What Does Tripe Taste Like? How to Cook And Eat Tripe?

While tripe is not very popular and is hard to find in restaurants and supermarkets, it is still worth trying. Don’t worry if you have some apprehensions about trying tripe, this article will answer all possible questions about this delicious meal and encourage you to try it.  

What Is Tripe?

Tripe is cooked muscle lining from the stomach of any chewing animal, most commonly from a cow. However, it can also be made from pigs and lambs. It is one of the healthiest parts of meat since it is low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Depending on the part of the stomach, there are four types of tripe:

  • Blanket or flat tripe comes from the first stomach (rumen) – the largest one;
  • Honeycomb tripe is from the second stomach, known as the reticulum. The name of this tripe comes from the honeycomb texture of this part. It is the most popular part of the stomach;
  • Book tripe comes from the third stomach and has a page-like texture; 
  • Reed tripe comes from the fourth stomach accordingly, and it is the least popular part to cook. 

Is Tripe Beef or Pork?

The most common and consumed type of tripe is beef tripe. Therefore, in most cases, the word tripe refers to beef. However, it can also be made from other animals such as pigs and lambs. 

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What Nationality Eats Tripe? 

Dishes with tripe can be found in many national cuisines. Mexican soup called Menudo is extremely popular, as is the French dish, tripes à la mode de Caen. The national Vietnamese dish pho or Turkish iskembe corbasi both contain tripe. 

Tripe Flavor Profile – What Does Tripe Taste Like?

The taste and flavor of tripe are controversial since some people like it and others – despise it. Both sides are right because the tripe has a specific taste and flavor. This product is much underestimated and unappreciated in the modern world. 

What Does Tripe Taste Like?

Tripe does not have a strong taste, and in most cases, it takes its taste from the spices and other ingredients it is cooked with. Overall, the taste can be described as something between a liver and a heart. Tripe has a soft and slightly chewy texture.

Its mild taste is beneficial since tripe can go well with different ingredients and make good combinations. This might be the reason why you can find dishes with tripe in many countries from different corners of the world. However, well-cooked tripe may be even tastier than ordinary meat. Tripe is easy to cook. It has a soft and a bit of a chewy texture. This product will be perfect if you want to try something different and experiment with new flavors.

 Is Tripe an Acquired Taste?

Tripe is an acquired taste because it tastes similar to the liver and can be very chewy. You will not find tripe in many restaurants, and it is considered an outdated food product in many parts of the world.

Tripe is sold already cleaned and prepared for cooking. The thing is that tripe has a specific taste and flavor. Since it is a part of the stomach, it absorbs all the aromas. However, if cleaned and properly prepared, such flavors go away, and tripe tastes like other ingredients and spices it is cooked with. Therefore, the taste and smell are not completely a myth, but a good recipe and preparation are crucial.

Is Tripe Tasting Good? 

The tripe itself does not have a distinct taste. It has a delicate taste resembling liver and heart. Since tripe’s taste is subtle, it acquires the taste of other products in the dish. Therefore, the taste of tripe is heavily dependent on the recipe used.

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Tripe Aroma Profile

What Does Tripe Smell Like?

Tripe has a very distinctive strong smell. Some people describe it as bad, dirty, fishy, or even rotten. However, only uncooked, raw tripe has such a smell. After proper cleaning and preparation for cooking, almost all smell disappears. 

Tripe is cleaned and blanched before cooking to remove the smell and other microbes that live in the stomach. Usually, tripe is placed into a pan with cold water heated to boiling condition. In that way, all the unnecessary things rise to the surface. Then the tripe is bleached. This process involves soaking in chlorine followed by soaking in cold water to erase the smell of chlorine. Only after those steps is the tripe ready to be cooked and does not have such a strong smell. 

Why Does Tripe Smell So Bad?

Tripe smells bad because it is made from an animal’s stomach containing foul-smelling digestive enzymes and unprocessed food. However, it is thoroughly cleaned prior to being cooked.

How to Eat Tripe?

How Do You Serve Tripe? 

Tripe is served in various dishes: stews, soups, and salads. There are many recipes to cook tripe, and different cuisines have different ways of tripe preparation. The most popular ones are tripe prepared in stew and soup. 

