definition of sardines also differs based on location. For example, in the UK, a sardine is considered herring shorter than 15 cm.

Most people eat canned sardines, but in many countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, fresh sardines are popular. Sardines are known for their oily, meaty, and salty flavor. Morocco is the number 1 exporter of sardines!

Do canned sardines have guts? Many canned sardines, particularly mechanically cleaned ones, still contain guts; some brands are fully cleaned. You are unlikely to notice the guts, and it does not affect the taste. It is common to come across the spine and eggs when eating canned sardines.

If you go searching through your canned sardines, you will come across guts. However, the guts do not alter the taste, and you are unlikely to notice them unless you really study the fish. You may also come across sardine eggs and bite into the backbone of the fish.

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Why are canned sardine bones soft? Sardines are small fish with little bones, and when they are cooked at a high temperature ( 121°C 250°F) prior to the canning process, their bones become extremely soft and edible. Other canned fish bones also become edible if they are cooked long enough at a high temperature.

All canned sardines are cooked prior to being canned. The cooking prevents bacteria and preserves the fish. During the cooking phase, the sardine bones melt and become extremely soft and edible. As the sardine bones were already small, to begin with, it doesn’t take much heat to make them edible.

Do sardines in a can have heads? Canned sardines have their heads removed! Canned sardines are also washed, cooked, dried, and preserved with salt. You can eat them straight from the can!

Canned sardines are a great quick snack because you can eat them straight from the can. This is because prior to being canned, sardines have their head removed, are washed, and even cooked. As soon as you open a can of sardines, you can start digging in. However, you may come across the sardine’s spine, bones, eggs, and some guts. But don’t all of these parts of the sardine are completely edible!

Are sardines farmed or wild? Sardines are nearly always wild! It is incredibly difficult to farm sardines because they are saltwater fish which is very sensitive to environmental conditions. They thrive in the world and will migrate to find plankton.

Sardines feed on plankton. Plankton growth is very fickle and depends heavily on sunlight, temperature, and the availability of nutrients in the water. Sardines will migrate throughout the ocean in search of plankton. Due to their eating habits and sensitivity to their environment, sardines do not do well in captivity. It is far easier to catch wild sardines than farm them!

Fish and sardines are often riddled with worms. These worms are usually removed prior to canning, but sometimes they are missed. Sometimes producers miss worms, but once the sardines are cooked, the worms are killed, and the sardines are safe to consume.

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What Do Sardines Taste Like?

Sardines have a familiar fishy taste. They are fairly meaty, oily, and with a powerful salty taste. Sardines have a clear briny flavor and are very tender with lovely soft flesh. Sardines’ distinct flavor can be considered an acquired taste. 

Sardines taste like the ocean! They are surprisingly meaty with a rich oily flavor. Sardines have a lovely saltiness and beautiful tender flesh. They have a fairly mild fishy flavor and are perfect if you don’t like a strong fishy smell or taste.

What do fresh sardines taste like? Fresh sardines are meaty, oily, and soft. They have a mild briny and fishy flavor and fresh, bright saltiness. They are not as oily, soft, or salty as canned sardines and tend to have a milder flavor.

Fresh sardines have an inviting fishy, briny, and meaty flavor. You can taste lovely oily and salty flavors. They tend to be firmer, less salty, and not as oily as canned sardines. They don’t have a particularly strong taste, and that is why they are best served with sauce.

What do canned sardines taste like? Canned sardines are salty, extra soft, and very oily with a lovely medium fishy and briny flavor. Canned sardines have a refreshing salty taste and super yummy meaty and tender flesh. They are so good you can eat them straight from the can!

Canned sardines are not nearly as fishy or salty as anchovies. They have a medium fishy and briny flavor and are not overly salty. Canned sardines are very yummy with meaty, tender flesh with a healthy dose of oil!

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Do sardines taste like tuna? Sardines and tuna taste different! Sardines are salty and meaty with a mild fishy and briny flavor and have soft flesh. Tuna is not as salty as sardines but is firmer and has a much stronger fishy flavor.

Even though sardines and tuna are both fish, they have distinct flavors. Sardines have ultra-soft flesh and are fairly salty and oily. Sardines are meaty with a medium briny and fishy flavor. Tuna has a much more intense briny and fishy flavor than sardines and has meatier flesh. Tuna has firmer flesh and is not as oily as sardines.