Tripe is cooked with a wide combination of ingredients and spices and, in most cases, is served not separately but mixed with other products. Mexican soup Menudo is cooked with tripe, tomatoes, hominy, oregano, and bay leaf. This soup is famous for its hangover-curing effect. Also, in Mexico, tripe can be served stewed with rice. 

The Vietnamese traditional noodle soup Pho also contains beef tripe. In Spain, tripe is cooked in a stew with chickpeas and chorizo. Caribbean and South American countries stew tripe with vegetables and herbs. Italian Florence has an unofficial traditional dish with tripe, tomato sauce, and parmesan called Trippa alla romana. Tripe can also be served in sausages. For example, you can find tripe in French sausages.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Cook Tripe? 

The time of tripe cooking depends on the recipe but overall can take from one to three hours. It also depends on the condition of the tripe. If tripe requires cleaning, cooking will take more time. 

The easiest way to cook tripe is to boil it with garlic, onion and spices, and tomato or tomato sauce. Another way is frying. All tripe recipes are easy to cook, so you can try them even at home. 

Can You Eat Tripe Raw?

You cannot eat tripe raw. Since it is an edible part of an animal’s stomach, unprepared tripe contains different bacteria and pathogens, especially if an animal had some infections. Also, tripe can contain the animal’s unprocessed food. Therefore, raw tripe is dangerous for health. 

Tripe has to be properly cooked because, like any other raw meat, tripe can contain detrimental pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella. That is why tripe has to undergo a proper cooking process. 

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Tripe Health Benefits

Is Tripe Healthy to Eat?

Besides being tasty, tripe is very healthy. Tripe is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, tripe has a lot of health benefits, including weight regulation, diabetes, and blood pressure. Scientists proved that tripe can be a good addition to the diet. 

This product has a high level of protein which helps to rebuild tissues, keeps bones and muscles healthy. Vitamin B12 compensates for red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the cells and prevent anemia. Tripe is low in calories and high in protein, therefore, it helps in weight regulation. 

At the same time, tripe can present some health risks. Thus, tripe is rich in dietary cholesterol, which can be harmful to people with a high cholesterol level. Also, you should never forget that only properly cooked tripe can be consumed. However, despite all the health advantages, the majority of people are still hesitant to add tripe to their menu. 

Is Tripe a Superfood?

Since tripe is high in protein, Vitamin B12, iron, and calcium and has a list of health benefits, some nutritionists call it a superfood. However, since tripe is very high in cholesterol, the jury is still out!


You might have been underestimating tripe your whole life, but now you know that tripe is not only healthy but also tasty! Although the smell and taste of raw tripe do not inspire people to try it, properly cooked tripe can be almost a masterpiece. Moreover, it is highly valued in many national cuisines, and some nations’ traditional dishes have tripe in them.

In addition to being tasty, tripe is healthy. It helps with numerous health issues, such as anemia, bone and muscle health, and weight regulation. All these reasons are good enough to give tripe a chance, aren’t they?

Tripe Taste FAQ

How Would You Describe Tripe?

Tripe is an edible tissue of a ruminant animal’s stomach. The texture is soft and chewy. And taste can be described as mild and liver-like. The smell is the most controversial thing about it since uncooked tripe has a strong well-pronounced smell. 

Where Is Tripe Popular?

You can find tripe in national cuisines all over the globe. It is popular in Mexico, South America, Asian countries, and European countries, such as Spain, France, Italy, and Poland. 

What Does Tripe Taste Like In Pho?

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup containing beef tripe. In this dish, like in many others, tripe does not have a strong taste. The taste depends on other ingredients of the soup. 

Why Does Tripe Look like Honeycomb?

Honeycomb tripe comes from the second chamber of the beef stomach, which has a honeycomb structure. Since this part has the best flavor, it is the most popular tripe in cooking. 

Is The Tripe The Same As Intestines?

No, tripe and intestines are not the same since tripe is a part of a stomach, and the intestine is a canal through which the food goes after being processed in the stomach. 

Is Eating Tripe Good For You?

Yes, tripe is advantageous for your health because it is nutritious and high in protein, Vitamin B12, calcium, and other minerals which are good for you.

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