How Do You Eat Sardines?

You can eat sardines straight from the can, add them to pasta, put them on pizzas, serve them on toast or place them in salads. Sardines are extremely versatile and taste amazing by themselves and also pair well with other dishes!

However, if you choose to eat sardines, you will end up with a delicious meal! If you are looking for a quick snack, just open the can, drain the liquid and start digging. If you need a bit of extra flavor, you can add mustard or hot sauce like sriracha. Sardines also go amazingly well with pasta, just add them to your favorite tomato sauce and include some lemon and capers! Sardines are a great way to add some extra flavor to your salads. We also love sardines on toast with avocado and a drizzle of lemon.

Do you eat the bones of sardines? You can eat the bones of sardines. Sardines have small bones, and once they are cooked, they become very soft and edible. You will barely notice them. The spine even adds a nice crunch to your canned sardines!

Don’t waste your time picking out the bones from your canned sardines. All canned sardines are thoroughly cooked at a high temperature. After the sardines are cooked, the bones literally melt and become extremely soft. Sardine bones are 100% edible!

Can you eat sardines out of the can? You can eat sardines directly out of the can! Prior to being canned, sardines are fully cooked, which makes them safe and tasty to eat from the can. If you want to make them extra tasty, you can spread them on some avocado toast or add them to a salad!

Canned sardines are an awesome quick snack because you can eat them from the can. All sardines have been thoroughly cooked prior to canning, so grab a fork and start digging in! Alternatively, you can add some seasoning, we recommend mayonnaise, hot sauce, or mustard and spread them on toast!

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While sardines aren’t for everyone, they’re great food for anyone looking to incorporate more seafood into their diets. They’re also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and fighting against diseases like depression, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

What goes well with sardines? Sardines go well with toast, salads, pasta, and even just by themselves. Sardines taste amazing with mayonnaise, hot sauce, or mustard. Sardines are easy to pair and are a perfect addition to pizza!

There are many ways you can eat sardines. You can eat them whole by pulling off the head, tail, and fins and eating the meat inside. You can also eat them mashed with mayonnaise or as a salad or sandwich filling. You can also serve them as part of a meal as a side dish, such as with rice or quinoa, or use them in recipes like casseroles or curries.

Sardines are one of the most versatile foods available, so there is no limit to how you can use them. They are easy to store, easy to prepare, and easy to eat, so they are an ideal food for anyone, including busy people and people looking to save time in the kitchen.

You can get adventurous with your sardines pairing. We like them with some hot sauce and mustard. They also taste incredible with mayonnaise. A nice little snack is sardines on toast with avocado and lemon. If you want to add some meaty fish flavor to your pasta, sardines are a perfect choice. Sardines also work well in salads with mayonnaise and lemon juice!

Final Thoughts

Sardines refer to over 20 small species of oily silverfish. They are very healthy as they are low in mercury and loaded with protein, Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Sardines have a lovely meaty and fishy flavor. They have a medium briny taste with a nice salty and oily flavor. Sardines go with nearly everything, but there is nothing better than avocado and sardines on toast. If you want a quick snack, you can eat sardines straight from the can and add some hot sauce to give them an extra kick!

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Sardine’s Taste FAQ

Do sardines taste good?

Sardines taste incredible! Sardines have a mild fishy and briny flavor with to-die-for soft and meaty flesh. They are nice and salty and oily and go incredibly well on toast or with salad.

Are sardines gross?

Sardines have a reputation for being gross, but it is undeserved! Sardines do not have a pungent fishy taste. In fact, they have a delicious and fairly mild fishy and briny flavor. They are also oily and salty but not overly so like anchovies.

Do sardines have parasites?

Sardines often have worms. However, they are usually removed by the producers. Even if some of the worms are not removed, if the sardines are cooked, the worms are harmless, and your sardines are fine to eat.

Can dogs eat sardines?

Sardines are a healthy and yummy snack for dogs. Dogs love eating fish, and sardines are no exception. Sardines are packed full of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Sardines are also low in mercury, unlike other fish!

Are sardines healthier than salmon?

Sardines are healthier than salmon because they are lower in mercury and higher in Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein. However, salmon is lower in calories and fat.

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